Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Poisoned Minds ❯ Julia ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Silver does not love me. He loves whom I resemble. Gold was never really bead. She lives on as a part of me. But I am not Gold!

Trembling Ashina stumbled down the alley. Her frustration growing from her mindless walking for what had seemed hours. Avoiding the main street had been easy, but not the scum that live in the back alleys. The endless maze continuously twisted from familiar to foreign pathways.
Twice she had been attacked, and twice she had fought and walked away the victory. She knew she was running low on time, and that she'd soon be unable to walk at all. She was forced to keep her hand on the wall to balance her as she kept moving forward. Ignoring her body's constant complaint with each step.
She had accused Spike, and he had not even attempted to defend, or excuse himself. Vicious, on the other hand, had admitted to doing wrong before; Spike had blamed it all on Vicious. Did it mean her creator was trying to cover-up his mistakes but killing Spike?
Footsteps sound behind her yanking her out of her thoughts, and put her on the defense. They were rushed and uneven as they came closer, and she struggled to listen praying they'd turn away. Too weak to fight or flee she found herself an easy target for anyone. It took forever, and then the owner of the sounds burst around the corner; Vicious.
“Ashina!” His voice sounded relieved as he drew her to him, and crushed her against his body. Quickly her scooped her up as if she weighed nothing and headed back the way he came at a quicker pace than she believe possible.
“You were worried about me?”
“Of course you idiot!” He motioned to a Taxi, and quickly put her in beside him before giving instructions to his place. “I was worried that you'd crashed when you hadn't returned this morning.”
“Thank you.” Vicious looked down at her as he pulled her laptop out of bag at his feet. “Thank you for loving me.”
His eyes narrowed as he inserted a USB cord to the port in the back of her neck, and flicked open the screen. “Don't thank me yet.”
“Can I help you sir?” Asked the laptop curiously.
“Download her data and purge the system. I have a replacement body for her that should be more appropriate.”
The computer flashed as Ashina's body beside him jumped slightly before her breathing stopped. Her body sat motionless as he scanned through the files downloaded from her memory.

It's warm again? Ashina thought quietly to herself. And I'm light again! Giggling she spun around in the confined space of her liquid cylinder.
“Be careful!” Snapped Vicious causing her to open her eyes in surprise. “How do you feel?”
Much better! She thought and watched as the computer screen on the tank typed it up for Vicious to read. Thank you taking away the pain.
She felt the water start to drain and knelt down on the bottom of the tank. The glass lifted from around her leaving her to shiver in the cold air before Vicious helped her into the wool robe.
“Why?” Her voice was weak as she looked up to him with the curiosity of a child.
“Why what?” He smiled down her as he ran his fingers down the side of her face gently.
“Why me? Why forgive me when I fail? Why don't you ever get mad? How is it you raise such a gentle hand to me, and a harsh one to so many others?” Ashina looked up to him realizing she was on the verge of tears. “Why do I look like this? Why do I resemble Julia?”
Vicious jerked back as the tone of her voice as if she'd slapped him. “Is it not enough I love you for who you are?”
“Love?” Momentarily caught off guard Vicious took the chance to gently kiss her, but she quickly pushed him away and did slap him across the face. He stepped back in surprise tenderly rubbing his reddening cheek. “Don't you ever touch me again without permission!”
“Ashina?” He barely got the word out to stop her at the door. “I'm sorry.”
“I'll do as you ask of me, but don't you dare touch me!” With that she turned, and left for her room. She need time to think, and she needed it alone.