Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
One week passed.
Both Keiko and Mahiru had not left the Moonshine. They'd missed a week of school.
It was the night before the full moon, and the four teenage members of the Lunar race were powerless. A sad inability on their part easily fixed by a certain princess.
Mitsuru and Mahiru had barely talked, and, with Nozomu around, they had rarely gotten a moment alone.
All seemed back to normal, despite a few minor changes. Nozomu had kept his promise, and no one knew of Mahiru and Mitsuru's relationship besides the three.
A somewhat normal life about to be thrown out of whack by an old enemy.
Mitsuru settled in what seemed to be his favorite place now: the roof. He'd been sorting through his thoughts, searching for anything to prove his relationship with Mahiru. Anything to prop them up with that did not mean that he cared for her or loved her in any sense.
So far he had nil.
He heard a soft shuffling behind him. He didn't know how, but he knew it was Mahiru.
“What?” he snapped.
“I want to talk to you,” she began, getting straight to the point.
“Then talk,” he said, his frustration building.
“I want to know what I am to you.”
He started. This was an unexpected question. She wasn't the princess to him; she wasn't a girlfriend he could hang around his wrist like a bracelet and flaunt; she wasn't a lover, someone he could hide in his own little corner; she wasn't anything.
But she was something.
He didn't answer her.
“Mitsuru, I need to know. I think I might…”
`Might what?' He remained silent.
“…care for you more than I should.”
She wouldn't admit it, but she was falling in love with him.
And he could sense that.
He'd wounded her with his silent ways and angry attitude. Kissing her, making her feel this, had only poured salt on the wound.
He'd hurt her, and he hated himself for that.
“I'm sorry,” he finally managed to whisper.
“What?” she asked in an almost bitter tone. She inched up to him until they were side by side.
This was torture to the tengu. “I said I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't mean to be rude, and I didn't meant to kiss you.”
“So what are we?”
“So what are we?”
“We're strangers. I mean, what the hell were we thinking? I thought I hated you.”
“Do you?”
Slowly, Mahiru brought her face to his and tapped her lips against his.
“We have to stop doing that,” he muttered.
Suddenly, Mahiru felt a wave of drowsiness crash over her. She swayed for a moment before slumping against Mitsuru. He tried to look at her, but noticed the black edging at his eyes. He knew he was going to pass out.
Something was wrong.
And then he blacked out.
Suspense, angst, drama.
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