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Part 4: (Zombies!!)

Around the top floor, the two searched the place.

Trista: Hello? Droid unit?

Misaki: Listen, should we really just call it "Droid Unit"?

Trista: This isn't a time for name guessing.

Misaki: I was thinking about calling the robot Leonardo or Leo.

Trista: (sighs) Really, you think he would respond to the name, Leo?

Voice: Yes?

They looked, noticing a red Delete-like droid with what appeared to be blue hair coming down, looking at the two.

Misaki: Oh, there's the guy.

Droid: Uh, why do you need me for? For some reason, I awoke at this place. I can't really recall what had happened.

Trista: Megumi turned you on after putting you together. (notices) Is that a wig?

Misaki: Uh, I think Megumi sewed it on because she thought he'd look better with blue hair.

Trista: (shocked) He?! You can't be serious.

Droid: Yes, I'm a guy. And my name is Unit Number D-7284.

Misaki: Ick, that name has to go. How about we call you Leo instead?

Leo: Um...Leo? Hmmm...that is odd, but it suits me fine.

Trista: Well...all right, your name is Leo from this day forward.

Leo: (bows) Thank you, miss. Anyway, what were you searching me for?

Misaki: We heard you had ultraviolet light on your system.

Leo: That's right...I shall make use of myself, of course.

The three headed to the elevator.

Misaki: By the way, maybe we need your personality chip activated...only problem

The three enter the lounge and approached the vending machine.

Trista: Leo? Do your stuff.

Leo: What stuff?

Misaski: She means use the ultraviolet light to find traces of blood that are gone by now.

Leo nodded as he turns the ultraviolet light on, showing a trail heading into the shaft.

Trista: Okay, let's go in there...

The three enter the shaft...and found a shocking sight. Utena and Anthy were making out much to Megumi's embarrassment.

Trista: (frowns) Ahem!

Utena and Anthy: Oh! Trista!

Trista: Is this what you girls been doing behind my back?

Megumi: I told them we should be looking for the robot but they insist on having a 'private time'.

Misaski: Well, while you three were goofing off, we found Leo.

Megumi: Who?

Leo: That's me.

Megumi: Oh, he still got the blue hair on. Cute!

Trista: Ahem! I think we better get to the task, unless the lovebirds did another of their time to cover up the traces of blood!

Utena and Anthy blushed as Trista turns to Leo.

Trista: Leo? Turn the ultraviolet light on.

Leo: Righty-o!

Leo turns the light on and the group sees some spots on the wall going up.

Misaski: It goes right into the vent above.

Trista: Girls, Leo, better get up there. (to Utena and Anthy) And you two, save your kissing for later!

The group (and droid) heads to the floor with the vent then Leo uses the ultraviolet light on the thing, seeing a trail heading to the panel.

Utena: Let's check it out.

Utena opens the panel...and suddenly, a corpse of a familiar girl came out of the thing, much to the group's shock.

Anthy: Oh!

Misaski: Oh crap! It's Emily! There's her badge. I guess she's a corpse bride now.

Leo: Oh...

The group hears the door opens and turns to see a familiar girl entering, much to their shock.

Trista: (shocked) Emily?!

Emily quickly leaves the hallway, much to the group's confusion.

Trista: What the heck is going on?!

Suddenly the elevator doors open and Victoria comes in, shocked to see Emily's corpse on the floor.

Victoria: Dr. Meioh?!

Girls: (uneasily) Oh crap.

Narrator: Thursday...

At the cell room, the girls and droid were shoved in.

Victoria: Inside, now!

The lasers on the cell turned on.

Leo: Look, I just came here through a package, I don't see that necessary.

Megumi: Yeah, he's got a point.

Victoria: (frowns) Do you really think so? Surely you must agree as an intelligent person, that the evidence seems to point to you and your comrades.

Leo: What? You must know that the robotic laws state that we must not kill a human being-

Victoria: Quiet, you!

She then glanced back at Trista.

Victoria: And you seem to have been very closely involved in the discovery of both bodies.

Trista: That doesn't mean anything!

