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Code Lyoko Episode 127: Those Were The Days
Author: James the Lesser/The Bunnyman
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own These Characters! Moonscape Does!
A/N Ok, starting the series back up. I'll be putting the Code Xana Episodes up still but remember they happen after 119 and not 119X. Everything after 119X does not happen in the Code Xana world! This is just me not being able to stop writing about our favorite Lyoko Warriors!
“S.S. I just want to be alone.” Odd and S.S. are talking over the phone. “Maybe later we can go do something.”
“Later? You've saying that for four days. We haven't even held hands since we brought Samantha back. She's not dead I don't know why you're taking it so hard.”
“Exactly you don't know!” Odd hangs up on S.S. “Why can't it be like the old days? I, I might not have been as good of friends with Ulrich and stuff but it was better then this.” Odd leans back against a sewer wall. “Damn you Xana, I hate you!” Odd thinks about the old days as S.S. and the others get more concerned about Odd.
“I don't know what to tell you.” S.S. had gone to Yumi with her problem. Yumi was working in the library on homework. “He lost his best friend then he loses another friend.”
“We brought Samantha back and Ulrich, we can get him back.”
“Maybe.” Yumi was getting more and more concerned about Ulrich. Her worries were unfounded but to her teenage mind she worries that maybe, just maybe, Ulrich liked being with Sissi. Yumi wasn't sure what they did but she had an idea what Sissi would do now that Ulrich was her pet.
“No we will.” S.S. sees Yumi's mood turn dark when Ulrich was brought up. “Why I don't get what's wrong with Odd. We haven't lost anyone we got Aelita back!”
“Keep telling yourself that.” Yumi had lost Ulrich. Odd had lost Ulrich and for an hour or so had lost another friend to the enemy. “I'm going home.” Yumi closes her book and puts it in a bag.
“Wait Yumi you don't have to stop I'll, I'll, sorry.” S.S. was torn up over what was wrong with Odd and didn't think about how Yumi was handling things.
Odd is still in the sewers when he gets a surprise visit. “Ulrich, stay the hell away from me.”
“Xana told Sissi to come to you. She ordered me to go to you. Xana has an offer.” Ulrich twitches and shakes as he tries to fight Sissi's orders but her control over him makes it impossible to do. “He will make it like before. No fighting, no deaths, no Lyoko.”
“He's going to turn back the clock huh? Tell him he can blow me.”
“No, he will not reverse time he will just make you and everyone else forget you are in the group. He will fix memories so you will remember none of this and you can go back to your old friends, your old ways.” Ulrich reaches up to his neck when the shock collar starts to electrocute him.
“How nice of him. First he gets you, and then tries to kill Samantha, now he wants to get rid of me? If I don't remember him then he can just kill me without me being any the wiser.”
“No Odd he will leave you be. Xana will make the deal and keep his word.”
“Really?” Odd thinks about it. It would mean no more fighting, no more pain or worse. But would it also mean no more being friends with Aelita or Jeremie? No more dating S.S.? “How, how does it work?”
“I am not sure.” Ulrich stands still for a minute as Sissi tells him what he needs to know. “You will have your memories blanked and modified with a new reality. This will be done to everyone else as well. Xana says he will set you up with another girl of your choice outside of our group. He will modify their memories to how you want them to be.”
“He really wants me gone huh? I don't think I can accept this deal.” Odd stands up and turns towards Ulrich. “But, if he could, just a glimpse of it?” Ulrich's arm raises and points towards Odd then fires a bolt of energy at Odd. Odd falls to the ground as years of new memories flood his brain. He shakes and struggles but his mind is being overwhelmed with new memories. Memories that don't involve Xana or Lyoko.
“That is the world he will make for you. You can leave this sewer and enter it if you agree. You will not know of this meeting, of Xana, of anything. I will be a room mate you don't get along with still. S.S. will be a Yankee that ignores you. The rest of the group will mean nothing to you anymore then what the other students mean to you now.”
