Count Duckula Fan Fiction ❯ Vegetarian ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Duckula fan-fic.

This little ficlet is a what-if type of story

Characters (c) Cosgrove Hall
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^


Count Duckula tossed and turned in his bed as the nightmare became worse and worse. When the horrific dream became too much, the mallard forced his eyes open so that the dream would stop. The mallard panted in exhaustion and fear. He sighed in relief when it noticed that he was still in his bedroom, and no longer in his nightmare.

No, he reminded himself, that wasn't something that his mind had crafted, it was real. That dream, as well as many he had dreamt before, were all real. They were memories. Memories of the bloodshed, mayhem and chaos he had committed when he was his forefathers.

The mallard couldn't help but shiver when he realized how real those dreams felt. He remembered how the ground felt under his webbed feet, how cold the night was, how it felt when his fangs--No, he refused to remember that. What really shook the young count to the core would have to be the frightened face of each of his victims. If it wasn't evident of their face, then their fear would be evident in their eyes.

Those memories were the reason why he decided to be a vegetarian ever since the day he was resurrected. The moment he had opend his eyes when Igor had resurrected him, memories of his past crime had tortured his conscience. He wouldn't be able to swallow any meat without feeling ill as it would remind him of when he had consumed his enemies. He refused to drink any blood as that too made him ill. The mallard also refused to use all his powers as it reminded him of his true heritage. Igor made an assumption that the ritual had transformed him into a vegetarian vampire instead.

He hoped Igor would never find out that what the ketchup messed up in the ritual would be the fact that he had all memories of his past crimes, and gained a conscience...

The End