Victoria: I appreciate that link is flimsy. This is sort of more like a precaution, until the proper investigators arrive.

Anthy: Please, you must let us out.

Victoria: Is it to make out...again?!

Utena: Oh, that's not the point!

Megumi: Besides, it's abuse of power!

Victoria: I question your use of language, Megumi.

Trista: You can't imprison people without cause!

Victoria: What do you mean? Trista, you're the prime suspect in the killings. Admittedly, not much on evidence, but you are nonetheless.

Utena: What!? You can't just sentence people without real evidence! I have acted entirely logically.

Victoria: The body is the evidence, if you forgot!

Leo: I have to agree. Why would we kill someone we just found, especially a robot who must obey robotic laws?

Trista: Victoria, as counselor of this ship, I must relieve you from your duty. Regulations empower me to do so in the event of a mental breakdown in the commanding officer. Galactic Federation Code 1701-

Victoria: (frowns) I'm aware of the code. However, Code 980 gives me the power to hold suspicious people for a week in the events of a serious crime aboard the ship. And Code 1701 does not apply when the counselor his or herself is under investigation.

Leo: I must inform you from the data I have gathered that while we are all in here, the real killer is still on the loose.

Victoria: I forgot you girls were doing some investigations of your own. Who do you have pinned down for the real killer?

Trista: I believe someone else is on board.

Victoria: The girls or the droid?

Trista: Neither of them! None of them are killers!

Victoria: Besides, how could anyone else possibly got on board? The internal scanners would've spotted them.

Utena: (realizes) What if it wasn't something physical?

Leo: What? Like a fictional being of some sort?

Misaki: Yes, like a ghost!

Victoria: I have no idea what any of you are talking about! Even if ghosts exist, they can't murder corporal entities.

Just then, the girls gasped before they screamed, pointing behind the confused Victoria.

Victoria: What? My reasons aren't that scary!

Leo: (notices) No, I think someone's behind you.

Victoria: Please. Just because you girls are screaming, and even if I-

Just then, Victoria was grabbed in the neck, forced to drop her gun before the neck broke. The newly made corpse fell to the ground, much to the girls' fear. They then looked at the murderer, much to their shock.

Girls: Captain!?

Leo: That's Captain Dan Black?

The murderer that looks like the captain growls as he goes over to a lever nearby and flips it, turning the forcefield off.

Utena: He's going to get us!

Trista: Leo, get the gun!

Leo runs over and grabs the gun, shooting the captain and knocking him to the floor.

Trista: (sweatdrop) Uh, I wanted you to give the gun to me so I can shoot him but that works too.

Leo: (confused) Huh?

Misaki: The blast won't hold him for long. We gotta get away from the captain.

Trista: (thinking) I don't think that's the captain at all.

Anthy grabs a pole in the cage before she and the others make a run for it. The group runs and heads to the generator room, hiding behind a big pole.

Megumi: Oh crap, crap, crap, he's going to kill us! Oh, why did I ever give Leo blue hair?!

Leo: I would fight him but sadly, I can't kill humans.

Trista: You stun the captain and that was against the robotic laws!

Utena: Anthy, if we get killed before we get off this ship, I got to say...

Trista: Sssh! Save your moments for the soa opera, you two! Here he comes!

The corpse of Dan looks around wondering where the girls and the robots are at. It goes to the center of the bride and looks towards the generators. Anthy smirks as she got the pole out.

Anthy: I always wanted to do this.

Trista: (alarmed) Anthy, what are you doing?

Anthy quickly runs behind and swings the pole at the back of Dan's head.


The corpse didn't react in time as he fell off the bridge, disappearing into the pit below. The group runs over to her as Utena hugs Anthy.

Utena: (angriy) Don't you ever do that again! What if it didn't work?

Anthy: (sheepishly) Come on, honey. It did, right?

Leo: Weird. What is this 'Falcon Punch'?

Trista: Come on, let's find Justin and Victor. As long as Dan, or what we think is him, didn't get to them first.

The girls return to the residence deck and heads to the door to Justin's room. Megumi pushed the doorbell.

