Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ We Are Not Alone... ❯ The New Kids ( Chapter 1 )

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This is my first fan-fic so bear with me. On to the story! I may have changed a few things to suit my needs.
If you don’t like it then don’t read the rest.
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Chapter One
The New kids

It was a normal day at Kadiac Jr. High School. Odd was telling some corny jokes. Jeremy was playing solitaire. Ulrich was sitting quietly waiting for class to start. “Hey, Ulrich why did the blond fall off the cliff?” asked Odd. “I don’t know,” said Ulrich. “Because she saw a spider,” said Odd. Just then Mrs. Hertz walked in. “Good morning class. We have a new student, today. Her name is Serenity Kurata. Come in, please,” said Mrs. Hertz. A cute girl came in and said, “please call me Serena.” “Serenity please sit beside, hmmm. How about Jeremy.” Serena came and sat beside Jeremy. Now that she was closer he could see how she looked better. She had dark brown hair, that was damp. She had hazel eyes and light skin. She had light pink lips and a small nose. She was wearing a light jacket that was black over a pink halter-top. Her hair was braided, and she also wore a pair of blue jeans over black two inch high heals. Suddenly she looked over and noticed he was staring at her. She smiled and held out her hand and waited for him to shake it. “Hi,” he said while he shook her hand. “I’m Jeremy,” he said, “are you boarding here?” She giggled and said “yes I am.” “Students please settle down,” said Mrs. Hertz. “Serenity, the principal told me you were good at math. Today we’re going to have a math quiz. You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.” “It’s okay, I’ll take the quiz,” Serena said. “After the quiz you can tell us about yourself and where you come from,” said Mrs. Hertz. “Now, please clear off your desks.” Twenty minutes later all the tests were turned in. “Serenity now will you please tell us about yourself and where you came from,” said Mrs. Hertz. “Okay, I have a brother in the eighth grade. His name’s Mark. I also have a twin brother named Brian. He goes to a different seventh grade class then me. We’re all boarding here. I’m twelve right now. I came from a small town in Virginia in the United States,” said Serena. Ding-dong-- Students you are dismissed to lunch, said a voice over the intercom. All the kids started getting their stuff and headed for the door. When Serena went out the door she found out that Jeremy and the two boys who had sat behind them were waiting by the door. One had blond gelled up hair. The other had brown hair. “Hi I’m Odd,” said the blond, “this is Ulrich.” “Hey,” said the brown haired one. “These are my friends,” said Jeremy. “There’s one more in our group, but she’s in eighth,” said Odd. “Do you want to eat lunch with us?” asked Jeremy. “Sure,” Serena replied. “Our friend, Yumi, will join us soon,” said Ulrich. “Can my two brothers join us?” asked Serena. “Sure,” Odd said. Just then a boy their age who looked very much like Serena strode up. “Hey, Brian,” said Serena. “Hey, Sis,” the boy said. “This is my brother, Brian,” said Serena. Just then a black haired girl with a yellow hair band walked up. “Hi, Ulrich,” said the girl. “Hi Sissy,” he said. ”You shouldn’t hang around these losers, Serena,” said Sissy. She looked over and saw Brian. “Hi, what’s your name?” she asked. “I’m Brian, Serena’s brother,” Brian said. “Why don’t you sit with me, Brian?” asked Sissy. “Only if my sis wants to,” he said, looking at Serena. “I already got a place for us to sit, Brian,” said Serena. “Oh, well, but you’ll see how geeky they are,” said Sissy, walking away. “What’s her problem?” Brian asked. “Don’t listen to her. She thinks she’s the best person in the world,” said Odd. “Well let’s get to the lunchroom,” said Ulrich. When they got there a Japanese girl in black came over. “Hi guys,” she said. “Yumi, this is Serena and Brian. Serena’s in our class,” said Odd. “Hey, is a new guy named Mark, in your class?” Serena asked. “Yea, how did you know?” Yumi asked. “He’s our older brother,” Serena said, pointing at herself and Brian. “So when do you two have P.E.?” asked Jeremy. “I have it next,” said Brian. “I do to- oh no! I have to get my tennis shoes!” exclaimed Serena. “Serena, eat first, okay?” said Brian. “Oh- okay,” Serena grumbled. Soon they were done with their lunch. “How, in the world do you guys eat this slop every day?” asked Brian. “It gets better each day,” said Yumi. “Now, I’m going to go get my tennis shoes,” said Serena. “I’ll go with you,” said Odd, standing up. