Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ My Unfortunate Whale Vision ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


“I like you. Will you go out with me?” I asked my crush with all the earnest intention of youth. Her frozen panic revealed the very unwelcome response.

“Can we just be friends?” she lied, and I knew that very moment that I’d made a terrible mistake.

The following days, weeks and months of petty bullying and retaliation activated something terrible in me. I could have gone chuuni, hiding from them in psychotic madness and fandoms chasing expert drawing of 2D girls like Zaimokuza. I could have. Instead my eyes blurred just enough to show me the future ugliness of every person I saw. It got stronger when I saw the mothers of girls picking up their daughters. Fat, round, jowly, ugly women. They were land whales and once I saw the future of my slender classmates was writ-large in my vision, I could not unsee their terrible bulbous futures. Only by opening my eyes wide could I banish these truths, and opening your eyes really wide is something that hurts after a moment. And wouldn’t you know it, I had half-slitted eyes as a family trait. So I saw the future blimp bodies of my classmates all the time. Seeing the encroaching ugly they would become stripped away any possible appeal they might have once had, and without beauty, any favoritism they might have gained was utterly ruined. There was a cut-off, thankfully, so children weren’t scarring my mind. This meant I could still enjoy the company of my little sister, but everyone my age, I was looking at their middle age futures. The world is an ugly place, with ugly people. Very few would keep their youthful looks. And those people tended to be hostile so approaching them is a waste of time. I learned this a lot sooner than most people, and I wouldn’t be learning it in divorce court like most men.