Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Breathe ❯ Dreams ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter Two: Dreams
Mitsuru was frozen in a state of shock. That woman… That woman had sorted through his mind. For a second time he'd seen all his memories like a movie. And once again he'd been confused. He'd seen his memories, but he didn't recognize anyone or anything within them. It was like someone had played a movie that he'd seen a long time ago and only looked vaguely familiar.
He groaned and rolled over, deciding to attempt to escape from the straightjacket again.
Mahiru had given Nozomu the honor of putting on real clothes (jeans and a shirt) instead of her usual pajama pants and oversized tee. The thought hit her that Nozomu might think more of this than she, but she shook the thought out. Nozomu was not known for over thinking things.
Maybe he had been right, she thought absently as she heated some water to make herself some rice. (There would be some left over if Nozomu wanted any.) Maybe she'd hung onto his memory for way too long. Maybe it was time to let go…
…Maybe not.
She sighed. Maybe talking to someone other than her therapist would help.
“What did you say your name was again?” Keiko asked. In her spare time Hokuto had given her a yawn little job as his receptionist. She would be the best judge of who came and who wouldn't be allowed.
“Misoka Asagi,” the short man answered. Beneath his sunglasses was a smirk, one that could not be seen on his stony face. “I'm coming in place of Oboro Kurosaki.”
Keiko eyed the man suspiciously and stared at the computer screen. “There's no Oboro here.”
“Surely there's a record. We've… invested in the Yamabuki boy.”
Keiko nodded, thoughts clicking together. Hokuto wouldn't keep actual clients on file; too easily found. What they were doing wasn't necessarily “legal.”
As to the Yamabuki boy, he was the shape-shifter they'd “taken in.” Akira. She'd been his “doctor” for two months now. He was enjoyable.
“Door's that way,” she pointed to the left. Misoka nodded and walked through.
Keiko turned back to playing with her tarot set.
“So this is the new one…”
Misoka peered with extreme interest through the two-way mirror. The boy inside was squirming inside his straightjacket, a look of determination on his face.
“What are you thinking?” Hokuto asked.
“I must confer with Oboro-san first, but he could be a worthy investment.”
Hokuto frowned. “We're still unsure as to what we've granted him. A few more searches, though, and we'll be able to find what we're looking for.”
“You have an odd institute here,” Misoka commented vaguely. “You advertise yourself as a mental ward, but a few of your patients are considered dead, and you allow people to… own them?”
“You had interest in the wolf-boy,” Hokuto ignore his comment, “And now you wish for this one. Such odd selections…”
“You wish to know our business with the boys?”
“My clients; my business.”
Misoka cast him a sly grin. “What if I told you I was going to put them to work in a bar?”
She felt warm hands caress her cheeks, kisses trailing across her shoulder and up her neck, nipping it slightly. Warmth spread through her as she felt arms wrap around her, pulling her close. Heat pooled into her stomach, and she felt her heart pounding in her chest, in tune with someone else's; she knew it was him. He was there, with her. She was happy, complete... He kissed her, softly, tenderly. She returned it with ferocity, holding onto him because he would disappear, she thought, if she let him… He would be gone…
Her eyes fluttered open, and she was greeted with the visage of Nozomu, staring over her.
“You okay?” he asked.
She frowned. Apparently she'd fallen asleep on the couch. “Yeah,” she answered curtly, sitting up.
“You looked like you were having a weird dream.”
She turned away from him, feeling an overwhelming sadness dwell over her.
“…I'm fine.”
Nozomu nodded and stood up. “You want me to leave or…?”
She could tell the hopefulness in his voice. He was trying to help… But she didn't want him to help. She really just wanted to be left alone.
“…You can stay… if you want…”
He grinned. “I'm irresistible, aren't I?”
She made a noise of discontent. “Don't push it.”
A chuckle. “I'll try.”
She sighed and went into her room to get ready for bed.
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