“I, I,” Odd cries as the life without Xana plays out in his mind. He couldn't say no, this was something he had been wanting for several weeks. “I accept.” Ulrich hits Odd with another bolt of energy knocking him out.
“No, stop this, it isn't right!” Ulrich falls to his knees and grabs at his neck. “Odd, no, you shouldn't have accepted it!” Ulrich collapses as the energy from the shock collar overwhelms him. “Yes Sissi, as you command.” Ulrich floats to his feet then flies out of the sewer through the sewer entrance.
An hour later Odd wakes up and finds himself in the sewer. His memories show he was bored and decided to explore the sewers when the lack of fresh air caused him to pass out. “Oh man, Naomi, and Megan, and Tammy are probably worried.” Odd gets up and finds a ladder. He climbs out of the sewers and finds himself in the woods.
“Ulrich!” Jeremie heard knocking on the door and thought it was one of his friends but sees Ulrich. “What are you doing?” Ulrich stumbles forward with a piece of paper in his hand. Ulrich throws the paper at Jeremie as he struggles against an unseen force. “What is this?” Jeremie picks the paper up as Ulrich leaves the room. “Ulrich, wait, come back.” Ulrich closes the door as he continues to struggle. Sissi had told him to not speak to the others unless ordered to so Ulrich found a way around it. He wrote his message down and as he went to Jeremie's room the shock collar activated. It was as if the shock collar knew what Ulrich was up to but as he was not disobeying his order the shock collar couldn't hurt him enough to stop him. “Crap, this can't be good.” Jeremie looks down at the paper to make sure what he read was right.
Odd accepted a deal from Xana. It wasn't Odd's fault, he couldn't refuse. He no longer knows about Xana or Lyoko. I don't know how Xana did it but Odd has been taken out of the group. Help him!
Jeremie gets his phone out and calls Sanne. “Sanne, Xana did something to Odd. There isn't an activated Tower so I don't know how he did it.”
“What did he do to Odd?” Sanne is at her home with Samantha. Samantha was bored since she was “dead” and couldn't go outside. Sanne decided they could play cards.
“I'm not sure. Ulrich, he gave me a note, saying Odd was forced into a deal by Xana. Somehow Xana has taken Odd out of the group.”
“What? I'm not sure I understand.”
“I don't either. Head to the Factory and make sure the Super Scan hasn't been damaged. Mine hasn't detected a Tower but Xana could have done something to it.”
“Ok, I'll go.” They hang up. “Samantha you want to go with me to the Factory?”
“I'm allowed out of the house? Hell ya I'll go.”
“Language.” Sanne was trying to teach Samantha manners and enforce rules. Samantha said she hated it but Sanne could see something else. Samantha's home life was horrible. When she ran away from school months before her parents didn't care. Now she was in a home with someone who cared about her enough to make rules to keep her safe. “It may be as boring there as it is here so pick the cards up and bring them.” Samantha does and the two go to the Factory.
Back at Kadic Academy Odd is with Naomi on a bench when another girl comes up to him. “Odd what are you doing?” S.S. wasn't sure what was going on but she saw Odd holding Naomi's hand.
“Who are you?” Odd is confused and has to think to remember the girl's name. “Oh, Sandra, what are you talking about?”
“Sandra? Odd you haven't called me Sandra for nearly a year.” Now Odd is really confused.
“I don't remember talking to you for nearly a year so you're probably right.” Odd turns to Naomi. “I'll be right back babe.” He kisses her on the lips. S.S. is too stunned by this to react. Odd gets off the bench and walks away. S.S. goes after him.
“What were you doing? Is this why you didn't want to talk to me earlier?”
“Sandra I don't know what bug crawled up your ass but leave me alone!” Odd has very few memories of this girl. He did hit on her and she seemed to like it but after about a month she became friends with his room mates group and stopped talking to him. “Did Ulrich make you do this? I swear he is such a baby.”
