Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ New Beginning ❯ Hidden Truth ( Chapter 2 )

[ A - All Readers ]

As soon as the computer was turned back on, the group headed to the control room. "Why are we here again?" Odd asked.
"Something weird is going on here and we've got to find out what." Yumi pointed out. "First all five of us have the same dream. How is that even possible?"
"Okay, head down to the scanner room." Jeremy said. "I've started the procedure and all of the scanners are ready."
When they ended up in the Ice sector, they found something very strange. "This area seems really familiar." Ulrick said.
"That's because we're standing where my dad saved me when William shoved me into the Digital Sea." Aelita pointed out. Then she notices something else.
"Yumi, move over there." She did what she was told.
"But why?"
"Isn't that where you where standing in the dream?" Aelita asked.
"Please tell me that I'm hearing things." Aelita said.
"Why? What's wrong?" Ulrick asked.
"I thought I heard my father's voice calling out to me. It could be an illusion." Aelita said.
"Aelita, you told us that there were no illusions on Lyoko." Yumi pointed out.
"That's right." Odd said.
"Aelita, it's a good thing you have your friends with you. Come to the Glacier Mountain right now. There isn't a lot of time."
Aelita nearly fell backwards. "Whoa, Princess!" Odd called out. "Are you okay?"
"My dad, I heard him tell me to go to the Glacier Mountain." Aelita said. "If I'm right, it should be in the middle of one of these ice tunnels."
The group followed her as they headed to the Glacier Mountain area.