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Chapter 18: Normal
“Dammit!” Mitsuru hissed, “I thought we killed the bastard.”
“He doesn't look very dead to me,” Keiko said.
Mahiru was peeking through the door while most of the Lunar race stood outside.
“What's going on?” she asked.
“Perhaps it would be best if we kept the princess out of this,” Misoka said, “And I do believe we'll need weapons for this. I think I need to speak with the Emperor about something.”
Akira and Mitsuru nodded. Mitsuru grabbed Mahiru's arm and pulled her along.
“What's going on?” she asked again.
“We need to hide you,” he said, not answering her. He stopped. “I have no idea where.”
“Why do you need to hide me?” she pressed. There was some familiarity to the people gathering outside the palace. She wasn't sure if that was good or bad.
He turned to her, grabbing her hand and pulling it up to his chin. “You are going to stay out of the way. Those people are here to hurt us. I'm not letting them hurt you.”
“Touching,” a voice said behind them. The tengu whipped around, his eyes widening in surprise as Sebastian stood before them, a sick grin on his face.
“But I don't think you're going to have a choice.”
Mitsuru took a moment too long to react. Sebastian grabbed his arm and threw him aside like a toy. He slammed into the wall, his head hitting against the stone with a hard crack.
Mahiru stepped back in horror, attempted to move towards the tengu, but Sebastian caught her, thrusting her against the wall.
“I see the princess cannot keep away from her demons,” he grinned, “I think we'll have to remedy that.”
Mitsuru rushed forward and collided into him, ramming him forward. Sebastian easily regained his balance, knocked Mitsuru over, and pressed his palm against Mahiru's forehead.
“You remember him now, don't you,” he smirked.
“Descendant of the princess. It's not pain and suffering I wish for you. It's death.”
He was hurting her, scaring her. She wanted to scream. `Please stop,' she thought, `Please…'
Mahiru fell back against the floor, angry images filling her head. She was confused now, scared. She covered her face with her arms.
“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER?” he shouted, attacking Sebastian with full force. He had fully transformed and looked severely pissed off.
“I gave her back a memory or two,” he easily dodged the tengu's attacks, “A few involving you.”
Mitsuru slashed at him blindly, too angry to care. What the hell was this man's problem? Why the hell was this man attacking them?
“You're a nuisance,” Sebastian said. He murmured a few words, and Mitsuru felt like a bullet had gone through his arm. He grimaced and stepped back, pressing his hand over his torn arm.
“Should I finish you off now, or can it wait?” Sebastian was cockier than ever. He had the upper hand over the rage-blinded tengu, and was ready to take advantage of it.
The pain delved deeper into Mitsuru's arm, and he bit back a groan. He wasn't about to show weakness.
Mahiru stared at the blood dripping from Mitsuru's arm. It seemed familiar, as if she'd been in this position before.
“Mit…suru…?” she whispered. Her brain was muddled now; she wasn't sure what was going on.
Mitsuru rushed forward, kicking Sebastian's stomach. He stumbled back, hissed a word or two, and moved so quickly Mitsuru had barely any time to react. The next thing he knew, he was slammed against the wall; his bones felt like they were shattering.
“Damn…” Mitsuru murmured, a grin working its way onto his face, “And I thought… you couldn't fight…”
“I have a feeling you won't be able to in a moment,” Sebastian smirked. He lifted his hand as if ready to rip out one of Mitsuru's vital organs. But he hadn't noticed what Mitsuru had…
Mahiru rammed herself into Sebastian, knocking him over. Mitsuru crumpled to the ground and stood wearily back up.
“That bastard is starting to get on my nerves,” he smiled at her; she smiled back, touching his arm carefully.
“You should wrap that,” she said in a small voice.
Sebastian stood, but Mitsuru stopped him, transforming for an instant to hold the man in his claws.
“You are annoying,” he growled and sliced through his neck.
His head made a satisfying thud as it hit the floor.
Mitsuru tossed the body aside. There was little chance Sebastian could survive that.
Mahiru blinked, stepped back to steady herself; Mitsuru reached out to balance her. She looked at him, her eyes out of focus for a brief moment and she snapped to, focusing on him. A smile crossed her lips and she leapt forward, trapping him in a hug.
“Does this mean you're back to normal?” Mitsuru asked.
“Yeah,” she nodded, “I think it does.”
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