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Chapter 11: Silent Night
Mahiru's day had gone from good to bad. It would've been bearable if it weren't for Mitsuru. After they left the room in the morning, every touch had been cold and rigid, every glance looked past her, and the silent wall she'd taken so long to dismantle was slowly reforming.
Misoka had surrounded himself with books and papers, blocking anyone else off. His tongue was sharp and his words were harsh. Since he was normally the calm one, Mahiru had shrunk back and wondered why Mitsuru wasn't the one comforting her.
Akira had Keiko had seemed lost in their own worlds. Akira spent most of his time hiding out in the kitchen while Keiko, really not able to go anywhere without a member of the Lunar race with her, had propped herself against the wall, giving disdainful looks to any unfortunate passerby. Mahiru had ignored her and decided to talk to Akira.
“Do you think he's mad at me?” she asked as she twirled a spatula.
“I don't think you did anything wrong in the five minutes it took you to leave the room,” Akira answered.
She handed him the spatula and hoisted herself onto the counter. “Maybe he's mad about something else and last night he forgot about it.”
“But he's not the quiet angry type. If he were mad about something, you would know. What could you've possibly done anyway?” He dove under the table. “Unless it's something you've done with no one around.”
“I haven't had a moment alone. Except last night, but you saw how that turned out.” She leaned over to see what he was doing.
The werewolf bounced up, now holding a pack of meat. Throwing it onto the frying pan, he disappeared behind something else. “Well, he's sulking over something. It might not be your fault.”
“But he won't look at me,” she whined, poking the meat with a fork. “And I barely touch him and he steps back.”
“Look,” Akira reappeared and dashed something over the meat,” Whatever happened, it's probably his fault, not yours. He takes his anger out on everyone.”
Mahiru whimpered, her eyes swelling with tears. “What if he doesn't…”
“He's an idiot,” Akira said, opening a cabinet, “And he normally doesn't mean anything he does. Just do the sad girl act and he'll come back around.”
“Maybe he's protecting you.”
Akira and Mahiru froze mid-movement and looked at Keiko.
“Hokuto broke our engagement,” the psychic stared past them, her eyes filling with bitterness, “Because he didn't want me to get hurt. When he thought my life was in danger,” Akira cringed; the memory still stung at times, “he realized he really cared for me.” She glanced at Mahiru. “Maybe, because of all the craziness, he thinks if you're not so closely associated, you can walk away clean.” She bent her head and rubbed a thumb against her temple. “I… I'm gonna go… somewhere…”
Mahiru and Akira watched her leave. A minute ticked by, then two. Akira blinked, erecting himself, and Mahiru swing her legs back and forth.
“So…” she said, “Why are you always cooking?”
(one of some page breaks. Joy.)
Mitsuru's feet touched the ground as the wind around him quieted. He stretched for a moment; it'd been years since he'd flown, and he'd missed the feeling. When they got back, he'd have to convince Mahiru to let him fly her more often.
He ran a hand through his hair. By the time they got home, she would probably hate him.
He looked around. It was the grassy hill where he'd taken the emperor so long ago. That meant that the tree where he had first kissed Mahiru was nearby. It was stupid and sentimental that he had come here, but he needed to get away, and it was understood that he would be drawn to that spot.
The tengu sat down and stared at the surrounding scenery. It truly was breathtaking, but he had enough breath to groan loudly and bury his head in his hands.
He was in this too deep, he had decided last night, and he was burying Mahiru with him. That night he had made the resolution to try and keep Mahiru out of it. That mean acting towards her they way he had when they first met. But this morning he had seen the hurt and pain as he'd merely grabbed her wrist.
“I want something to remain normal.”
They couldn't remain `normal.' As much as he wished they could go back and resume their `human' lives, he knew at the moment, they couldn't.
Mitsuru sighed.
This is why he never liked humans in the first place.
(oo. another page break)
Akira had long ago decided to leave Keiko alone when she was sad. Nothing good had ever come of talking to her when she was crying.
But since she had spoken in the kitchen, Keiko had not reappeared, and the werewolf was concerned. Mahiru had murmured that she would be fine and headed off to find Mitsuru. It was now growing dark, and he had hoped Keiko would be in the room.
He was not disappointed.
He opened the door with a small knock as a warning (something he'd learned to do after living with a girl for nearly a year.) Inside he found Keiko curled up, wiping her face furiously.
“Are you…” Akira realized how stupid it was to ask if she was okay when she was sobbing into a pillow.
“No,” she said, looking up, her eyes shining with tears. “I thought I'd be okay. I thought I could forget about everything.” She smiled, letting her hair fall over her face as if it would shield herself. “But I'm still crying.”
Akira sat down on the arms of the chair. He slid down next to her, causing her to scoot over an inch. He rubbed the edges of her eyes with his thumbs, leaning in closer than he should've. Keiko looked up at him almost fearfully and leaned forward. Their lips met in a tentative and hesitant kiss.
There was nothing to interrupt them.
Akira's hands moved down the back of her neck and then tangled with her hair. Keiko deepened the kiss and pressed against him, causing him to lean back until she was straddling him.
It would be long while before anybody bothered them.
(w00t. another page break)
Mahiru opened the door to her room and stopped. Mitsuru was already curled up in the bed, his aqua hair sticking out of the red sheets.
“Your hair clashes with the room,” she said quietly, hoping he would answer back with a comment of his own.
“Feh,” came his muffled voice.
She sighed and closed the door, climbing onto the bed. “Where were you today. You disappeared this morning.”
“Got bored,” he said, “I left.”
She clenched the sheets tightly. He really was angry about something, but why take it out on her? “A-are you… feeling alright?”