“Ulrich? No, I'm not working for Xana how could you say that?” Odd stops walking.
“Who? Sandra if you don't leave me alone I'll go to Sissi. She's always ready to get you and your friends in trouble.” Odd's memories of Sissi were of a girl who would take money or “favors” from students she liked to get things done for them.
“What? Odd, what's wrong with you?” S.S. tries to look in his eyes but he looks away. S.S.'s phone rings and she answers it. “Jeremie is there an attack?”
I don't know. Ulrich, he gave me a note saying something was wrong with Odd.”
“I knew it! I have Odd here and it's like he doesn't know who I am.”
“Hmmm, well, that might be it. Ulrich's note said Odd was out of the group. Maybe he messed with Odd's memories to make him forget us.”
“Um, then we go and deactivate the Tower?”
“No, there is none. I had Sanne go to the Factory to make sure the Super Scan wasn't damaged but there isn't much we can do.”
“Ok, um Jeremie, if this is permanent I, I don't know.” S.S. hangs up the phone.
“Look Sandra I don't know what you're babbling on about but Naomi is waiting for me.” Odd walks away.
“I can't lose him.” S.S. watches Odd walk back to Naomi and leave with her. “Damn you Xana!” S.S. walks away trying not to cry.
Sanne and Samantha have made it to the Factory. “I don't see anything wrong with the Super Scan.” Sanne looks at some more files and data. “Samantha, I'll go to Lyoko to work in a Way Tower.”
“Wait, you aren't supposed to go to Lyoko anymore right?”
“Jeremie's not here and if you don't tell him I won't get caught.” Sanne pats Samantha on the shoulder. “Woman to woman?” Samantha nods. “Ok, I'll set up the transfer just hit enter when I get in a Scanner.” Sanne goes to the elevator and takes it down to the Scanner Room. Samantha hits enter and Sanne lands on Lyoko. “Pulses!” Sanne looks at them and watches to see where they are coming from. “Sector 5, that's why the Super Scan didn't find them.” Sanne looks up. “Samantha, bring me back so I can call Jeremie and the others.”
“Ok, give me a minute.” Samantha figures it out and brings Sanne back to Earth. Sanne takes the elevator up and goes to the computer chair. She sits down and puts the headset on so she can use the phone program on the Super Computer.
“Jeremie, the Tower is in Sector 5.”
“Ok, how did you find it?”
“I sent Samantha to Lyoko to look for an activated Tower and she found pulses. She followed them to the edge.” Sanne lies. She was an adult but Jeremie told her now that Aelita was back she wasn't to go to Lyoko anymore. It was to big a risk since Sanne couldn't go back to Earth like the others.
“Ok, I'll call Odd and…” Jeremie stops. “I mean, I'll call Jim and Yumi you call S.S. and Aelita.” They hang up.
“Ok Samantha take the ladder down so you can go to Lyoko.”
“Shouldn't I wait for the others?” Sanne shakes her head.
“I told Jeremie you were on Lyoko. I'll send you to the edge to wait for the others.”
“Ok.” Samantha climbs down the ladder and gets in the middle Scanner. Sanne sends her then waits for the others. She calls S.S. who says is on the way. While waiting she gets up and sends the elevator up so the others could just get on and take it down to the Scanner Room.
Back at Kadic Academy Odd and Naomi are having some “fun” in his room. “Oh babe I like it when you do that.” Odd was having fun, he was feeling good. He was feeling better then he had in years both physically and emotionally. He didn't have Xana on his mind. He didn't have the mental scars of losing his friends or being hurt in attacks. He could finally relax completely without having the mind numbing fear of Xana at the back of his mind. This was paradise for Odd.
“Ok they made it.” Sanne sets up the transfer program. “Samantha you're about to get some company.”
“Finally.” Samantha was bored. She had been making daggers and seeing how far she could throw them over the edge.
