Count Cain Fan Fiction ❯ Sunday's Solomon Grandy ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

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Author’s Note: This fan-fic idea was taken from the short story, Sunday’s Solomon Grandy, from Count Cain: God Child Book 5. Both the prologue and the epilogue will be actual story Kaori Yuki drew and made up while the chapters will be my idea of the whole detailed story. I went through all 70 and more stories of Count Cain on this site and I’m pretty sure no one has this idea. So this is my own little unique fan-fic! (Unless someone posted something similar after I checked…which I doubt) Enjoy!   Sunday’s Solomon Grandy By Kaji no Tenshi   Prologue           &n bsp;     “Yes, this is a very tragic story.”           & nbsp; Solomon Grandy was born on Monday,       &nbs p;            & nbsp;    Baptized on Tuesday,       &nbs p;            & nbsp;    Married on Wednesday,       &nbs p;            & nbsp;    Became ill on Thursday,       &nbs p;            & nbsp;    Worsened on Friday,       &nbs p;            & nbsp;    Died on Saturday.       &nbs p;     On Sunday…          &nb sp;  “I knew a person. He was just like this rhyme; he lived for one week then died. It really is a pitiful story. No, the one who is pitiful would probably be the one who married him on Wednesday, the newlywed bride who was left all alone in the world.”           & nbsp; The train moved on as a young woman dressed in black sat in one of the cabins. The well-dressed man opposite of her said, “You have sparked my interest, miss. If possible, please tell me the tragic tale of Solomon Grandy, so I can be part of my memory of this trip.” His eyes were emotionless, staring across the seat. “Especially told by a young woman holding a doll, wearing a set of beautiful mourning clothes. It will definitely make it more interesting, making the boring scenery livelier.”             Breathing heavily, the woman clutched her beautiful doll. “Solomon Grandy’s wife was born in a remote village, into the family of a doll-maker. Her name was Lucy. Since she has heart problems, she needs to eat medicine each day to prolong her life…everyday needs to be spent indoors at home.” She took a bottle out and unscrewed the cap. She continued to speak as she took out some pills. “She didn’t feel joy because of being alone, every day, she only knew how to make dolls in the dark.” Quickly, the female swallowed her pills. She sighed in relief as she clutched her doll, even harder. The man watched in silent, waiting for her to continue.             “Then on Sunday, she met her destined fate. That young man’s head was bleeding, stumbling, walking unsteadily into the garden. After, she found out that he had encountered burglars, all of his possessions stolen. The man lost all his memories. Yes, he forgot his name, past and everything else. The only clue was the sapphire ring that he held tightly in his hands. The ring showed his different in background and status from the girl. Also, on the back of his hand was a cross-like scar made by the burglars.”          &nbs p;  ‘I would never imagine that being unable to remember who I am would make me this uncomfortable. Even so, you cannot allow a man like me to stay at home forever.’       &nbs p;     ‘It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember. You were reborn this Monday. After is the real beginning of your life.’ The woman held his hand as she said this.       &nbs p;     “The young woman named him ‘Alistair’. They were both attracted to each other, days were spent together happily.”            ;  Staring at the ring on his finger, the woman said, ‘Alistair, I feel very uncomfortable once I see this ring. From this, I can see that you are a rich man from somewhere. I’m so afraid that one day you’ll leave me when you remember everything’       &nbs p;     Holding the girl in his arms, he promised, ‘For the happiness of you and me, let’s seal this ring! So that we can be together forever, so that this promise will never be broken. This way, the ring will be the crystal of our love…’       &nbs p;     “They thought that those happy days would continue till the end...but…”         &nb sp;   ‘Alistair, what’s wrong? Are you okay?’       &nbs p;     ‘My head, my head hurts…My head…’ He stumbled, crushing into the shelf on the wall.       &nbs p;     ‘Alistair!’       &nbs p;     The young woman stared through the black veil, covering her face. “Solomon Grandy who was born on Monday, left the bride he married on Wednesday…and died after living for six days.”