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Part 1 - Girl power gone wrong
Chapter one: News
Mahiru sat down with a “hmpf” as her heavy school bag sank to the floor. “I give up!”
“Princess?” Misoka questioned her depressed attitude.
Mahiru gave a half laugh. “I think my teachers found out we have collected all the stones and have decided to dump a lot of homework on me.”
“How could they?” Misoka demanded harshly.
Mahiru laughed, “I was joking, Misoka. The truth is I just have a lot of caching up to do with missing to go to the moon palace.”
“I always knew you were one to let things slip.” Mitsuru teased her walking into the room. “You are such a slug.”
“I am not.” Mahiru growls as she throws a pillow at him and hit his head. “Punk!”
Mitsuru threw one back and a pillow fight broke out between the two. Misoka shook his head and excused himself from the room. After about five minutes, Mahiru called a truce because Mitsuru was using his air power to bombard her with pillows.
“Ha ha ha you cheater.” She laughs playful pushing away from him as he tries to pull her close.
“I did not cheat.” He denied adamantly, while pulling her into his arms.
He leaned in to give her a kiss just as Nozomu walked into the room. “Nock it off you two.” He teased, “No kissing.”
“Eww as if!” Mitsuru gagged pushing Mahiru away.
“Meany!” Mahiru says acting insulted and gives him a slight push back.
Unnoticed by the three of them Lord Oboro , Akira and Misoka had come into the room. “Ahem.” Oboro cleared his thought and calling their attention.
“What is it, Master?” they asked.
“I have just returned from the Mon Palace with horrible news. Influential women have been mysteriously vanishing.” Lord Oboro started answering. “When I returned I found it is not only the Lunar Race that has been affected. The emperor fears you will be next, princess.” He said passing some news papers to Mahiru.
She looked up at him her eyes filled with fear. “But who is doing it?”
“They go by the name, The Black Whole Brides.”
“I knew they were women they just had to be women.” Mitsuru snarls angrily.
“And what does that mean?!” Mahiru snapped at him “e a sexist pig.”
“I am not I just knew it was a women because it was a big problem and not to mention no male in their right mind would ever kidnap a bunch of strong willed bitches.” Mitsuru said digging him a deeper whole.
“Sexist pig!” Mahiru says, “I hate you!”
“Oh , you don't! You love me! You told me so. Ha.” Mitsuru said trying to pull her into his arms.
“Well that was then, I hate you know.” Mahiru said turning away from him.
Ring ring
“Ieee!” Mahiru screamed jumping into Mitsuru's arms as her pocket vibrated.
Everyone stared at her as she took a breath, “Princess?” Misoka asked.
“Oh yeah. Kieko, Mutsuru, and Hokuto got me a cell phone so they could keep in touch with us now that we are all going to be friends.” Mahiru admits red faced as she pulls out the cell phone. “Hello?”
“Mahiru, the Lunar Race has betrayed us!” Hokuto's voice was chocked with sobs. “They have taken Keiko again!”
“Who has?” Mahiru asked ignoring the question looks from those in the room.
“The Black Whole Brides! Obviously the Lunar Race!” He said.
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Chapter two is The Note of Hate