“You guys ready?” She sees them nod through the security camera. “Transfer Yumi, Transfer Sandra, Transfer Jim, Scanner Yumi, Scanner Sandra, Scanner Jim, Virtualization.” They land on Lyoko next to Samantha. “Transfer Jeremie, Transfer Aelita, Scanner Jeremie, Scanner Aelita, Virtualization.” They land on Lyoko. “Ok, here comes the Transporter.” Sanne enters the code and the Transporter whisks the group to Sector 5.
“So where's the switch Sanne?” Jeremie is getting use to going to Lyoko but is still worried. He wasn't a Warrior he was a computer nerd. His aiming sucked, his nerves under pressure sucked, but he was needed.
“Not in that room. Go left then down the corridor and take a right. There should be a room with the switch.” Sanne moves the map around. “Wait, there's something wrong here.” Sanne sees something on the screen. “Be careful there's something going on in Sector 5.”
“There's always something going on in Sector 5.” S.S. was ready to fight, to win, and to deactivate the Tower. She had been so scared when Jeremie said there wasn't an activated Tower. She thought she had lost Odd but when she was called about an activated Tower her spirit rose and she knew what to do.
“Just be careful.” Sanne watches the others run through the corridors and rooms of Sector 5 getting to the room she thought the switch was in.
“Whoa.” The others see the room is moving. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, and platforms were all moving. “Sanne where is the switch again?”
“Go across the room and go up about half way.”
“Easier said then done.” With the walls moving the switch wouldn't stay in place. S.S. gets her pole out. “You guys stay here I got this.” S.S. extends her pole and lands on a platform. She extends it again and lands on another platform. “I'm not seeing the switch.” S.S. looks around and sees the ceiling drop down. “Yowzers.” She jumps off the platform and falls to the floor. “It's enough to make you sick.” The walls were moving around making it seem like she was spinning.
“As long as you got it I guess we don't have to do anything.” Samantha was looking for the switch and saw it. “But I don't like sitting back and waiting.” Samantha runs then jumps and lands on a platform. She jumps again trying to make it to the switch but the wall it was on moved down and to the right while the platform moved up. She keeps jumping from platform to platform but the switch always seemed to be running away.
“Extend!” S.S. launches herself towards the switch but by the time she gets to where it was it had moved. “Get back here!” S.S. was going to jump after it but a platform hits her power pole knocking her over.
“Hai!” Yumi throws a fan then concentrates. She tries to guide it to the switch but it moves too much for her to hit it. The fan comes back and she catches it.
“I got it!” Samantha jumps and throws a dagger at the switch and misses.
“You only have twenty seconds!” Sanne wasn't worried until now. “If you don't deactivate it the attack will continue and we will have to wait until the cool off is over. And after looking at some information she sees that if the Tower is not deactivated soon the memory tampering Xana did would be permanent.
Not that Odd would mind. His new world was incredible. He lies next to Naomi on the bed. He doesn't have a worry in this world. In this world he has three girlfriends, several friends, and no enemies trying to kill him. He had been brought to a breaking point by Xana and Xana knew it. Why he had gone after Odd and not the others. But now he was happy, he was in a bliss that the true Odd hadn't known in years.
“Only five seconds!” Sanne starts bringing up the program to bring the group back to Earth when the count down ends at .0001 seconds.
“I got it!” Jeremie had aimed and fired one shot and hit it. “Yea! I got it!” Jeremie jumps up and down in celebration.
“Great job Jeremie.” Sanne chuckles a little as Jeremie celebrates. “Now find the Tower and deactivate it.”
“Got it.” A door opens and the group runs through it. “Which way?” When Jeremie and the others ran through they found a fork.
“Left, I think. I'm not sure since the map stops.” Sanne wasn't sure how or why but the map ended at the room.
“Ok we'll split up.” S.S. walks to the left. “Jeremie and Aelita with me, Jim, Samantha, and Yumi go that way.” She points to the right.
