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Chapter 4: Through the Looking Glass
It was not Akira who greeted Mitsuru at Kyoto but Misoka. The fox demon had barely changed.
And he was not alone.
Mahiru looked up in surprise to see Keiko standing a few feet from Misoka. A scowl was prominent on her face.
“What's she doing here?” Mitsuru's tone was suspicious. He'd been tense since Akira had visited them; Mahiru would feel his eyes open wide despite the sleep weighing them down as she would drift off to sleep. She couldn't really blame him; their friend had been killed in one of the safest places for the Lunar race. It hardly boded well.
“Keiko will be joining us for a bit,” Misoka answered, his shielded eyes drifting towards the human, “Hokuto's death is somehow linked to the ones in the Moon Palace. She might prove useful.”
“If it were my choice, someone else would've been sent,” she kept her face tilted away from the two as she spoke, her stance almost defensive, “But they seem to think we built up a companionship with you fi- four.”
Mahiru flinched as she corrected herself.
Misoka showed no change in composure. “We'd best be going. There is a lot to discuss, and I would like to check the mirror for something.”
Mahiru remembered what Akira had told her about who they suspected was responsible for the deaths.
“We don't think it was anyone from the Lunar race. Each species has a definite mark as to how they kill, and there has been no battle between any of them. Plus, we're checked every record we have, there's no sign of that symbol.”
“What if they were after Lord Shirogane?”
“Unlikely. The deaths were nowhere near the emperor's bedroom, and I doubt someone out to kill the emperor would leave such an obvious clue. It would've been inconspicuous. Misoka thinks it's humans out after us again, but that makes no sense. How could humans get through the entrance?”
Mahiru remembered how Mitsuru was almost shaking. She glanced at him now. His face was stoic, emotionless except for a glimmer of something unreadable in his eyes. She squeezed his hand softly, and he looked down at her. Something flashed across his features, but it was too quick for her to comprehend it. She smiled encouragingly, and he seemed to relax a tiny bit.
Misoka circled the mirror for a minute then studied the walls around it. Finally satisfied, though somewhat nervous that he didn't find what he was looking for, he motioned for Mahiru to take the first step in.
She caught a glimpse of Keiko's surprised expression before submerging completely. Mitsuru followed, then Keiko (who seemed terrified) and finally Misoka.
When Mahiru opened her eyes, she was in the Moon Palace.
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