Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 7

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Doesn't mean there isn't any pain coming their way.
Chapter 7
Mahiru and Mitsuru jumped apart, looking for the source of the voice. All they saw was a bat…
`Damn vampire,' Mitsuru thought.
Mahiru was blushing profoundly. “N-Nozomu, what are-”
“I could ask you the same question, but I won't. We got worried about you, so I sent Mr. Bat to check up on you. Interesting position I found you in. Hey, Mitsuru, since when does `make nice' mean `make out?'” The vampire's cocky attitude showed clearly in the voice the bat emanated.
Mitsuru stopped himself from lunging at the bat. “None of your damn business.”
Mahiru saved the poor thing from the tengu's glare (five minutes of that and your head is sure to explode). “Nozomu,” she said sweetly, stepping between the bat and the tengu, “We, um, found Akira.”
There was a hesitant, “Yes?”
“He's, um, with… Keiko and…”
“…The Dawn's Venus has, um, found out…who… he… is…”
Three… two… one…
“Yeah, um…”
“They could've followed him and…”
“…You could be in danger and…”
“Well, yes, but Nozomu…”
“Not to mention Keiko's part of the Dawn's Venus!”
“Are you done?”
Mitsuru cut in. “Listen, bat boy, it doesn't matter whether or not Keiko's affiliated with the Dawn's Venus or not. Akira seems to trust her so I say we should too.”
Shocked silence.
“Did Mitsuru…”
“Dang, Mahiru, I think hell just froze over!”
“Mitsuru trusting a human? Not possible.”
“We have truly seen a miracle!”
The tengu growled, “Shut up.”
Even the vampire could see he was in a bad mood. “Point taken. Now, what are we gonna do?”
“Come back to the Moonshine?” Mahiru asked weakly.
“Like that idea. I'm sure Mitsuru will have no trouble carrying you…”
“Shove it,” was his response.
The vampire ignored him. “Keep Mr. Bat with you so we can keep in touch. I'm going to tell Misoka.”
Mahiru cast Mitsuru a small smile. “Don't… tell anyone, would you?”
Nozomu laughed. “Sure, whatever. Just so you know, when we're in private, I shall tease you mercilessly.”
The bat fluttered to Mahiru and landed gently on her shoulder. She turned to Mitsuru. “We should wake Akira up.”
Mitsuru nodded, happy to be away from the gibbering vampire.
Keiko was worried. Not only had she abandoned her team, she'd basically abandoned her race. All for one demon.
It had been a confusing night.
She wasn't sad; far from it. She had a calmness surrounding her, but she was still mucking around in her confusion. Had her decision been justified? If she had wanted to get rid of Akira, she could've told Hokuto the moment he walked in.
Yet she hadn't.
Noises caught her attention as Mahiru opened the door.
“We're going to the Moonshine,” she said quietly, “We need you to come.”
Keiko sat up. “Am I…”
“Nozomu's decided to trust you. Mitsuru, too.”
Keiko smiled.
“Akira wants to take you in his wolf form. He wants to know if you'll mind.”
She tensed. “I… don't mind. I guess Mitsuru's taking you.”
For some reason unknown to Keiko, Mahiru blushed. “Yeah… Come on, we should go.”
Akira held out the power charm for Keiko to see and explained how they worked. She nodded, though she was still unsure of what she was about to do.
“Don't worry,” he smiled at her as he took her into his arms, “The first time Mahiru really got a ride was from Mitsuru.”
That made her feel a tiny bit better. She watched in a horrific fascination as Akira's body changed. In a few seconds he had completely transformed, and Keiko felt that small inkling of fear that Mahiru had felt when Akira had grabbed her the first time.
It didn't get any better as he sped up.
Mahiru let the bat fly ahead as they readied to fly. She turned to Mitsuru and smiled sweetly.
“Ready?” she said, trying not to giggle.
“You're enjoying this, aren't you?” he mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
“Just a little bit,” she chuckled, pecking his cheek as the wind began to swirl around them.
Keiko could barely breathe as Akira finally stopped. When he turned back, she was wrapped around his waist.
“That,” she gasped, “was not fun.”
He laughed and pried her off. Mitsuru landed a few feet behind him.
Mahiru giggled at Keiko's frazzled demeanor. “Don't worry,” she said, “I was scared the first time too. At least you knew what was going on.”
“Sorry to interrupt this little moment,” a smooth voice said behind them, “But leader-san says I should get you in here.”
The four turned to see Nozomu, sunglasses and all. Keiko shrunk back a bit.
He nodded at her. “We're not going to chain you up or anything. Don't think Akira or Mahiru would let us.”
Keiko nodded and they headed inside.
Time to face the leader.
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