“If we find it we can yell and Sanne will tell you where to go.” Yumi's group and S.S.'s group split up and go down the separate paths.
Back on Earth Sissi is working on her nails when the portal above her bed opens. “Your friends have made it to the Tower. Ulrich, defend the Tower at all costs.”
“Why don't you go? I…” The shock collar appears and shocks Ulrich. “Fine.” Bit… Ulrich is shocked again. The shock collar kept him from calling Sissi names even if it was only in his mind. Ulrich stands on Sissi's bed and is taken to Lyoko.
“Hey nice to see you long time since we last saw you.” S.S. and Yumi run out of two corridors and see each other.
“Well that was a waste of time.” Separating had done nothing. “Oh crap, Ulrich…” Yumi sees Ulrich coming out of a corridor. “The Tower must be that way.”
“Ulrich step aside.” S.S. doesn't see Sissi so assumes Ulrich is there because of Xana. But the Lyoko Warriors knew Sissi gave Ulrich orders not Xana.
“I can't.” Ulrich gets his swords out. “I must defend the Tower at all costs.” The Xana symbol appear in Ulrich's eyes. “Triplicate!” Ulrich splits apart. “Destroy them.” Ulrich and his two clones attack.
“I don't think so!” Jim charges a clone with his shoulder down and tackles it. “Sonic Boom!” He fires a wave of energy at the clone and hits it but it isn't destroyed. “You're tougher then the other clones.”
“What makes you think I am a clone? Sissi's powers have made us all Ulrich Stern.”
“Xana's powers. Sissi may be your boss but that's where the power comes from.” Jim attacks the clone.
“Extend!” S.S. uses the power pole to trip a clone that was using a Super Sprint to dodge Yumi's fans. The clone tumbles and the fans hit it but don't destroy it. “Damn these are tougher then I thought they'd be.”
“Not that tough. Just keep hitting them and they will go away eventually.” Sanne watches knowing there was little she could do now. She had tried to use the program she made to attack Sissi but the group was in Sector 5 and she couldn't send it there.
“Go away!” Jeremie was guarding Aelita from the real Ulrich who uses his swords to block the lasers Jeremie fires.
“I can't I have to defend Tower at all costs!” Ulrich walks slowly towards Jeremie trying to give his friends time without disobeying his orders. Jeremie and Aelita are backed into a wall when Aelita decides she has to help. She concentrates and forms an energy orb in her hand. She throws it at Ulrich but he easily blocks it. Aelita now drops to her knees and starts to sing. Two cocoons surround the Ulrich clones leaving the real one left to fight the Lyoko Warriors.
“Hai!” Yumi throws her fans while Samantha starts to throw daggers. Ulrich blocks the fans and daggers and lasers but Jim's attack is one to many for Ulrich to block. He is knocked down and Jeremie pounds him with lasers. Ulrich starts getting up using his Xana powers when he is hit with an energy orb.
“My clones will still fight…” Ulrich devirtualizes back to Earth.
“Aelita get to the Tower!” Aelita was already running but it is too late. The clones break through the cocoons. “Extend!” S.S. knocks Aelita away as an Ulrich clone goes to attack.
“These aren't the real Ulrich they can't be that strong.” Yumi runs over to Samantha. “Give me a couple of daggers.”
“Ok.” Samantha creates two and gives them to Yumi.
“Thanks.” Yumi walks towards an Ulrich clone. “Ulrich stop this! I know you're following Sissi's orders but you can oppose them right? You'll only get hit with the shock collar thing she has on you.”
“I can't let myself get to weak. If Sissi ever orders me to kill you I will need all my strength to defy that order.” The clones' response stuns Yumi. This was why Ulrich didn't refuse orders? If Ulrich became to weak from fighting lower orders like defend a Tower he wouldn't be able to defy an order like kill a Lyoko Warrior?
“Why hasn't she yet?”
