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After the virtualization process was complete Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi found themselves in the forest sector near the edge of it. After a minute of orienting themselves they began to head to the edge of the sector to hop onto the transporter to sector five. After a minute of waiting they were for the first time happy to be going to sector five. When the transporter arrived they happily jumped into it.
Real world
Aelita was pacing around the factory while Jeremie was monitoring the others progress. The silence between them was broken when Aelita said, “ I should be with them?” Jeremie stopped typing and towards her and said, “ you know that if you went their attention would be divided between getting the fragment and keeping you safe, the mission could end in failure or worse.”
Even though this was the seventh time that Jeremy had told her this Aelita still had trouble accepting that she had to remain behind, even if it was for the safety of the world. “They've just entered sector five.” Aelita ran over to the super computer and stood beside Jeremy chair so she could watch their progress.
Sector Five
Everyone exited the transporter and began to get prepared, a second later the wall opened up to reveal the way to the key. Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi were speeding down the corridor as fast as they could until they came to a large open room. The three scanned the room quickly and located the key, on the ceiling. “How the heck are we supposed to get it all the way up there?”
Everyone was looking around the room when Ulrich said “leave it to me.” As soon as Ulrich finished this statement the three began to dodge the incoming laser blast from the creepers as they began to crawl out of hallways like cockroaches.
Yumi immediately threw her two fans at the nearest creepers and destroyed them while Odd was firing laser arrows at any creepers that he could get a clear shot at. While this was going on Ulrich super sprinting ledge to ledge as he slowly made his way towards the ceiling, as Ulrich jumped onto the final ledge he was forced to lean backwards as he came face to face with a creeper laser blast, after the laser blast had cleared him Ulrich drew his sword and decapitated the creeper.
Ulrich sheathed his sword and sprinted towards the edge of the platform, when he reached the edge he jumped towards the wall, when Ulrich reached the wall he quickly grabbed two small stones. After propping his feet on the wall Ulrich began to super sprint up it, as Ulrich felt himself reach his limit he quickly jumped off the wall towards the button, Ulrich super sprint gave out just as he hit the button.
As Ulrich headed towards the ground the bottom floor began to descend downwards in the form of a spiral staircase. When Ulrich landed back on the floor the three looked at each other before nodding their heads and making their way down the staircase into the depths of sector five.
Real World
Jeremy and Aelita watched helplessly as the others made their way into sector five. They were about to enter a large room when a screen popped up indicating an activated tower. Jeremy grabbed his hair and was tempted to yank it all out, ` damn you Xana why did you have to do something now when were so close to getting rid of you once and for all.'
While Jeremy was mentally yelling at Xana Aelita was getting ready to go in, as she made was about to get on the elevator Aelita heard Jeremy say, “ Aelita you can't go into Lyoko, if you do theirs too much a risk of Xana getting his hands on you.” Aelita knew he was right, but with the others in sector five there was very little in the way of options, but then an idea came to her. “Have Yumi and Odd meet me in the sector of the tower, after were done they can go back and help Ulrich if he isn't done already.”
Jeremy was weighing the options in his mind when Ulrich voice came over the speaker, “Jeremy do it I can finish the mission no sweat.” Jeremy wanted to argue so much with them, but he knew it was a loosing argument and nodded to Aelita letting her know it was okay for her to get in the elevator. Before Aelita went into the elevator she ran up to Jeremy, wrap her arms around his neck, and gave him a passionate kiss, as Jeremy wrapped his arms around Aelita back he felt all the arguments in his head go away, all he was doing was concentrating on this moment, her touch, her skin, the feel of her lips against his, he was doing everything thing he could to memorize everything about her in the quick few seconds they had.
After a minute of the kiss Aelita unwrapped her arms from around Jeremy neck and stepped back, she looked into his eyes and said, “I love you” when she finished her statement she turned around and ran to the waiting elevator and began her descent down the elevator to the scanners. Jeremy began typing multiple keys as he began running a new program that could only be used once, it was a program that could transport any number of people from one sector to another instantly with out any problem.
The only reason this program could be used once was because once it was used Xana would put up barriers to stop it. After Jeremy readied his program he told the others he would be activating it and that they were going to be sent to the mountain region.
