Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ A Death ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
Recap of last time:
Flash Back
“Nande? Nande Mitsuru? Why do you hate me? Aishiteru Mitsuru, so why can't you see that? Why do you continue to hurt me, ither with words or this time…”
End of Flash Back
`How could I have been so stupid…? I am a fool who can't see through the darkness…'
“Someone is going to die!” shouted Keiko.
Keiko's Vision
Blood. Saddness. Tears. Torn hearts. Death. Moon. Dawn.
An arrow shot from the right into darkness.
Blood. Saddness. Tears. Torn hearts. Death. Moon. Dawn.
“NO! No! no! no! no! no! no! YOU CAN'T GO! Go! go! go! go! go! go!
“Stupid! YOU CAN'T BRING IT BACK! BACk! BAck! Back! back! back! back! back! back!
Blood splashed and choking. Death with no return.
No more. Gone. Death. Blood. Light out. Tears. Saddness. Moon or Dawn?
End of Keiko's Vision
“No…” breathed Mahiru as an arrow shot from the right straight towards her.
Recap over
Accual story begins here:
The world moved in slow motion.
Everyone stoped dead in their tracks.
An arrow glistening in the dim light.
A Princess's sream echoing in everyones ears.
“Help!” Mahiru screamed.
“Mahiru!” yelled Mitsuru. He was too far away from her. He wouldn't be able to get to her in time and the arrow was made to cut through his winds. `No!' He screamed inside his head
Mahiru stared in fear as the aprotching arrow gleamed with malace, almost as if it was smirking with joy to be her end.
Everything went white as a huge blast of wind and pink light surrounded Mahiru until all anyone could see was her silhoet.
………… Silence …………
“kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa!”
Than A Scream Dieing Out
Light Dulling
A Figure Falling
Yet A Figure Standing
“Mahiru!” Nozomu and Akira yelled as they ran towards her.
“Mahiru!” Keiko yelled.
Mitsuru could only stare since his legs refused to move.
Mahiru's eyes went wide with fear as the pink coloured light surrounded he with a firce wind. Everything was happening so fast that it was hard to think that all of this happened in a mere few seconds.
Nani?” she gasped as a black shadow crossed in front of her and put its arms around her to protet her from the arrow.
Hime-sama! Brace yourself!”
“kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa!”
The arrow tore through the figures back and scraped her waist but didn't damage her too badly. The light began to fade as she felt something warm slide down her cheek and drip off her chin. She felt the figure shudder and let her go so she looked up.
Her world froze… she couldn't even hear her friends calling her name as she reilized who her savoir was.
“Misoka-san” she wispered as he smirked and fell to the ground.
“Hime-sama” he breathed.
Her scream echoed off the walls of the abandoned werehouse.
Akira and Nozomu gasped and ran faster towards their fallen leader and their princess.
“Misoka-san! Daijoubu? Misoka-san! Misoka-san say something!” Mahiru grabbed his hand and yelled while her tears spilled down her face.
Hime…-sama…” he breathed.
“Hai!” she whispered.
Ai…shit…te…ru… Hime…-sama. Don't cry. Aishiteru.” His hand went limp in her hand as his eyes closed for the last time, and his last breath left his body.
“Misoka-san?” she wispered.
She took a deep breath. “MISOKA!!!!” She screamed and cried on his chest “No! You can't go!” She sobbed.
Akira, Nozomu and Keiko stood behind her to mourn Misokas death.
Nande? Why did he have to die?” Whispered Akira as his own tears started to fall slowly down his face.
`Nobody can answer that question… Akira' Nozomu thought as Keiko burried her face into Akira's neck.
Mutsura and Hokuto took this chance to run towards the exit to leave.
“You an't bring it back!” Mutsura yelled
Yagamashi Mutsura! This isn't over, bakemono! I will be back to destroy your kind, and next time I will leave with a vitory in my hands!” With that he ran.
Mitsuru walked quietly over to were everyone else was standing while comming out of his transformation and quietly bent down to pick up the now un-transformed and lifeless Misoka.
Quietly they left the abandoned werehouse to explain the sorrowful news to Oboro.
Authors Notes:
This is one of the saddest endings that I have yet to ome up with. I'm going to be writing a eppilouge to this story and I should have it poasted by Monday. Once again, Gomen-nasai for making you wait so long I've been having a few problems but I think that I'm making out into the clear with at least half y heart whichi is more than I expected.
Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and you have all been a great support!
Japanese Translations
Aishiteru - I love you (deeply)
Bakemono - Monster
Daijoubu - Are you all right
Kya - (a screaming sound like `ah')
Hai - Yes
Hime-sama - Princess
Nande - Why
Nani - What
Yagamashi - Shut Up
-san - an ending adding respect