Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ After Today ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
*Mob of kids walking from the dorms to class*

Nicholas- Hey, you guys. It's the last day of class, aren't you excited?

Cissy- I'm so excited I could just break into song!

All- Yeah! *Music begins*

Odd- We've been workin' since I can remember

Herb- But we're not gonna work anymore

Ulrich- No Ms. Hertz in my face

Cissy- No more Ulrich to chase?!?

Yumi- You're a whore...

Cissy- What?

Yumi- No more algebra tests till September

Jeremy- No more lookin' at losers like him

Herb- Hey!

Ulrich- No more havin' to cheat; no more Mystery Meat!

Millie- No more Jim!

Odd- No more Jim!

Tamia- No more Jim!

Misc. Kid- No more Jim!

Cissy- Gonna move to the mall

Nicholas- Gonna live in the pool

Ulrich- Gonna talk to Yumi and not feel like a fool!

All- Cause after today we're gonna be crusin'

Jeremy- Aelita is so sublime

All- After today our brains'll be snoozin'

Jeremy- I'll turn her real-- she'll be mine!

Millie & Tamia- I've got forty more minutes of language mechanics

Herb & Nicholas- Then it's down with the textbooks

Odd- No more Hooked on Phonics! *crickets*

Nicholas- Anyway...

Ulrich- Just think of all the time I've been losin' studying all night and day...

All- But things'll be goin' our way after today...

Odd- Everyone's goin' home all freakin' summer; I'm across the globe and that's a real bummer. *Everyone stops for a moment to let that sink in, becoming depressed*

Odd- Wait, wait! It's okay! 'Cause-

All- After today I'm gonna be crusin'

Jeremy- No more gym classes to cut! Bleah!

All- After today our brains'll be snoozin'

Jim- I'm gonna sit on my butt

Herb- I will take one more shower, take P.E. one last time

Cissy- I'll miss you, my Ulrich!

Nicholas- It's hard for me to rhyme.

All- Just think of all the time I've been losing, waiting until I could say................... Gonna be on my own cause I get to go home; get to chill with my friends-

Odd- But I'll just be alone.

Jeremy- Aelita'll be comin' my way-

All- After todaaaaay!

Odd- I wish that today could wait a few more days... *Everyone skips merrily to class except for the Lyoko gang, who lag behind to console Odd*

Yumi- Don't feel bad, Odd. We'll figure something out.

Jeremy- Yeah! I don't ask for much at home, and with my grades, my parents should at least let me have you over for a month or two!

Ulrich- And if not, I'll badger my mom and dad until they let you move in!

Yumi- I'll even ask my parents! But if we get Aelita materialized, she'll be staying with me as well... Oh well, the more the merrier I always say!

Jeremy- No you don't.

Odd- Well, I get what you mean, thanks. You guys are the best. Now I really do want to stay at school.

Ulrich- I'm sure things'll work out; don't worry! With me watching out for you, what could go wrong? *silence*

All- *gleeful giggles of schoolchildren* *Lyoko gang walk off to their classes, joking and making arrangements for summer break*_____________________________________________________________________ ___ A/N: Tres corny, I know! Please review, tell me what you think, and listen to the darn song if you're drawing a blank! It helps to listen as you read... REVIEW! Copywrite: Of course I own neither Code Lyoko nor Walt Disney's Goofy franchise... Code Lyoko's creators' names escape me at the moment, and you know who made the Disney empire, so yeah. Just know I'm making no money off of this.