Sector Five
Yumi and Odd were getting ready to leave when Ulrich walked up and to her surprise and joy gave her a kiss on the lips. Yumi wrapped her arms around Ulrich neck as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she began to fall into the ecstasy of his kiss. A minute later Ulrich pulled away and whispered into her ear, “don't worry about me just go help Aelita and go do something nice.”
Yumi smiled, she knew Ulrich has been wanting to take her out and do something even as simple as walking around the mall, but they knew it would have to wait until they returned to the past to the day he left. As Yumi stood beside Odd they heard Jeremy say, “Running program now.”
Ulrich watched as his girlfriend and best friend became bathed in a light then just as quickly as the light appeared it disappeared taking the two with it. Ulrich turned his attention to the room before him, it was open, with a giant pyramid like structure with a small ball like object on it, he didn't see anything that could be a threat but that didn't mean he could be careless.
However it was a long walk down the narrow walkway anything could happen between here and there. Ulrich began to jog down the walkway his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Ulrich was about halfway down the walkway when his instincts told him something was behind him, quickly spinning around like a top as he drew his sword and decapitated the creeper that had came up behind him.
Ulrich watched as from underneath the walkway several more creepers slithered their way up the sides of the walkway and now stood menacingly facing Ulrich each one staring menacingly at Ulrich each one readying their lasers. Ulrich quickly super sprinted towards the creepers weaving left and right as best he could given the narrow space, as Ulrich passed each creeper he made sure to sever their heads or in a couple cases just simply shoved them off the walkway to their doom.
Ulrich continued to speed past the remaining creepers until they were all behind him, it was then that the walkway began to collapse. Ulrich super sprinted over the gap, as he landed the piece he was on began to collapse a well. Ulrich sprinted as fast as he could before the section collapsed; Ulrich continued to run at full speed until he was almost to the temple when the last section of walkway collapsed. Ulrich jumped at full speed and landed on the base of the temple.
Ulrich felt he was safe and began to get to his feet when the temple collapsed.
Mountain Sector
Aelita was waiting patiently when all of a sudden two white lights appeared and when they disappeared Yumi and Odd were standing in its place. The three exchanged quick greetings then took off in search of the activated tower.
The three quickly found the activated tower but three tarantulas were guarding it along five mantas. The three were currently leaning against a mountain while they discussed their options. “So how are we gonna do this?” asked Odd. Yumi and Aelita thought about their options then Yumi suggested, “You take on the mantas on your overboard and I'll take on tarantulas.”
Aelita and Odd looked at Yumi as if she grew two heads but then relaxed when they saw how serious she was. “Yo Einstein can you send me my overboard” Odd said. When the overboard finished materializing in front of him Odd jumped on it and took off towards the mantas. Yumi drew both of he fans and ran down the rock walkway and into one of the many square areas that the Mountain sector was known for, Yumi waited by the exit of the square until she heard what she'd been waiting for, up in the air Odd was now engaging the mantas and had managed to take out two already.
Yumi watched from her spot as the tarantulas began firing at Odd, as they turned their backs to her in order to keep Odd in their sights, Yumi used this opportunity to throw one of her fans and successfully hit the Xana mark on the middle tarantula. The remaining two tarantulas turned heir attention back towards Yumi who after throwing her fan dashed out and began to charge them. Yumi threw her remaining fan then the other one as it came back to her hand.
The first fan hit the tarantula right between its eyes and sliced off its head, the second tarantula had more time and was able to deflect the fan with a barrage of lasers. As Yumi caught her first fan she watched as her second one became embedded n the rock wall, she could call for it using her telepathy but that would leave her defenseless and she couldn't afford to make a mistake, so she decided that she just have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.
Odd was doing everything he could to defeat the remaining mantas, he had managed to take down a third leaving only two, nut since then all he's been doing is dodging and blocking lasers with his shield. A manta came at Odd firing its laser, Odd flew upwards and was about to blast it as it came under him when he felt a pain in his arm as the other manta laser made contact. Odd flew a little way away from the mantas to reevaluate the situation, the manta were working in synch with each other and they were nimble enough to avoid his attacks easily, as the mantas came towards Odd readying their next attack. Odd fired his laser arrows but the mantas easily dodged them, if Odd thought things were bad enough as is they got worse when he ran out of arrows.
