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Training World
“Ok guys get ready for the warm up exercises,” Jeremie said. Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi were currently were standing in the middle of plain blue room that reminded them of the room the teleporter dropped them off into when they went to sector five. They all approached the center pf the room and readied their weapons, a few seconds' later four blocks and five Hornets materialized into the room.
The blocks began opening fire with their lasers while the Hornets spread their green poison in various parts of the room in an attempt to limit their movements. Ulrich began super sprinting towards the nearest block and began to form a triangle around it, as Ulrich continued to run around the block at super speed the block began rotating itself in a attempt to track Ulrich, the block stopped rotating and fired a laser shot taking out one of Ulrich clones. While the block continued to try and track a second block approached them.
The block locked on to Ulrich second clone and fired a second shot, as the clone devirtualized the gold triangle that surrounded the block disappeared then all of a sudden a loud “hyah” was heard and one of Yumi fans was flying towards the block. The second block saw this and began powering up its laser in an attempt to shoot down the fan, but the block never got the chance as Ulrich dropped from the ceiling and rammed his sword into the blocks Xana mark and destroyed it. The fan continued to sail towards the block unhindered, the fan easily made a slash directly across the Xana sign and began to head back to Yumi waiting hand.
Yumi and Ulrich spread out and began to take on the other two remaining blocks while was firing laser arrows at that last three remaining Hornets, the Hornets broke off in two different directions after Odd had managed to destroy the middle one. The Hornets were circling around Odd spreading poison and before Odd knew it he was standing in the center of a lake of green poison, the Hornets now came at Odd from both sides of him, Odd looked around and saw that Yumi and Ulrich were finishing off the blocks and were unable to help him, as the Hornets continued to close in Odd decided to try out a new trick, he crouched down, stretched his arms out in both directions towards the Hornets and activated his shield, as the Hornets laser blast hammered his shields Odd did his best to keep from buckling while moving his arms to follow the Hornets flight path.
When the Hornets had finally passed him Odd stretched both his arms out and said, “laser arrows” the arrows flew towards their respective targets and entered through their soft underbellies and exited through the Xana marks on their skulls. Odd exhaled and smiled, he looked up and saw that Yumi and Ulrich had finished off the blocks and were walking towards him with smiles on their faces.
When the three of them got together in the center of the room Jeremie began to speak to them, “ great job everybody, now before we call it a day lets do some work with your battle modes, Ulrich since you've already mastered your battle mode why don't you log out and come up to the super computer room, I still have some questions about what you did to the super computer.” Ulrich gave a slight chuckle before he looked at Yumi who nodded her head. Ulrich ran his hand over his gauntlet transforming it into his portable computer, after typing a few buttons Ulrich devirtualized.
After Ulrich left Yumi looked at Odd and said, “ so how are we going to decide who goes first?' Odd put his ginger to his chin and then said, “ rock, paper, or scissor, or who has the better reason for wanting to get out of here first”, Yumi noticed that as Odd said the last art he had a big smile on his face causing her to blush a little. Before Odd could get a chance to notice Yumi said, “ rock, paper, scissor it is.”
Real World
While Yumi and Odd began deciding who would go first Ulrich had just ridden the elevator to the super computer room and was walking towards Jeremy when he turned to face Ulrich, as Ulrich approached Jeremy he asked, “ have they started yet?” Jeremy gave a slight chuckle and said, “ nope they're still deciding.” Ulrich laughed and stood next to Jeremy chair watching the screen waiting for one of them to start.
After a minute of silence of silence Jeremy said, “ hey Ulrich do you mind if I ask you a few questions while we're waiting?” Ulrich thought about it for a few seconds then said, “ sure as long as it's not personal.” Jeremy nodded his head and said, “ its just two questions I've had on my mind since you've come back, first one is what did you do when we entered Lyoko, where did you go?”
Ulrich began to stare at the screen as he said, “ I just went and hid in a tower and waited till you guys left, and since I had a link to the super computer I was able to watch your guys a status and I just waited till you left.” Jeremy thought about it, simple question, and simple answer. “ Then my last question is how were able to hide your card active status?”
Ulrich was now laughing hysterically, when he calmed down he said, “ the same way a person hides their active status in general, I went in to my card and change it so that it would tell the person checking it that I wasn't on line.” Jeremy laughed; it was so simple no wonder he didn't think about it. “ Hey Jeremy I'm ready to start.” Said Yumi. Jeremy nodded his head and typed a few buttons.
Training Room
Down in the training room Yumi was waiting, then a dozen Aliens materialized around the room, Yumi breathed calmly before she shouted “battle mode”, Yumi body became engulfed in blue light, when the light died down Yumi was standing their wearing a long flowing blue kimono with a red belt around her waist that carried ten fans, her foot wear was still the same black heel shoes as well as her face and hair remained the same.
The Aliens began to hiss at Yumi and a few of them began to climb up the wall. Yumi calmly grabbed all ten of her fans and tossed them all to the side, the fans all became encased in a pink aura and stopped, the fans all opened and began to circle Yumi who was also encased in a pink aura. The Aliens began opening at Yumi and her fans responded by moving around Yumi and successfully blocked every laser blast.
