Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Neither Mitsuru nor Misoka knew Hokuto could wield a weapon, but they were quickly learning. Still, both were not helpless without their powers.
Hokuto's blade sliced through the air with a shrill whistle, coming within inches of Mitsuru's face, and he swore he saw a lock of his hair chopped off. Misoka rammed himself into Hokuto's back, dodging the sword as it swung around. Hokuto's vision blurred as a bout of wind blasted against him. Mitsuru's fist collided with the shaman's face. He stumbled back and slashed the sword blindly. He felt a hand weakly grab the back of his neck, wheel him around, and, in a moment of clarity, he saw Keiko punch him with enough force to knock him down.
Mitsuru and Misoka watched in shock as Hokuto hit the ground. Their gaze floated to Keiko. She was breathing harshly, her hair in a frazzled state, her fists clenched at her waist, and her wrists were cut and bleeding.
“I think we've been lied to,” Misoka said, a hint of amusement showing through the layers of bitterness.
“What else is new?” Mitsuru growled.
Keiko bent down to check Hokuto. “I think he's out.”
This proved false as Hokuto's hand gripped hers, and he flung her into the unsuspecting members of the Lunar race. He made a mad scramble for his blade. The instant he got a good hold on it, he whirled around to face them.
And suddenly everything stopped.
Both Mitsuru and Misoka (who's glasses had been knocked off when a human was hurled at him) were staring wide-eyed, their mouths open slightly in shock; Keiko was confused and slightly frightened; and Hokuto was in a similar state as the two members of the Lunar race.
Mahiru stood in front of the shaman, her arm stretched out and the white light surrounding her person. Her expression was that of determination and anger.
“Shaman,” she said, her voice not her own, “Stop.”
With that single word, he dropped the sword. Its clatter was the only noise heard.
“Who…what…” Hokuto stumbled over his words.
Mahiru ignored him. “Why do you harm these people?” she asked, “Why do you follow a lie that has tangled itself into a mass of hatred? Why do you deny a race its life? Leave, shaman, and do not harm these people any longer. More blood need not be spilt.” (A/N: who else is hating this? /raises hand/)
Hokuto took a slow step back. Giving the three behind her a disgusted glance, he turned and walked away.
Mahiru smiled and turned to face the members of the Lunar race. She knelt down in front of Misoka and took his hand.
“Princess,” he stuttered, his mind beginning to work, “How did you-”
A white light surrounded his hand, and she pulled back, still smiling. “You have aided your people well. I thank you also for aiding me.”
Without an explanation, she turned to Mitsuru. “I see him in your eyes. I thank you for all you have done.” She grinned. “Take good care of her.”
His brain was barely able to remind himself to breathe, much less think up a response.
The white light suddenly vanished from her body, and her eyes returned to their normal color. She swayed for a moment. “M-Mitsuru?” she whispered and collapsed into him. He caught her, immediately pressing her to his chest. He could feel her heartbeat thumping against his, and her soft breath played against his neck.
“She's alive,” he said, turning to Misoka.
“Okay,” Keiko interrupted, “What happened?”
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