Odd watched as the mantas split up one going high the other going low, the manta above Odd began firing. Odd put up his shield and managed to block the attacks from above, but as the manta below him opened fire Odd could do nothing except fall as his overboard took hits and devirtualized, as Odd fell he saw that he was not going to fall on land the into the digital void.
Aelita could only silently scream as she watched Odd overboard devirtualize and he fell towards the digital void. Aelita knowing she had to do something Aelita came out from her hiding spot and went to the ledge to where she could get a good view of Odd, falling to her knees Aelita began to sing a sweet melody Odd heard Aelita voice and noticed that below him a solid ledge was forming.
Despite his happiness for not falling into the void Odd was not happy when he slammed onto the ledge and felt himself lose some life points. Not caring how much he had Odd decided to pull out all the stops and activated his battle mode. Purple light engulfed Odd and when it left Odd was standing on the ledge in full battle mode, Odd took in a quick breath then activated his jet pack and rejoined the fight.
Aelita felt a sigh of relief as she watched Odd rise but the relief was short lived when she turned around and saw the scipizoa coming towards her. Aelita ran towards the others but was stopped when the scipizoa fired its blue stun ray, as Aelita fell to the ground she screamed, “Yumi help me!”
Yumi was backing away from the tarantula when she heard Aelita scream; because Yumi lost her concentration and fell backwards as tripped over her own two feet, as Yumi fell the tarantula fired a shot that Yumi successfully blocked the laser as she hit the ground, as Yumi looked up she saw the tarantula prepare to fire both of its laser to finish her off.
But before the tarantula could fire its lasers Odd fired two laser arrows and hit the tarantula square in its Xana mark, as the tarantula exploded into pixels Yumi waved to Odd who gave her a salute as he flew towards the mantas. Yumi turned towards the scipizoa and threw her fan, the made its way towards the scipizoa and severed its tentacles, but Yumi wasn't finished their using her telepathic abilities Yumi directed her fan still stuck in the wall towards the scipizoa who was flailing since Yumi had severed its tentacles.
The fan flew towards the scipizoa at high speeds and then successfully managed to slice the Xana mark and destroy it. Up in the skies above them Odd was using his shields to block both attacks the manta were throwing at him, as one of the manta flew by him Odd got above it, fired an arrow at its Xana mark and destroyed it.
With only one manta left Odd decided to try out a new attack he had, he quickly locked onto the last manta Xana symbol and said, “homing laser arrow.” The arrow that Odd launched made its way towards the manta that simply moved to the left to evade it, but the manta was completely caught off guard as the arrow came back around and hit the Xana mark on its back.
Odd began his descent back to the ground near Yumi who was standing outside the tower. When Odd feet touch the ground he powered down his battle mode, when the he was done Aelita was just emerging from the tower. “Well now that this is done should we go help Ulrich or should we head home?” asked Aelita.
They were thinking for a second then Jeremy cut in and said, “You guys should head back, we need to get Aelita out before Xana can reconstruct his scipizoa and send it back out.” Everyone nodded his or her heads and headed towards the white tower to get Aelita out.
Sector Five
Ulrich began to panic as the temple fell to pieces, he was falling quickly but he managed to land on a solid enough piece to where he could use his super sprint and begin going up towards the memory.
Ulrich managed to get a little ways before he realized that he was loosing ground fast. Ulrich knowing that he was running out of time activated his battle mode and began using his mega sprint to go up. Ulrich was almost there when he realized he was almost out of ledges to use, he was approaching the final ledge when he saw that he was just at the fragment.
After making his final jump Ulrich landed on the platform and saw right in front of him a small green sphere, as he approached the sphere he saw various memories of a young Aelita and an old man he assumed was Franz Hopper. Ulrich activated his portable computer, after pressing a few keys his hand began to glow orange, Ulrich then ran his glowing hand over the sphere, after that he looked at his computer, which was running a virus scan.
After a couple minutes the scan came back clean and Ulrich had confirmed that he had the real fragment. Ulrich grabbed the sphere and held it in the palm of his hand; he then put the sphere on top of his computer and watched as the sphere was absorbed.
When it was done Ulrich was smiling, in his mind all he kept thinking was that `this is it the war is coming to a close.' Ulrich typed a few buttons and felt himself devirtualize, as Xana watched Ulrich leave the only thing he was thinking was, `its now time to play my last card.
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