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Chapter 6
Ulrich weaved left and right through the trees, he was in his battle mode and had spent the last week increasing his endurance so he could use the battle mode for longer extended periods of time. After a few more minutes of running Ulrich felt his arm begin to vibrate, he transformed his gauntlet and into a computer.
Ulrich opened the minicomputer and did a mini scan of the area, the map showed him that one of his friends was heading in his direction and they would be here any moment. Ulrich sighed; this was the third time in the two weeks since they discovered him that they were combing Lyoko he assumed looking for him. Ulrich saw that the person coming towards him was almost on him so he quickly jumped in to trees.
Ulrich waited a few minutes before he saw the love of his life show up on her overwing, Ulrich watched as Yumi slowly and carefully looked all over the area before he heard her say, “ Jeremy no sign of him here either.” Ulrich was able to hear everything Jeremy said when he responded, “ Dang I was picking up strange readings in that area I thought it might be this new ally we seem to have, why don't we call it a day I'm bringing you back now.”
Ulrich watch as Yumi sigh and then devirtualize. Ulrich waited a few minutes before he powered down and headed back to the tower he called home.
Real World
Yumi breathed heavily as she exited the scanner and made her way upstairs via the elevator. This was her third time scouring the vast world of Lyoko in search of this new `ally', but all she had turned up was nothing. Yumi exited the elevator and saw Jeremy and Aelita cuddling in the control chair.
Despite the twinge Yumi felt in her heart any time she saw them or anyone for matter being all cuddly with their significant other she couldn't bring herself to ask them to stop. Yumi quickly left the room and began her journey back to the surface. Jeremie and Aelita couldn't have been any happier; here they were sitting together away from the prying eyes of others just simply enjoying each other company.
The two continued the cuddle with each other until Aelita bought up some bad news, “you know we have to go to class soon.” Jeremie groaned and was about to say something when the screen in front of him began blinking rapidly. Using his free hand Jeremy opened the file he had just been sent, it was a message that read, “would like to arrange a meeting, meet me in the Ice sector at noon, please send reply back for coordinates of meeting.”
Jeremy read the letter several times before he looked at Aelita who gave him a nod of approval. Jeremie sent back a reply with the single word `yes' in it, a few seconds later another message came displaying a set of coordinates in the ice sector. Jeremy and Aelita both got up and headed out to go see Odd and Yumi knowing today was going to be a busy day.
Ulrich breath in deeply as he began his meditation, he was almost in the deepest part of it when an alarm went off alerting him to a tower being activated. Ulrich sprang up and headed out of the tower of the tower when the alarm suddenly stopped, Ulrich flipped open his computer and began scanning, the tower was indeed deactivated.
Ulrich was definitely confused, as he reentered the tower and began to resume his meditation when his computer began ringing again but this time it was a different ring. Ulrich flipped open his computer and found a message waiting for him, he opened the message, “dear hopeful friend, my name is Jeremie I would like to arrange a meeting between you and my friends who also have been fighting Xana, I would like to arrange a meeting between you and my friends, my hope is that we'll be able to coordinate a better resistance and be able to one day hopefully bring a end to Xana threat.”
Ulrich traced the message back to its source, it the computer in Jeremy dorm. Ulrich reread the message, it sounded like something Jeremie would write when if was confronting someone he didn't know, yet something didn't feel right. Ulrich sent a response back telling Jeremie that he would meet with them. Ulrich sent back a reply back saying `yes'.
A few minutes later another message came through instructing him to meet two of his associates at a set of coordinates in the ice sector at noon. Ulrich didn't like it something didn't feel right, he knew he would have to proceed very carefully when he went to the meeting in the Ice sector.
Sector Five
Xana had just set the stage now he just had to wait to start the play.
Real World
Jeremie, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi were in the factory and were getting ready to go to their meeting with their hopeful new ally. The trio began entering the scanners when they heard Jeremie say, “I'm sending you guys in a little ways away so if it's a trap you'll have a chance to get away. When Jeremie finished he began the virtualization sequence.
Ulrich had already exited the tower and was on his way to meeting his friends. Ulrich knew something felt wrong but he was too excited about the prospect of working with his friends again to bring down Xana once and for all. Ulrich was just upset that he couldn't use his overbike but that would arouse suspicion and he couldn't afford any mistakes, not when they were so close to finishing this war once and for all.
Ulrich entered the white tower and began his journey to the Ice sector. After a twenty-minute journey Ulrich arrived at the coordinates, it was the middle of nowhere, this concerned Ulrich a bit since he was quite a distance from the white tower and he couldn't get out of the sector if something went wrong. Ulrich waited for ten minutes before his computer began beeping to alert him that something was approaching him. Ulrich flipped open his computer and saw that his friends would be on him in a few minutes.
Ulrich closed his computer and activated his battle mode so his appearance would change. About the time Ulrich finished changing into his battle mode he saw Odd coming towards him on his overboard. Odd was approaching him carefully as if he wasn't sure if he was dealing with the right person. Odd approached Ulrich carefully as if he wasn't expecting him to be there. Odd lowered himself down to Ulrich and said, “Are you the person who's been helping us the last few months.”
Ulrich nodded his head yes. Odd waited a few more minutes before he waved his arm forward and then Yumi and Aelita showed up on the overwing and the overbike. After a few minutes of waiting Jeremie began to speak to him, “Thank you for coming to meet with us friend.” Ulrich was not in the mood to hear the long drawn out welcoming that Jeremie had planned so instead Ulrich cut n saying, “can we skip the long drawn out speech you have planned and get right down to business.”
