Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Igor's Daughter.

This story is set after Be Careful What you Wish For.

Characters (except for Vivian) (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story, Vivian (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn Prologue

Transylvania, home of the most horrid vampire of them all: Count Duckula! As the thunderstorm made its presence known, the vampire duck's faithful butler Igor decided to search through his spell books for a new spell to try on his master. What would it have in store for the Nanny and the Count of the castle?

Igor mumbled to himself as he paged through of the thick spell books. He haven't found a spell that he had yet to use on Count Duckula to transform into a proper vampire. As the elderly butler slammed the book onto the tall tower of similar books on the floor, it made one of the books fall down onto the ground. Igor's eyes widened when he noticed which book it was: one of the books his late father had given to him.

The vulture picked the spell-book up with as much gentleness as he could. He paged through the book until he spotted something that caught his eye.
"Homunculus." Igor read the title of the chapter out loud; then read the rest of the topic under his breath.
"Homunculus: a being created by means of magic. They are soulless beings and the answer to immortality to many. Not only are they a young body for a sorcerer's soul to use when their original body dies, they are also their protectors and servants."

Igor sat down on his chair and continued to read.
"But, a sorcerer can only create homunculus when they are too old to bear any children. If they create one when they could still bear children, their new body would be the opposite of their gender and look as if they could be their child instead." Igor's eyes widened as the words sinked in.

"But, the homunculus do have several weaknesses that one must watch out for:

1) They are weak to anything that purify dark magic

2) They are weak to silver

3) They are extremely protective of their Masters. If they sense someone hates their Master, they are willing to kill.

4) If they had died and one would bring them back to life, their personality would transform. If their Master became much more evil, they would be very cynical and sarcastic. They would also gain memories and knowledge from their Master as well. They would also gain emotions. But, they would experience great pain and would believe that they can get rid of the pain by hurting their Master.

5) If their Master had said something to upset the homunculus before they had died, the soulless would hold a severe grudge and would be willing to kill their Master. The Master must then let their blood and the homunculus mix so that this would be solved.

6) They are unable to bear children."

Igor sighed in heaviness as he remembered when his father passed away in his sleep when the butler was only five years old. Igor developed an extreme phobia for death, and even refused to sleep since he believed he would also die like his dad. To ease his fears, his older siblings told him stories about how dark magic can help one gain immortality. But, those stories made Igor become so obsessed about gaining immortality that nothing else mattered...

Igor's thoughts were interrupted when he suddenly realized why he became interested about homunculus. The vulture reached for the nearest bookshelf and grabbed hold of a corked drinking jug. Igor grinned with sinister intent as he realized that the content in this jug could also be a great help in his quest to transform the young master into a true vampire.

The vulture stalked to his dungeon (and made sure he didn't wake the young master up) and he searched until he found an outfit that was a smaller version of his Igorth outfit. He asked Nanny to fix the outfit when he noticed the damaged top. He then got a knife from the kitchen.

As the night became older, I fear I must bid ye farewell.

To be continued...