Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn ❯ Chapter 2

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Igor's Daughter.

This story is set after Be Careful What you Wish For.

Characters (except for Vivian) (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story, Vivian (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn part 1

Transylvania, home of the most horrid vampire of them all: Count Duckula! As the thunderstorm made its presence known, the vampire duck's faithful butler Igor readied himself for his latest spell. What would it have in store for the Nanny and the Count of the castle?

*Meanwhile inside the living room*

Nanny hummed to herself as she stitched the brown pants and shirt Igor had asked her to fix earlier that morning. They were torn, stretched and didn't seem to be washed for centuries. The hen also noticed that these clothes were more likely to fit onto a small child than the elderly butler. The housemaid dug through her sling until she found some brown fabric. Nanny then used the fabric to make the clothes several sizes larger than what it was.

"Nanny, are you finished yet with the brown pants and shirt I had asked you to fix earlier this morning?" Igor asked as he entered the living room.
"Oh yes I have, Mr. Igor. I even made it much bigger so that it can fit on you. Your pants and shirt must've shrunk in the wash." Nanny smiled as she lifted the shirt high enough for the vulture to see.
"But Nanny, they are not for me, they're--oh never mind, it's too late now." Igor groaned as he smothered his face with his hands. After he sighed in defeat, he grabbed hold of the shirt and pants. As he held the shirt against himself, he noticed that they would still be too small for him. They were now more likely to fit a young adult.

"Mr. Igor, aren't those clothes the ones you have worn when you and I have served the first Master?" Nanny clucked as she pointed at the garments.
"Oh no, they aren't, Nanny."
"But, I could've sworn--"
"No Nanny, they are not. They are--oh never mind. Thank you for the help, Nanny." Igor grumbled under his breath as he turned his heel to leave.
"You're welcome, Mr. Igor." Nanny beamed as she watched the elderly butler leave the living room.

*Much later, in an unknown chamber in Castle Duckula*

Igor drew a red circle onto the floor, then placed several candles around the circle and lit them up one by one. He then took a small drinking jug from his jacket's pocket and uncorked it. He poured the contents in the middle of the circle. After the last grain of ash fell in the middle of the circle, Igor took the kitchen knife and started to chant the spell as he made a huge gash on the palm of his hand. He watched as the red liquid dripped onto the ashes. The vulture's eyes lit up with hope as the ash and flames of the candle changed from a shocking shade of pink, then faded into a despressing shade of black. The ashes became crust-like as it absorbed the droplits of blood as if it were a sponge. Moments later, it became clay-like.

"Rise, child of my Dark Heart! Rise, Vivian the Soulless." Igor chanted on top of his lungs. The clay did what it was told and slowly moulded into the shape it's supposed to take.

*Meanwhile inside Count Duckula's bedroom*

Count Duckula shot out from bed the moment he had heard Igor's shouts.
"What was that about?!" the mallard quacked in confusion, then frowned as the thought of his butler using dark magic again to try and make him a proper vampire. The mallard shot out of bed; and after he quickly got dressed, he teleported himself where he believed his butler would be.


Igor's eyes lit up as he watched the clay tried to mould into its rightful shape. The clay absorbed the clothes and shoes the vulture had placed onto the floor. The butler frowned when he noticed the clay suddenly changed its shape it had at the last moment. The clay grew until was up to Igor's shoulder in height. The vulture was also amazed when the clay glowed ebony black as it rapidly moulded itself. He watched in amazement as he noticed the clay took the shape of a White-Headed vulture female that's in her early twenties, instead that of the eight-year old girl it was supposed to be. He didn't even notice Count Duckula hadteleported himself right next to him.

When it was satisfied with its new shape, the clay stopped with its ebony-black glow. Count Duckula gasped in shock at the sight before him. It was a White-Headed Vulture female that looked as if she's in her early twenties. Her waist-length ebony hair also had blood-red streaks. She also wore the same outfit Igorth had worn as well. Count Duckula shuddered as he felt the creepy and dark aura the woman had. Her eyes were also cold, dull and soulless. But what really shocked the mallard would be the fact that this woman had somehow reminded him of Igor.

Count Duckula gazed at his faithful butler, and then back at the young woman.
"Igor, who is this?" Duckula demanded after he had finally found his voice.
"M'Lord, this is Vivian the Soulless. She is, in a sense, my daughter."

As the villagers quaked in fear as haunting screams echoed from the castle, I fear I must bid ye farewell...for now.

To be continued...