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” said Serena. “It’s ok, gives me more time to get to know you,” said Odd. Serena and Odd started walking to the dorms. “So which one is yours?” asked Odd. “We’re getting close. Ah, here it is,” said Serena. They came to a room and Serena got out her key. “I locked it,” said Serena, laughing. “Do you and your brothers share a room?” asked Odd. “Here’s my shoes. Oh and no my brothers and I don’t share this room,” said Serena. “Let’s go back,” said Odd. “Won’t lunch be over soon?” Serena asked. “Yes, but we can talk to our friends,” said Odd, while they started down the hall. “So, where’s your room?” asked Serena. “Oh my god, Ulrich’s and my room is right beside yours!” he exclaimed. While Serena and Odd were talking some sparks came from an electric socket. Some smoke started to rise and soon a small fire started. A dark shadow in the fire formed a sign. Suddenly Odd and Serena smelled smoke. “Where’s that smoke coming from?” asked Serena. They looked down the hall and saw the flame! “We have to pull down a fire-,” said Odd. “No need,” Serena said, “I can put the fire out.” Something in the fire caught Odd’s eye. It was XANA’s sign! “How can you put out the fire?” asked Odd. “Quiet, and can you hold these?” asked Serena, while handing him her shoes. “Sure, but why?” asked Odd. Serena closed her eyes. ‘Now what will stop the fire, water or wind,’ Serena thought. ‘How about both,’ she thought. Serena opened her eyes and water and wind started gathering around her. The water and wind created a water tornado with Serena in the center. The water tornado went away from Serena and on the fire. The fire went out immediately as the water tornado dissipated. During this Odd’s eyes were bugging out. When Serena stumbled Odd caught her. “Thank you,” she said weakly. “Did it burn anything?” she asked. Odd went over to where the fire had been. Surprisingly only the electric sockets were ruined. “Ok, what just happened?” Odd asked. “I have magic, Odd. Weather magic. I control some of water, lightning, wind, fire, and ground,” said Serena. “I must be dreamin’,” said Odd. “This is no dream,” said Serena. “Well, can I tell anyone?” asked Odd. “I don’t know,” said Serena, with a troubled face. “Do your brothers know?” asked Odd. ”Yes, Brian has a magical way with plants and Mark has a way with carpentry and metal smiting,” said Serena. She started fishing something from underneath her shirt. “Here it is ,” she said while holding up a medallion. “This is my medallion of authenticity to being a mage. Both Brian and Mark have one each, too,” said Serena. It had a drop of water, a bolt of lightning, a flame, a tornado, and a split in the ground with rocks falling. She put the medallion back under her shirt. “Well, since you told me one of your secrets, I might as well ask my friends if I could tell you and your brothers one of our secrets,” said Odd. “Okay,” said Serena. “We should get to class,” said Odd. Odd started down the hall again. He looked back when he realized she wasn’t following. She was leaning against the wall. She pulled one small concealed braid from her big braid. She undid two small ringlets from it and then after a few seconds later she redid the braid and started down the hall after Odd. “What were you doing?” asked Odd. “My braids are my mage kit. I have 10 concealed braids. 2 for each one of my magics. I undid a bit of one of my lightning braids,” answered Serena. They stopped talking when they got to the gym doors. Jim came over and said, ”you’re Serena right?” Serena nodded. “Ok, the girl’s locker room is over there and here’s your lock. The combination for it is 24-26-0.” Serena nodded and went to the girls locker room. She put her gym suit on and locked her clothes in a locker along with the 2-inch heels. She went out of the locker room. Odd was talking to Jeremy and Ulrich. She heard Jeremy say something about a factory. She went over to her brother. “What happened?” he asked. “There was a small fire,” said Serena. “And you used your magic to put it out,” he said angrily. Outside some plants grew a few inches. “Brian, control,” she snapped. He closed his eyes and got a control on his anger. He opened his eyes and before he said anything, Jim called them together, “ok students today we’re going to play soccer. So when I call your name come up here and get a ball and partner up with someone.” Jeremy partnered up with Brian. Odd with Ulrich and Serena with Sissy. “You better not kick it to hard,” said Sissy. “Don’t worry, I’m not good at sports,” said Serena. They started heading outside. Odd came over and said, “Serena I need to talk to you.” Serena and Odd walked a little away from everyone. “After class get Brian and try to find us, okay?” asked Odd. “Okay,” she said. Soon after class was over she got dressed and headed toward the door, but Sissy blocked the way. “What were you and Odd talking about?” she asked. “Nothing, just a few boring comments about something,” said Serena. Sissy moved and Serena escaped through the door. Serena found Brian and looked for Odd and his friends. She finally found them. They started walking towards some trees. “Where are we going?” Brian asked. “You’ll see,” said Ulrich. “Yumi and Mark are going to meet us soon,” said Jeremy. They came to a sewer opening. “Come on,” said Odd, opening up the hatch. Jeremy, Ulrich, and Brian went down. “Come on, Serena,” said Odd. Serena went down and Odd followed her. “Come on, you can ride my skateboard,” said Odd. “No thanks, I’ll run,” she said. When they got to another sewer hatch Odd said, “You kept up well, but at gym you were running slower.” “That’s because I didn’t want to show all my strengths,” replied Serena. They climbed up the ladder below the hatch. In front of them stood a big, old, factory.

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