Despite the constant laser barrage coming at her Yumi stood their calmly waiting for an opening, a few more minutes of laser barrages and she finally had it, the second that all the Aliens stopped firing Yumi launched all ten of her fans and successfully amputated ten of the Aliens heads straight across their Xana symbols and straight into the walls. The remaining two Aliens opened fire at the now defenseless Yumi who calmly began doing back flips at amazing speed.
When Yumi reached the back wall she once again became encased in a pink aura, she pointed her arms towards the two Aliens who were also encased in a pink aura and began to levitate off the wall, Yumi smirked before she clapped her hands together, the Aliens flew at each other at amazing speeds before they slammed into each other and exploded into pixels. Yumi smiled and became engulfed in a blue light and when it faded Yumi was back in her original form. When the change was complete Yumi turned to Odd and waved goodbye before Jeremy devirtualized her. Odd smiled as he stepped into the middle of the room said said, “ Ok Einstein reset the program and let me take a crack at it.”
Real World
Yumi was breathing heavily as she exited the scanner; to her surprise Aelita was standing their smiling her arm outstretched holding a bottle of water. Yumi gratefully took the water took the water and followed Aelita in to the elevator, as the elevator began to rise Aelita looked at Yumi who had just finished chugging, after putting on what would be considered by most a evil smile Aelita said, “ so out of curiosity what did you need me to cover you for last month, were you and Ulrich having a bit if fun?”
Yumi started to blush as certain thoughts entered her mind. When she managed to regain he composure she said, “ yes I did ask you to cover for me so I could spend time with Ulrich, but no we did not sleep together we spent a lot of time making out and catching up on things.”
Aelita figured as much but that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun at Yumi expense. When the elevator stopped the two disembarked and made their way towards Ulrich and Jeremy. When Yumi got to Ulrich she became even happier when Ulrich wrapped his arm around her shoulder, Aelita went and sat in Jeremy lap.
“ So has Odd started yet?” asked Yumi. Jeremy shook his head no and said, “ He'll be starting in a second.” Down in the training room the Aliens surrounded Odd the same way they did Yumi. Odd took his deep breath and shouted, “Battle mode” and just like Yumi Odd became engulfed in light the only difference being was his was purple.
When the light had faded Odd was standing in the same spot wearing a form fitting purple armor, on both his wrist were blue launchers for his arrows each one carrying a thousand arrows, on his back was also a blue jet pack that could be used for short burst of flight, he also had on a black helmet that covered half his face. Odd locked on to two Aliens and quickly fired two arrows at their Xana symbols destroying both instantly.
The Aliens responded by opening fire with their lasers and web. Odd began weaving left and right and when he could get a lock fired his now homing arrows, after about five minutes of this Odd had reduced the number of Aliens by half. The Aliens now began to cut off Odd movements until they had managed to trap Odd in the middle of the room, as the Aliens began to open fire all at once Odd just stood their and smirked as the laser hit him, as the laser neared Odd a purple shield began to form around him in the shape of a dome, the laser merely hit the shield and were absorbed into nothingness.
The Aliens just stood their firing laser after laser in a vain attempt that they might actually bring his shield down, but Odd knew from testing it that it would take the firepower of a Megatank to knockout his shield as long he didn't expand it too much.
While the Aliens continued to pound away at his shield Odd began targeting the rest of the Aliens one by one, when Odd had successfully locked onto them all he quickly lowered his shield and shouted, “laser arrow” six arrows flew out of his launchers and found their mark in the Xana symbols of the remaining Aliens. After the Aliens were done exploding into pixels Odd powered down and said, “ Ok Einstein get me out of here.” A minute later Odd devirtualized.
Real World
After Odd left the scanner he headed up to the supercomputer room and was surprised to only find Jeremy and Ulrich there, “Hey where are the others?” he said. Ulrich turned to him and said, “they went to get pizza and soda were having a mini party.”
Odd just nodded his head and smiled; in the past month that Ulrich had been back odd noticed that Ulrich was happier than he had ever seen him, and Yumi was once again smiling and picking on him whenever she got the chance. Odd was happy to see that for the first time in long time they were both completely happy. The girls returned a little while later with two pepperoni pies and three bottles of coke.
For the next few hours all that could be heard was sound of laughter from a group of kids who were happy to be reunite after so long of being apart. After all the pizza and soda was digested and their was nothing more to talk about Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita said their good-byes and left leaving Ulrich and Yumi alone to enjoy some quality time together.
After it had gotten a bit late Yumi looked up at Ulrich, she kissed him on his face near his ear and said, “ Would you like some company tonight again?” Ulrich smiled and shook his head yes, he got up and pulled Yumi up and led her to the elevator to go downstairs where they once again left the troubles of the world behind them.
The next day Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita met them at the factory, after a round of teasing about what they were doing last night Jeremy jumped into his chair and said, “ so you guys ready to put an end to Xana once and for all.” They all smiled and ran to the scanners with the hope that this would be their final mission.
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