Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn ❯ Chapter 3

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Igor's Daughter.

This story is set after Be Careful What you Wish For.

Characters (except for Vivian) (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story, Vivian (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn part 2

Castle Duckula, home of the ferocious vampire mallards of lore: Count Duckula. The walls of the castle shook as its Master's screams of terror were enough to wake the dead!

*Meanwhile inside the main halls of the castle*

"--and then I realized that maybe it's for the best if I resurrect her, since we always needed extra help around the castle." Igor explained to the confused Count Duckula. The female vulture, Vivian the Soulless, looked just as confused as the mallard.
"If I may ask, who are you? And, where is my Master Igorth?" Vivian stated firmly. Count Duckula cringed when he noticed that despite having a bit of a soft voice, the vulture's voice sounded hollow and had a hint of darkness in it. It also seemed that the woman's eyes flashed in anger for a moment while she waited for Igor to answer.

"Ah, I thought you would've asked that, my dear child. I am Igorth, but I am now known as Igor."
"But, you look so old."
"Ah, but there's a simple explanation for that! Several centuries had passed since you had...passed away."
"If that's the case, how come you're still alive?"
"That is because I am immortal. Since I used my blood to resurrect you, you too have immortality." Igor exclaimed with extreme pride.
"Oh." Vivian exclaimed as she finally understood everything. She quickly gave a dirty look at the short mallard. Why is her father still working for Count Lamian?

"Come Vivian, let me introduce you to Nanny." Igor stated as he wrapped his arm around his child's shoulder and lead her to where he believed the hen was. Count Duckula followed them at a safe distance as he didn't like the looks the lady gave him.

*Much later*

Nanny was quite thrilled when she had met Vivian; and the female vulture was likewise. The woman seemed much more friendly and calm around Nanny. She even wanted to be Nanny's assistant; and Nanny agreed that she could help her with the various chores. Nanny ignored Igor when he tried to tell her that the young vulture is quite bad at housework.

*Much later*

Count Duckula was completely bored. Igor showed his daughter the portraits of all of the mallard's ancestors, and told her their history. The vulture wanted Count DUckula to be there so that he could, hopefully, make Count Duckula finally appreciate his ancestery. But, that didn't work out so well for the butler. Count Duckula almost fell asleep on his feet while the butler droned on about each of the vampires. To his luck, Vivian looked just as bored as him. But, her eyes lit up everytime her father mentioned torture techniques the vampires had used. In the end, Igor's lecture changed from the Duckula family to that of torture. When he saw his chance, Count Duckula made a break for it and teleported into the kitchen; and made himself a sandwich. He chuckled himself when he realized that since Igor finally had someone that's also interested in the dark and eerie like him, he might not even pester him anymore since he'll be too busy sharing his interests with his daughter. That would be great, indeed! NO more stupid lectures from Igor and his stupid attempts to transform him into a proper vampire.

*Dinner time*

Count Duckula, Igor and Nanny sat around the dining table as Nanny served dinner. She served Duckula a plate of mixed vegetables and mash potatoes and poured him some orange juice. Igor served himself the finest steak and a glass of blood. Vivian looked around the table as she seemed to search for something. She didn't touch her steak at all.
"Nanny, do you have grape juice?" the young vulture asked sweetly.
"Oh yes I have, dearie. Let me it for you." Nanny clucked as she dug through her sling for the carton she's certain she had stored there.

"Thanks, Nanny." the brunette smiled. Her smile became more wide when she noticed a bottle of BBQ sauce that the hen had tossed out of the sling while she had searched for the beverage.
She grabbed hold of the bottle and almost drowned her steak with the sauce. Instead of using the utensils, Vivian grabbed hold of the meat with her bare hands and gobbled the meat up.
"Ooh, zhis ish dhe bhwest." the brunette exclaimed happily, not caring that she looked like a chipmunk that stored so many nuts in its cheeks. After she swallowed her food down, she grabbed hold of the carton of grape juice that's in Nanny's hand and gulped the contents down with one large gulp.
"Thanks Nanny, your food's the best!" the vulture exclaimed.

"I'll take it that isn't normal behaviour for her, right." Duckula whispered in Igor's ear when he noticed the butler seemed a bit confused about the female vulture's choice of drink.
"Oh no, M'Lord, it is not. I do remember vaguely Vivian's passion for grape juice and steaks."
"Heheh. Isn't it funny that your daughter doesn't share your fondness for blood?" Duckula chuckled under his breath. Igor returned the chuckle.
"Ah, but she does share my fondness for bloodshed, mayhem, steak and many other activities I used to share with your forefathers."

The mallard frowned as Igor's words sunk in. He crossed his arms close to his chest and muttered under his breath his thoughts.
"If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you simply resurrected Vivian so that you have someone that can understand your tastes; and maybe have extra help to turn me into a proper vampire..."

As the mallard's pondered whether or not his thoughts were true, I fear I bid ye farewell for the moment.

To be continued...