D. Gray-man Fan Fiction ❯ Mask ❯ Life and Death ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Disclaimer: I do NOT own D.Gray-man. If I did, Allen would be the heart, the Fourteenth, AND the Destroyer of Time, as well as the strongest exorcist general and a ninja. Sadly, (for me) that’ll probably never happen. Probably.
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The Fourteenth
The Fourteenth (in his/Allen’s mind)
Allen (in his/the Fourteenth’s mind)
The Millennium Earl
Rhode Camelot
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Glaring at the cold water below him, Allen took another step. And another. He was only two steps away now. He unfolded a letter in his pocket an read the first and only sentence aloud; “DEAR FREAK, GO DIE IN HELL WE’D ALL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU.” He could tell, it was in his so-called best (and only) friend’s handwriting. Of course, like he was actually his friend. Allen knew from the start he was only pretending, just trying to get close to the freak so he can really hurt him, but he didn’t care. He just wanted a friend. He took another step, and help the letter up, letting the wind bow it away, only to land in the lake before him. Alright. If that’s what you want, then fine. You are my best friend, I’ll do anything you say. He took another step and closed his eyes. I’ve had enough. No more. I don’t want of this. I didn’t want it in the first place. I can’t… I can’t take it anymore. It hurts… It hurts, XXX. Allen took the final step. Finally, he could feel himself falling. He could see the lake getting closer, when he suddenly felt something grip his upper arm. That hurt… That really hurt. Who is this?
“Red!” Someone’s calling me… Someone’s calling my name… Who?
Everything went black.

That was how I met Mana, all those years ago. But that’s just a memory now. So is he... Just a memory…Ever since that incident…

“Mana! Stop it!”
“Aww, but you’re so cute, Allen!”
“Mana, this is embarrassing!”
“What do you mean?” Mana replied, innocently. (You better not be thinking dirty thoughts….)
“I’m not a baby anymore, so put me down!” Allen whined while trying to get out of Mana’s arms, but his grip was too tight.
“Nope~!” Mana replied tightening his grip on Allen.
“Ow, ow, ow! Too tight!”
“Alright, alright,” Mana stopped cradling Allen and put him down, “Psh, you’re no fun.” Mana pouted.
Suddenly Mana tensed, and Allen tilted his head to the  side in a cute way to show that he was confused. Of course, he didn’t realize it was cute, or even that he was doing it.
“Allen, run. Get out of here. NOW!”
Allen started to get scared; he knew something was wrong. “Mana?”
“I said, RUN!”
“Oohhh? And who is this, Mana? A friend?”
“Don’t touch him!”
“Perhaps, if you cooperate….we’ll let him go… <3 “
“Mana, what’s going on?”
“I told you to GO ALLEN!!”
“Earl, I think we should let him watch~.” Said a little girl, coming out from behind the mysterious scary man. Allen knew he was scary because Mana was scared. If Mana wasn’t scared, then something wasn’t scary. If he was, it was- Simple as that. But, still… Allen had never seen Mana this terrified. Just who was this man?
Suddenly, Allen was pinned to the wall, and, before he knew it, he was screaming in pain and he didn’t even know why. He looked down slightly to see the rainbow candles that pinned him to the wall through his body. Suddenly, there was a scream, and it wasn’t Allen this time. He looked over to see his (unofficially adoptive) father being slashed to pieces. His face was covered in blood, both from the crack in his skull and his mouth, from which he was spitting up blood. The smell of blood and iron was thick in their air, and Allen figured he would never be able to forget that smell as he helplessly watched his father being mercilessly slaughtered, completely frozen in shock and fear at the sight. He watched, as the only person who’s ever been nice to him, ever loved him, (well, not including Mana’s dog, Allen, whom Allen was named after) is minced to pieces and slashed constantly by colorful wax cones. Soon, they were finished with their masterpiece/bloodbath (I couldn’t choose which word to use -_-‘), and they turned their eyes over to Allen.
“MANAAA!!!̶ 1;
Suddenly his vision was blurred and he couldn’t see. No, it was only his left eye. It hurts….It really hurts… What is this? I’m beginning to go numb. I can’t feel anything…but it still hurts…it hurts… He opened his right eye slowly to see the mysterious man, up close, for the first time. He was an ugly sick color of greyish purple with yellow eyes that’d lead you to believe he was a real genuine demon. His jaw low due to his abnormally large pointed teeth, that somehow suited him. His lips curled up in a disgusting way, wrinkling his face as he smiled sickly at Allen. He was dressed fancy, in an outfit that could be considered lovely, only is someone else were wearing it. The blood on his clothing a scatted over his body was an absolutely beautiful red. Almost made Allen want more… No! What am I thinking?! That’s Mana’s blood! How can I even think that? What’s wrong with me? I feel strange…What’s this? What is this...I’m losing control over my body?! How?! What’s going on? No- What am I doing?! I- I’m holding a knife… it’s covered in blood…Mana’s? No, this isn’t…

That’s all I remember before blacking out. That bloody knife in my hand… That wasn’t Mana’s blood, nor was it mine. It was his. It was that (mysterious) man’s. Well, it’s his fault. He attacked us first. Nea?! What are you doing here? This is my story!! Yours? My dear Allen, did you forget again? We are one in the same. I am you and you are me. Urgh…. Well, I was here first. Ahaha, that’s where you’re wrong, Allen. I was alwaaaayys here- Shut up damn it!! Who are you?! Yeah, I second that. Did Allen and I get a third? No, you idiots, I’m Century Viscount (previously J.ml Walker) and I’m the author of this damn story. Oh… Like the Earl? Yes, like the earl, now shut the hell up. As I was saying, this is my story so quit bickering already. Anyways, we’ll be back in the next chapter, so see ya there!!

Btw- Chapters 1-2 are sorta introduction chapters. The real story starts in chapter 3 when Allen arrives at the Order. :3
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