Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 8

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(I can't believe I made it this far!) Chapter 8
The tension was thick. Akira held protectively onto Keiko's arm as though Misoka would grab her at any second and slap a frying pan over her head; Mahiru was nervously playing with her shirt (and sitting a bit too close to Mitsuru for his comfort); and Nozomu's playful attitude had left him.
The fox demon bowed as he normally would, muttering “Princess” as he always did to Mahiru, but they could tell he was far from happy, especially about Keiko being there. Nozomu had a grim expression on, and he stood behind Misoka, his arms crossed in a position similar to Mitsuru's normal posture.
“We are in a tough position,” Misoka started slowly, eyeing Keiko with a mix of interest and distaste. He personally had nothing against the human, but this was something that could not be ignored. “The Dawn's Venus not only knows Akira's identity, but they most likely realize Keiko is helping him. My question is: are you helping us?”
Keiko took a hesitant breath. This was the moment that defined whose side she was on. She bowed her head and said, “I am here to help.”
The barest trace of a smile crossed Misoka's lips. “Good, then we have no problem. Of course I would feel safer if we kept a close watch on you.”
The psychic nodded understandingly. It made perfect sense.
The fox demon continued without skipping a beat. “Akira will have to stay low. We cannot afford the Dawn Venus discovering the rest of us. I assume both Mitsuru and Akira will come back here…”
Both gave a small nod.
“…But what of you, Princess? Are you willing to come back to us?”
Mahiru did not need to hesitate. “Yes.”
Misoka nodded. “Then I assume you'll need help moving your things back here.”
The princess nodded exuberantly; she was happy that there seemed to be no problem.
“Keiko,” he turned to the psychic, “Do you have things you need?”
She nodded.
“We'll have to work something out, then. It's far too dangerous for either you or Akira to get your things, and if they are watching your apartment, then none of us can go get your things. We can supply you with necessities.”
“So I'm…”
“Staying here? Yes.”
Mahiru awkwardly stood, diverting his attention towards her. “I should go back to my aunt's house. She'll be expecting me, and I can't just leave with no explanation.”
Misoka bobbed his head in agreement. “Mitsuru should go with you; with the Dawn's Venus running around, we need to be careful. Nozomu and I will get Keiko situated.”
Mahiru tried not to smile; time alone with Mitsuru was just what she wanted.
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