Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 10

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I've been forgetting to mention this, so here it is:
As you have noticed, strange things happen when Mahiru and Mitsuru kiss (the glowy thingy was the first). Remember in #2 when Mitsuru died and Mahiru brought him back to life? Misoka wondered if it was the power of the teardrop or Mahiru's power. My theory: Mahiru and Mitsuru became connected in that one instance much like what would happen if Nozomu fed from Mahiru. Since she constantly gives her power she's attached to each of then, but Mitsuru the most.
Kay, I'm done. You just need to know that for future chapters.
Chapter 10
Nozomu had been dodging Mitsuru's attacks for a half-hour, each time laughing harder and harder. Finally, Mitsuru became so irritated that he plopped down on the floor with a huff, much like a spoiled child ready to throw a tantrum.
Mahiru, needless to say, was bored. At first, watching the boys playfully exchange blows had been amusing, but Nozomu couldn't stop laughing, and Mitsuru became bored with the whole idea.
How she wished the vampire would leave.
Nozomu finally returned to his spot outside the window as her aunt returned home.
“Hello, Auntie,” Mahiru said sweetly as the front door opened.
“Yes?” she mumbled suspiciously.
“I've come to a conclusion about some things.”
“Would these things involve the boy you drag around with you?”
“I wanna move back in with those boys.”
“Mahiru, you're killing me.”
She gave her a pleading look.
Her aunt sighed. “You know…” Another deep breath. “What's the plan?”
Two days later, Mahiru had returned to her old room in the back of the Moonshine. Keiko was right across the hall from her, as she was delighted to know.
Yes, Keiko had voiced her concerns about her dreams to Akira who had told Misoka. The fox had questioned Keiko further, but as hard as she tried, there was nothing more to see.
Until the night of the waning crescent…
The inky blackness surrounded her as blurry shapes moved back and forth. Someone was talking, someone she recognized as Hokuto. There was a pause when a female voice whispered, “I can't.”
“Kill her.”
There was a small scream, and blood.
Someone was going to die.
Keiko shot up in her bed, running to Akira's room. The werewolf was tossing comically in his sleep.
“Akira,” she hissed, shaking him, “Please wake up.” She was pleading with him.
His eyes blinked open for a few seconds and he let out a garbled, “What?”
“I had a vision…”
Once she had shared her vision, Akira had rushed to Misoka to tell him. The fox demon had awoken the teens and gathered them. He would inform Oboro later.
It resembled a slumber party: Misoka was pacing in his sky blue pajamas; Nozomu was lying across the floor in his striped ones; Akira and Keiko were huddled together; Mahiru- clad only in an oversized T-shirt- leaning against Mitsuru, still half-asleep; and Mitsuru was suspiciously unaffected by the fact that his least favorite person was sleeping on his shoulder.
“What exactly did you see?” Misoka asked Keiko.
“I'm not really sure,” she answered quietly, “Everything was kind of blurry. I heard Hokuto talking. He said, `Kill her,' and I saw blood. Then I woke up.”
The fox demon paused. “`Kill her?'”
“You remember nothing else?”
Keiko shook her head.
“it is quite possible,” he said calmly, “that Mahiru may be in serious danger. I do not think it wise for either Mahiru or Keiko to go out. At least not for a while.”
Before anyone could protest, he sent them away. They would discuss it further in the morning.
Nozomu lingered. “What do you think?”
“I think that I worry that the new moon is next week. Keep Mahiru under close guard. Keiko also. I would like to stop by her apartment also…”
The fox was planning something.
He wasn't the only one.
Hokuto had a plan, and a damn good one at that.
And no half-assed werewolf was going to stand in his way.
Wrote it at like midnight, so, not only could I not read some of my handwriting, but it was a little screwy.
Suspense picks up. Let's assume I know what I'm doing.
You'll notice that I make Mahiru able to sense Mitsuru's emotions and vise versa. Look at the beginning of the chapter for an explanation. It'll kind of come into play next chapter and future ones.
Someone is going to die. I want to see if you can guess who. I won't tell you if you're right or wrong, but I just want to see how far off the mark you can get.
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