He was hiding his face for a reason: so she couldn't see his, and he couldn't see hers. But it was all too easy to imagine it in his mind.
“Mitsuru,” she breathed, and he cringed. Why did she have to say his name? “Did I… Are you angry at me?”
He couldn't do it. He'd officially tried and failed. The tengu sat straight up and looked at her, his intense eyes wide. “No! I just… I'm not in a good mood today.”
“There's something wrong,” she pressed, “You have to tell me.”
“There's nothing to tell.”
“Why do you have to be so difficult?”
Mahiru felt anger rise and she clenched her fists. What was it that he couldn't tell her?
“Dammit, Mitsuru,” she hissed, “You're like a goddamn child. You can't tell me anything.”
She was amazed when he didn't shout. He gave her a long look, remaining silent.
And suddenly her anger drained away, leaving only sadness. She stood and, casting him a sullen look, left.
(definitely not the last page break)
He knew it was wrong. He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing this. But it seemed to be mutual agreement, and he wasn't fighting it.
Keiko pulled back, and he glanced up at her.
“We really… shouldn't be doing this,” she said. There was a sad note in her voice.
“Yeah,” he murmured in agreement.
Keiko rolled off him, running a shaky hand through her now unruly hair. “I guess we can't really say this never happened.”
“No, I think after the second time, it's kinda hard to pretend.”
She turned to face him and opened her mouth. Thinking better of it, she closed it again.
“We don't have to…” Akira turned to her and quickly diverted his eyes. God, if he even looked at her, he'd be struck with a violent urge to kiss her.
The awkward moment was broken by an urgent knock. Both let out a relieved sigh before Akira stood up and opened the door. Immediately, someone threw their arms around him, causing him to stumble back. Keiko scrambled up to see who the new intruder was.
It was Mahiru.
The blond let go of the werewolf and walked into the room, a determined look on her face. Akira straightened himself and exchanged glances with Keiko.
Something told them she'd talked to Mitsuru.
“What happened?” Akira asked.
“I asked him what was wrong and he wouldn't tell me,” she answered. It was obvious Akira would be dealing with another crying woman. “He's hiding something and won't tell me.” She paused, her eyebrows drawing together as a thought struck her. “Do you think it's something to do with this whole thing?”
“What whole thing?”
“The whole… murder-of-the-Lunar-race thing…”
“I don't-”
“He wasn't acting weird until this whole thing started. And he gets really weird whenever we talk about it.”
Akira closed the door and pressed his forehead against it. “Mitsuru's… well, he's intent on keeping his secrets. We don't really know much about him and that's fine with all of us. The only reason we got him to join us in the first place was because we promised him strength.”
“Why wouldn't he tell me?” she said, pressing a hand to her heart as if it hurt to think he didn't trust her.
“It's a long practiced tradition,” he answered, “He's yet to break out of it.”
“But if he can't tell me something that's obviously close to the surface, then I don't think I can tell him anything. What if we keep out secrets from each other until they just explode?”
Keiko slumped to the floor and gave a knowing look to Akira. “When people hid stuff, it always explodes in their face.”
Mahiru glanced between the two. “Is there something you're keeping secret?”
A blush spread across their cheeks; she took note of that.
“So what do you think he's hiding?” Keiko asked quickly, diverting the attention to the original topic.
“I don't know!” Mahiru grabbed a pillow and pressed her face into it. “It's something he'd rather kill himself than tell me.”
“Wait a minute,” Keiko narrowed her eyes, “You said you were both keeping secrets? What secret are you keeping?”
“If I didn't tell Mitsuru, why would I tell you?”
Akira glanced at the window and noticed how dark it was getting. “Um, I need to talk to Misoka `bout something. Mahiru, you might as well stay here. I really don't think it's smart to be wandering around at night.” With that he opened the door and left.
Keiko watched the door slam shut and turned to Mahiru. She was clutching the pillow to her stomach, her eyebrows drawn together in pain.
“Are you okay?” Keiko asked.
“Yeah,” Mahiru breathed, “I'm just… I've just been sick lately.”
“Normally fox boy would've forced you to see a healer by now.”
“Yeah, well, I really don't…”
Mahiru took a deep breath. “I think I'm pregnant.”
Keiko blinked. “You're… oh.”
Oh?” Mahiru shrieked,” That's all you're going to say? How will I tell Mitsuru? What will he say? What am I going to do?”
“Freaking out will not help. It's nothing to freak out over. Apparently, Mitsuru loves you. Why would he be mad over this?”
“It's Mitsuru. He gets mad over everything.
“I don't think you can hid having a baby from him. How far along are you anyway?”
Mahiru lifted up her shirt so Keiko could see the swell of her stomach. “About four months.”
“You might want to tell him.”
She pressed a finger to her forehead. “I'm tired. I'm going back to my room.”
“Maybe you should stay here,” Keiko motioned to the beds, “It'll be safer.”
“Don't worry. I'll be fine.”
(teh final page break)
“Damn him,” Mahiru muttered, “If he just talked to me, I would be in bed right now.”
The night seemed darker in the moon palace, the ebony night broken only by lanterns along the path. Long shadows seemed to hide many things, and Mahiru feared something was going to jump out at her. She whimpered pitifully and hugged herself.
“I should've just stayed with Akira. At least I'd be safer. If I die, I'm pummeling Mitsuru.”
She jumped as a thump entered her ears.
“M-Mitsuru?” she squeaked.
Something stood in the shadows.
Mahiru backed up slowly. “Keiko?”
Someone talking.
Something grabbed her.
The night remained silent.
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