Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn ❯ Chapter 4

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Igor's Daughter.

This story is set after Be Careful What you Wish For.

Characters (except for Vivian) (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story, Vivian (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Igor's Daughter 2: The Undead Reborn part 3

Several weeks had passed since the day Vivian the Soulless was resurrected. During those weeks, Igor and Count Duckula noticed that the brunette seemed to prefer Nanny's company than the company of the two male fowls. They also cringed whenever Vivian helped the hen with the housework. The damage caused by Nanny's cleaning had doubled since she now had someone to help with the breaking. To make matters worse, Nanny told Vivian to not worry about the damage she'd caused, because no one seemed to mind when she broke everything.

The male fowls also noticed that Vivian seemed to have a bit of a grudge when it came to her father. Igor didn't understand why, but it didn't stop him from being curious. The young vulture also seemed to hate Count Duckula with every fibre of her being. Igor explained that it might be because the young mallard reminded the woman a bit too much of Count Lamian. He also explained that although he had told Vivian that Count Duckula and Count Lamian were not one and the same, his daughter still didn't believe him.

Count Duckula reasoned with himself that he has nothing to worry about; he's only scared of the young woman because of her aura and her cold stare. If he avoided the vulture, then there would be no problems for him at all. Oh, how wrong he was...

Several days later, Count Duckula was taken aback at the sight before him when he entered the living room. Vivian sat on the couch with a sewing kit on her lap, and had something green that she held in her hand. On the floor by her feet was a tiny piece of yellow fabric. There was also long strings of black wool; and black buttons on the seat next to the young vulture. The mallard watched as the vulture stitched the green thing like a professional. After she was done, she picked up the yellow fabric from off the floor and stitched it onto the green thing she held in her hand. After she was done, she used the long black wool and attached it to the round part of the green object. Duckula's eyes widened when he realized that she had made a voodoo doll of himself. The mallard teleported himself out of the room and confronted Igor about it. The butler explained that this sort of behaviour was normal for his daughter. Count Duckula's frown deepened when he realized his so-called faithful butler didn't seem that concerned.

The next day, Count Duckula gagged in shock when he noticed Vivian had also made a voodoo doll of Igor. For someone that's supposed to be be Igor's faithful servant and child, she sure didn't act like one...

*Later that day*

Nanny had cooked dinner while Vivian helped her. When the hen didn't stare at her direction, the vulture took the green voodoo doll that was tucked under her shirt; and squeezed it into the meat-grinder and turned the handle. The young woman cackled in sadistic glee as the doll was torn into itsy-bitsy shreds. The young count, who had seen the scene from where he was hiding under the table (to spy on the women, mind you), paled in shock. While the curse didn't work since he wasn't the fowl she had cursed, what if that lady did that to Igor's voodoo doll? He would need someone's help to stop the mad vulture, but Igor and Nanny were out of the question. Duckula's face lit up when he figured out who would be the perfect person to help him in his cause. His face dimmed again after he remembered that Goosewing had retired; and that it wasn't likely that the gander would try and stop Vivian if she's not a vampire.

*Much later that night*

"No, please stop the pain! It hurts so much!" Vivian sobbed as she tossed and turned in her sleep. When the nightmares and pain were too much for the poor woman, she forced her eyes open. She panted heavily as she tried to calm herself down. She glared at the Igor voodoo doll with all the hate she held in her heart.

"To stop the pain I had ever since I was killed in my previous life, I must hurt my Daddy. He must've cursed me when he told me he loved me like someone would a pet project; and if I show Daddy how much I am hurting, he'll reverse the spell. Why else would I feel like this?" Vivian sighed in despair as she held the voodoo doll of Igor in her hands.

As the werewolves and other children of the night played in the shadow, I fear I must bid ye farewell; for the moment.

To be continued...