Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ A Ill Bearing Messanger ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
Outside the Moonshine
She couldn't move. Although if she didn't she knew that Mahiru would probably die if she didn't but at the thought of coming into the demons household to lure them into a trap was just too wrong. Subconciouly her hand brushed against her cheek where Hokuto had punched her.
`But he lives in there…' She thought as she made her way up to the night club `I don't want to do this… but I have to.'
Inside the Moonshine
Akira sighed. This had gotten into a very annoying routine. Everyone would be in a bad mood. Mitsuru would say something stupid. Misoka would hiss evil words and try to hurt him. Akira would try to break up the fight with the help of Nozomu. Mitsuru would give up and say that this was pointless and leave to his room and not come out for a couple of hours. Every time Mitsuru came out of his room he would look as if he hadn't slept in years and would steadily get worse. He would eat. Say something stupid as to why everyone looked as if they had risen from the dead and the cyle would start over again.
What was even more annoying is that none of them had sleft for a week and counting, (A/N: They're demons, remember! I think that demons could do that don't you?) and so this cycle happened at 2:30 am and 2:30 pm. Now seemed that it was one of the times the cycle had started because Mitsuru had just emerged into where everyone was sitting.
`Great, this will be fun!' Akira thought sarcastically.
Mitsuru walked into the kitchen and walked out with an energy drink. How many of those had everyone had in the past week? Tonnes, was all anyone could come up with.
“Well…” Mitsuru started off.
`Here we go…' thought Akira.
“Looks like the Lunar race is going to die, with or without the `Princess'…” He trailed off.
`5… 4… 3… 2… 1… go…' Akira thought.
“Mitsuru! Damnit keep your mouth shut! You are such a complete idiot!! She would be here if you had been on time, may I remind you!!!” Misoka bellowed while launching himself at Mitsuru, but slowed down when Nozomu stepped in his way and as Akira grabbed his arms.
“Now is not the time! Misoka. You should know this more than anyone else!” Nozomu yelled.
`Tasukata…saved by the doorbell! But who would be here at 1:45 in the morning?' Nozomu thought as Akira let go of Misoka to open the door.
When Akira opened the door, he nearly cried out in surprize. There infront of him stood Himura Keiko. His first crush. And the fiancee of the `Dawns Venus'.
“Keiko…” He whispered “What are you doing here?”
“I came to give… to give you a…” That was all she got out as she passed out from running all the way from Hokuto's `Secret Hide-out' to the `Moonshine' and also from her lack of sleep.
Akira carried her inside and into a spare room beside Mahiru's and on the way he could only think of how this could only bring bad things along with her arrival.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
oooooo… a dream!
`Oniisan Hokuto?! Oniisan?! Where are you? (dokunanon?)'
`Keiko? What are you doing up at this time of night?'
She giggled `Oniisan, you were making a lot of noise…' her voice trailed off as her smile faded. `Oniisan… who is that girl?'
Hokuto's smile faded as well `Umn… Keiko this is Amaya, Amaya this is my ten year old imouto Keiko…'
`Amaya…' Keiko said under her breath.
`Yes… she is my girlfriend…' Hokuto looked away from her.
Keiko's eyes went wide as two things dawned on her. 1: Hokuto was engaged to her, and 2: She reconized this exact happening from one of her dreams.
`Keiko? Are you all right' Amaya walked towards her as Keiko's face paled.
`No! Stay away from me!' Keiko screamed `Theres no way you can be real! This has to be that dream again! None of this is real!'
End o dream!
Keiko awoke with a start as she heard her door open loudly as Akira ran through the door way.
“Keiko? Are you alright!” Akira said as he ran towards the sweat drenched girl.
All of a sudden Keiko burst out into tears… she hadn't thought it would be that hard to see him again.
“No… I'm not alright. I knew I wouldn't be but I had to come here anyways.” She chocked out through her sobs.
Akira sat on her bed and hugged her close to him and relaxed as she put her arms around him. “Whats wrong?” He whispered.
“I-I… I had a dream about the day I reilized I was phycic… it was also the day that I found out that Hokuto had a girlfriend, even though we were engaged!”
“Ssshhh… It's alright just calm down. Right now he's not here and I promise I'll make him pay for everything that he's done to you…” Akira tried to sooth her.
“Huh!” Keiko lifted her head quickly and their gases locked.
Time seemed to slow as the their eyes continued to stay locked and nither of them seemed want to break it. Suddenly they both met each others lips in a passionate kiss both of them would never forget.