Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 14

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Chapter 14
Keiko had come to a conclusion.
She was stuck, and she wasn't moving. The way her luck was going now, Mitsuru would probably find her and tear her head off. She'd already seen him do that to Mutsura.
And now that she realized there was no way out, she began to contemplate many things, most of them trivial, considering her situation, but with enough interest to keep her mind off things.
Number one: the hug that Mitsuru and Mahiru had shared. She'd already decided that Mahiru liked Mitsuru, but the human-hater liking her back? The thought boggled her, so she moved onto the next subject.
Number two: Akira. Had he heard what Hokuto said? Did he believe him? Did he hate her? She bit her lip and tried to think of something else.
Ugh, let's face it. I'm doomed. I might as well think of something.'
She thanked God that Mitsuru had not killed Hokuto; she would have to do that herself.
Nozomu and Akira were still out, but Misoka was awake and helping Mitsuru and Mahiru lug the others' bodies around.
“Are you sure you are not injured, Princess?” Misoka asked, shaking Akira slightly to arouse him.
“I'm fine,” Mahiru assured him. Mutsura's blood was still on her back. (A/N: You know how people get sick when they see blood? Doesn't that make them a self-loather? Anyway… What was I doing again? Oh, yeah, story.)
“Then we need to return to the Moonshine and collect our bearings. Do we know where Keiko is?”
“No point in finding her,” Mitsuru said, hoisting the unconscious body of Nozomu over his shoulder, “She ratted us out.”
Misoka glanced at Mahiru. She nodded.
“And you're sure you sense no teardrops?”
She nodded again.
“Fine. I'll try waking Akira again. You can't carry all of us.”
Mitsuru nodded.
“What should we do with Hokuto?”
“Leave him,” Mahiru said.
“If you insist, Princess.”
Akira stirred and slowly peeked open an eye. “Where are we?” he groaned.
“We're trying to get out,” Misoka answered, “No need in asking where we are.”
The werewolf glanced around. “Where's Keiko?”
Misoka exchanged glances with the princess. “Not important. We will discuss her later.”
Akira had a feeling he wasn't going to like it.
Keiko was in an uncomfortable position.
She'd spent the last thirty minutes attempting to remove her gag (a hard feat for someone with their hands tied behind their back) with no success. Now, she was practically breaking her arm to get the damn thing off.
Finally, she managed to rip it off with a loud yelp. After the pain dissipated, she smiled.
Her joy was cut short as she noticed Hokuto standing in her pathway.
“You,” she hissed, “Come here and let me free so I can rip your head off.”
“Tempting but no. I still need you. You and that girl are traitors to your kind.”
“Hokuto, please. Those teardrops never belonged to us anyway. They're stolen. Why can't we give them back?”
“Did the demons teach you that?”
She glared.
He sighed in a defeated manner. “Let's make a compromise then. You lead them to me and I spare the werewolf.”
“You saw what they did to Mutsura. They're no better than murderers.”
“Neither are you.”
“Fine. The wolf can die thinking you betrayed him.”
Keiko's heart sunk. “Why do you need me?”
“That will be revealed in due time.”
And for a moment, Keiko thought she saw a flicker of remorse cross his face.
“Do we know where we're going?” Mahiru asked.
Misoka and Mitsuru turned to give her a small scowl. She sighed and glanced at Akira. He seemed to be nervous; he was glancing around and wringing his hands together. Then again, they were all a bit nervous. Nozomu was still unconscious over Mitsuru's shoulder as they traveled down a damp hallway.
“We are moving blindly, Princess,” Misoka said, “We need to be careful and silent.
Mahiru caught the warning and hung her head, keeping her eyes on the floor. Mitsuru glanced at her and shook his head at Misoka.
The fox demon held out a hand to stop the tengu. Mahiru, whom was not paying attention to what was going on in front of her, crashed into back of Mitsuru. Nozomu's body jumped and thumped against the spot the princess had just hit. Akira stopped an inch from Mahiru, keeping Mitsuru from becoming more irritated than he already was.
“There's a door here,” the fox demon said.
The rest strained to see the door. All they saw was a black space.
“Here,” he continued, stretching out his hand on an unseen surface.
Mitsuru followed the movement and was surprised to feel a smooth surface.
“There's something odd about it,” Misoka murmured.
“It's a door isn't it?” the tengu said and pushed against it.
He withdrew his hand quickly.
Slowly, Misoka trailed his fingers, feeling indentions in the black door. “There are symbols here.” He allowed himself to put a slight pressure on the door, and it cracked open an inch; a mistake, as life would have it.
Instantly, bolts of blue lightning stretched out to attack the five. Luckily, the members of the Lunar race had incredible reflexes and managed to jump out of the way before the bolts connected with their bodies. Misoka slammed against the wall; Mitsuru dropped down to the floor (dropping Nozomu in the process); Akira jumped back rather far; and Mahiru, with no incredible powers, was hit in chest, and blue sparks covered her body. In a minute, she collapsed to the ground.
All three (Nozomu was still unconscious, mind you) scrambled to her side. Misoka checked her body for any signs of injury. Slowly, he brought his gaze to the other two.
“She's dead.”
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