“I can't talk to you!” The shock collar begins to form around the clones' neck and Yumi takes this chance to attack. She throws her fans knowing the clone would be able to block them with his swords but then she throws the daggers. The daggers hit the clone in the chest destroying it.
“Just one to go.” Yumi turns around and sees three Ulrichs!
“We are not clones we are Ulrich Stern we have his powers!” The new Ulrich's attack the group.
“Mom how many life points do I have left?” Aelita is throwing energy orbs as fast as she can but was becoming tired.
“Ok.” Aelita looks around and decides best how to use her Creativity. “Jeremie protect me.” Aelita drops to her knees and begins to sing.
“We won't be trapped by cocoons like the last ones!” The three Ulrich's jump around to make it impossible for Aelita to trap them. She continues singing and a tunnel forms between her and the Tower! When she stops singing she gets up and runs into the tunnel. “Get back here!” The three Ulrich's go towards the tunnel but the Lyoko Warriors block the way.
Back on Earth Odd and Naomi kiss after having “fun” in his room and go to take showers to clean up. Odd turns the hot water on and stands under the spray whistling. Life was great for Odd Della Robbia.
“Tower deactivated.” The screens fall around Aelita. “Do we need to do a return to the past?”
“I don't think so.” The attack appeared to be modifying memories not a physical attack. “I'll bring you back then if one is needed I can launch one.” Sanne brings the Lyoko Warriors back to Earth. They take the elevator up to the Control Room.
“I can't believe we were able to beat Ulrich like that.” Samantha figured even if they were just clones the clones would be more then enough to defeat the Lyoko Warriors.
“I think he was letting us win.” S.S.'s comment gets to Yumi.
“No, he couldn't. Wouldn't that count as defying orders?” And that would mean the shock collar. It might have been a clone but what it said came from Ulrich. He had to follow orders so when Sissi gave him an order he couldn't follow, like kill Yumi or the other Lyoko Warriors he could defy and fight the order.
“He might not have given it his all.” Jeremie can't think of any reason why they beat Ulrich so easily.
“I think I know why it seemed so easy.” Everyone turns to Sanne. “I heard him say his orders were to defend the Tower. But you guys weren't going after the Tower, you weren't attacking the Tower. He didn't defy his orders he just interpreted his orders in a way to pretty much let you guys put out a red carpet for Aelita.”
“You call that a red carpet for Aelita?” Jim rubs his side where he had been hit with a sword. There was a long scar but no internal damage.
“Compared to what he could have done? Yes.”
Back at Kadic Academy Odd is curled up in a ball in the showers. When the Tower deactivated his new memories didn't go away but his old ones came back. He has two worlds in his mind, one where he was happy, carefree, and one where he was not. A world where his biggest worry was to not mix up dates and names of his girlfriends and a world where his biggest worry was not being killed. He knows why this happened, his friends deactivated the Tower. His friends took the paradise away. His friends took away a world where he wasn't always scared of an all powerful being killing him. He hates them for this.
“He won't answer his phone.” The gang had all tried to call Odd but he wouldn't, or couldn't, answer his phone. “Maybe Xana had a back up plan incase we deactivated the Tower.”
“Let me go to Kadic Academy, maybe he's asleep or something.”
“Ok S.S.” S.S. takes the elevator up and runs to the sewer entrance. She gets on her skateboard and takes off down the sewer pathway to Kadic Academy. When she gets to the school she sees Odd.
“Odd!” She runs over to him but he ignores her. “Odd?” He continues to ignore her. When he gets to Jeremie's room he closes the door behind him and locks it. “Odd open the door, please, are you ok?” S.S. knocks on the door but Odd doesn't open it.
“Bite me.” He lies down on the cot and stares at the ceiling. He feels bad for hating his friends. They couldn't possibly have known what it was like for him. They just knew they had to deactivate a Tower. They didn't know it would take him away from a world without danger.