Justin: (inside room) GAH! NO! KEEP AWAY!

Trista: Relax, Justin, it's us. Anthy killed him by pushing a foolish yet successful move.

Justin: (inside room) You killed the captain? Are you sure?

Leo: Didn't Anthy killed him?

Misaki: There's no way he coulda survived a long drop into the reactor pit.

Justin: (inside room) Oh thank the lord. You girls are guardian angels. No, better! Sailor scouts that represents planets!

Trista: (giggling) Well, I don't call myself a Sailor Scout.

Megumi: Hey, are you coming out of there?

Leo: (confused) Is he in a closet?

Justin: (inside room) Uh, not yet. I got some...things to sort out first. I'd meet you girls...

Leo: And droid!

Justin:...right. I'd see you all on the bridge in 10 minutes. We'd talk what to do from there.

The girls check Trista's bedroomk but no sign of Victor in there. They check the shaft and finds the man kneeling down in fear.

Utena: (scoffs) Hey, that's my and Anthy make out spot!

Victor: (looks up) Huh?

Trista: Relax, Victor. It's okay. He's dead.

Victor: (hopefuly) Really? You saw him get killed?

Anthy: By me with my own bare hands.

Victor: (scared) What's wrong with Dan? Why was he trying to kill us???

Megumi: (pause) I wish I knew that answer.

Leo: Let's get out of here. May I suggest you head to the bridge? We're gathering everyone else to meet up there.

Misaki: Actually, this is pretty much all of us pretty much.

Victor: O-okay, girls.

Victor gets up and leaves the shaft while the girls followed after him.

Utena: (thinking) Still, I wonder what is going on here.

Later, at the bridge, the survivors had gathered around.

Justin: Is Victoria joining us?

Misaki: (looks down) She...she was watching us arrived. It killed her.

Justin: Don't you think we can refer to "it" instead of "him"?

Utena: Please no Halloween references.

Justin: Look, the point is, he's dead now, right? We're all doing okay now, aren't we?

Trista: I don't know about that either. For some reason...when Dan was on the loose just didn't seem like him.

Leo: And it was a zombie.

Justin: Looks alot like him.

Victor: (realizes) Now I get it: it looked like Dan, but it wasn't like he was being controlled. And don't forget that he's dead.

Justin: We don't know that. All Trista saw was a spacesuit and that disappeared.

Victor: I mean the sensors never picked up more than eight life form on board. Robots don't count...sorry, Leo.

Leo: None taken.

Victor: Seven when poor Victoria died. Whatever it was, it had no life signs.

Misaki: It's getting very disturbing.

Justin: Yes, but we're safe now...right?

Girls: Doubt it.

Leo: Whatever made him rise from the grave, it may still be present.

Anthy: For caution's sake, we should get off the ship immediately.

Victor: Isn't there some rule about ship's doctors being given keys to one of the escape pods? Some regulation to do with medical emergencies?

Trista: Uh...they temporarily confiscated it.

Leo only looked concerned before Justin spoke.

Justin: I have access to pod C. But is it really necessary? It's only 3 more days 'til help arrives.

Megumi: Hello, the past 3 days, we had half the crew wiped out!

Justin: Okay, yeesh. We'll take the pod.

Victor: We have to fuel it, warm it, and runs a system's check. But that'll take a few hours!

Trista: Let's all get some sleep then. We'll get out first thing tomorrow.

They nodded.

Narrator: Friday...

The next day, Victor kept pacing around near the escape pod, much to the others' annoyance.

Leo: Please stop pacing around.

Victor: But it's almost 9. Where is he?!

Misaki: He could've overslept.

Victor: You're only saying that so I don't flip out!

Trista: All right, look. Why don't you wait here, and we'll find him. We'll go to his quarters to get to him.

Victor: Well...all right.

With that, the girls and droid left the area.

Misaki: Hey, Leo? How are you holding up?

Leo: My functions are complete and I have my systems full. So I should have no problems.

Megumi: (sweatdrops) Seriously, I really need to find that personality chip I dropped.

(End of Part 4)

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