Odd and Yumi seemed to agree with that since they each said `yes'. Ulrich sensing Jeremie disappointment decided to cut to the chase, “If you want to form an alliance with me then the answer is yes.” There was a brief pause before Jeremie said, “that's great but wasn't it you who sent us an e-mail saying you wanted to meet us here at noon.” Ulrich faces paled then he shouted, “run get out of the sector.” Before any of them could take anymore then a couple steps the ground began to shake violently, the shaking began to get worse to the point where all they could do was hug the cold ice until it stopped.
After a few minutes of intense shaking the ice began to break apart into several icebergs, as the icebergs began to drift the group began to get reorganized. Aelita, Odd, and Yumi each boarded their respective vehicles, took off, and began circling the skies. A minute later Aelita said, “Yumi why don't you pick up our new friend and we'll get out of here before Xana pulls anything else.” Yumi nodded her head and headed towards Ulrich, when she was about to land on his iceberg when suddenly an alien jumped out of the water and grabbed the bottom of her overwing.
Yumi had no time to react as the alien tail ripped through the bottom of the overwing and grazed her lightly causing her to lose only twenty life points. Yumi flipped backwards off the overwing and managed to land on an iceberg before the overwing devirtualize and the alien fell back into the virtual ocean. Odd began to go towards Yumi to pick her up when two alien webbings shot out of the water and attached themselves to his overboard, as Odd tried to get his overboard to rise a third alien slowly made his way up a nearby iceberg, when the alien seemed to reach its desired altitude the alien sprang off the iceberg toward Odd.
Odd was oblivious to the incoming danger as he continued to try and shake his board free, the alien was almost at Odd when Ulrich super jumped from one iceberg to another and in the process successfully cut the web holding Odd overboard, as Odd overboard shot upwards the alien went underneath it just narrowly missing Odd. When the alien was in Odd sight he shouted, “laser arrow” and riddled the head of the alien with arrows from both arms until he hit the Xana symbol and destroyed it. As Odd went over to help Aelita who was weaving left and right to avoid the laser blast that were coming at her Yumi found herself being confronted by an alien that had crawled up her iceberg. Yumi drew both her fans and assumed her combat stance, the alien snarled then fired a laser blast, Yumi deflected the blast with her left fan then spun around and threw the fan in her right hand, as the fan neared its target the alien used its tail to knock the fan away from it.
While the fan made its way back to Yumi the alien fired a volley of blast that impacted harmlessly against her fan, as the fan returned to Yumi right hand she quickly threw the one in her left hand, the fan this time managed to sheer the top part of the alien head off. Ulrich was super jumping from iceberg to iceberg slowly making his way towards Yumi, each time though he stopped on the next iceberg another alien would spring from the water to try and stop him, Ulrich made sure to deal with them quickly.
After a few more minutes of island hopping Ulrich finally made it to Yumi, as Ulrich approached Yumi he felt his pulse quicken at how close they were. Pushing back the nervousness in his voice Ulrich said, “come on lets get out of here” Ulrich and Yumi both turned around and headed towards land while Aelita and Odd also made their way on their vehicles. When group finally crossed back onto the solid land they prepared to take off when suddenly Odd was hit in the back by a laser blast and devirtualize.
Aelita, Yumi, and Ulrich looked around and saw a group of five tarantulas coming their way. Yumi drew her fans and assisted Ulrich in deflecting blasts as they began to retreat, everything was going fine until several shots nailed Yumi in the chest and caused life points to reach zero. As Yumi body devirtualize Ulrich swore and said, “triplicate times three”, as Ulrich clones appeared they began to charge forward in a suicide all or nothing attack, as the Ulrich clones began their charge the real Ulrich turned to Aelita and said, “time to go.”
Aelita looked behind Ulrich and watched as two clones were eliminated before a third finally reached the tarantula. Aelita not wanting to waste any more time pushed the overbike into over drive and sped towards the white tower, Ulrich mega sprinted and easily caught up with Aelita as they headed towards their destination. When they arrived at the tower Ulrich looked back and when he saw that there were no tarantulas behind them he turned to Aelita and said, “quickly get into the tower and get back to the real world, I'll meet with you again later.”
Aelita knew she should get in but there were too many questions she needed answered now, “wait a minute, I need some answers, for starters who created you, and who gave you those powers?” Ulrich couldn't believe she was doing this now, he knew this would happen eventually but he was hoping by then he would have reasonable answers by then. Ulrich turned to Aelita in frustration and shouted, “We don't have time for twenty questions, just get your but in the tower and get back to earth.” Before Ulrich could continue he gauntlet began to vibrate alerting him that one or more of the tarantulas was coming his way.
Ulrich drew his weapon and shouted, “GET TO EARTH NOW” he turned towards the direction of the incoming tarantula but was sent into a state of utter shock as a laser blast hit him in the chest and sent him skidding across the ground, as Ulrich lay their on the ground he began to feel a sense of dread as his body began to break apart telling him that he was devitalizing and for the first time in more than half a year he was returning to the real world, he didn't envision this reunion going well at all.
Real World
Odd and Yumi were both waiting patiently in the scanner room for Aelita to come back from their latest excursion, they were panting slightly and were slightly hunched over. When the doors of the scanner opened they expected to see Aelita, instead they saw the last person they would ever expect to see fall out of the scanner.
Despite it being so long since the last time neither Odd and Yumi saw him they would ever forget him. Odd was in shock and Yumi felt mixed emotions of shock, happiness, and anger as the person fell forward and hit the floor. The scanner door opened and Aelita stepped out, she was surprised to see Odd and Yumi just standing their, as Aelita came up behind them she was about to ask them what was up but the words became stuck in her mouth as she saw what they were staring at.
Their lying in the scanner room floor was the boy that had been missing for the last eight months; on the floor was Ulrich stern.
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