Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ When Crescent Moon Characters Get Drunk! ❯ The beginning ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Kit: This little fic is stupid! I know this and I don't care if you flame me, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously! If you flame then I will simply laugh at the fact that you have no life. This fic was slapped together for the sole purpose of getting a Crescent Moon category. I do have a better one I'm working on that will be posted as well. Enjoy the insanity.
Summary: Mitsuru gets a hold of some alcohol, what will happen?
Mitsuru looked swiftly around the room before holding up his prize, the bottle of alcohol he had stolen from the bar.
Akira and Nozomu sat near him and waited, “Are we going to drink this? Everyone in the bar who has some seems to like it so why shouldn't we?”
Nozomu popped Akira on the head, “They may like it but look how they act after they drink it! Do you want to act like a moron??”
Akira whimpered and shook his head as Mitsuru hushed them, “Whatever we do, we can't let Misoka or Oboro know about it. We'd get in big trouble and before you say it would just be me for taking it, you'll get in trouble for association and you both know it!”
Nozomu nodded, “Well then, since we have it, we might as well drink it. Give it here!” He grabbed the bottle, popped it open, and took several drinks.
Akira and Mitsuru stared at the vampire for several moments before he spook again, “Not bad, taste kinda nice.” He fell back on the floor and giggled.
Akira looked at Nozomu and at the bottle, curiosity taking over and causing him to drink some as well. The affect was immediate, “Tasty `hic'. You should `hic' try some `hic' Mitsuru.”
Mitsuru shook his head, “And they call me an idiot at times but even I'm not dumb enough to get drunk. I'm going to be in so much trouble that I won't know what to do when I tell Oboro and Misoka.”
The tengu eyed the vampire and werewolf as they both finished the bottle and began staggering around the room singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Why they were singing that song, Mitsuru had no idea and hoped he wouldn't have to find out.
“Look you two, that is enough of the singing. You both should go to bed or something and leave me to think about how I'm going to explain this.”
Akira sniffed slightly, “No worry Mitsuru. We tell story just fine.”
Nozomu hiccupped and nodded, “Right, right. We can do `hic' this just fine `hic'.”
Mitsuru shook his head, “You two can barely walk straight! How are you going to explain anything?? Tell me that and by all means you can go.”
Akira didn't answer and began running around the room, stripping down to nothing and trying to fly. Mitsuru was quite sure by then that he didn't want to be around drunken people again.
“Akira, please stop running around like that! You're going to wake someone up!”
“What's going on in there!!?” Mitsuru froze at the sound of Oboro's voice.
Kit: That is all I'm writing for now! Stupid, isn't it?