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You Belong With Me
Blue Kitsune: Hey everyone just been going crazy with the CrowMiranda fics and letting everyone know that these were from the challenge fic set up on CrowMiranda.
Inspired by Taylor Swift's You Belong with Me
It was one of those typical evening as Miranda was in her room, finishing up her homework with all her notes and papers spread out on her bed. She was having trouble with Mr. Marian's math equations and making her head hurt from trying to figure it out. He always gave them hard ones, especially if it was on Tuesdays, which unfortunately was today and being given a difficult chapter to work on. He probably did that just to make them wrack their brains out and also have them scared out of their wits cause he would quiz them the next day to see if they got it.
Damn, maybe she should have carried the two over the seven and then…or was it the other way around? She groan, seeing it was getting her nowhere and rubbing her aching temple, feeling the onslaught of a headache coming on.
If she didn't get this right, god she dare to shudder if he swung down that hammer of his like he does with Allen even if he was his adopted son. Never incur the wrath of Cross or you get whacked!
Even though she was busy trying to finish her work, she always finds herself getting so distracted easily. Especially when she would glance outside her window and stare across from her window. Opposite her window was her neighbor's house and who was she staring at was none other then her closest and dearest friend and not to mention her secret crush, Arystar Krory.
She saw him talking on the phone and judging by the frown and his brow furrowing could guess who was on the other line.
Probably Eliade ranting about something that happen today, the blond cheerleader was the most popular girl at the Black Order and currently dating Krory but yet seem to have a tendency of bothering him day in and out for no reason whatsoever. She saw Krory ran a hand through his hair, pushing his white streak of a bang before he finally said something and then clicked off the phone and sigh to himself.
He then laid down on his bed before he look up and saw Miranda looking. Miranda blushed and quickly resume with her problem and wasn't long before her phone started ringing. She picked it up and answer, “Hello?”
Miranda, hey.” She turn and saw Krory leaning on the windowsill looking over in her direction. Miranda walked over and open her window to help him across. They done this many times in the past and have never been caught by either her folks or his grandpa. It was a good distance for the two to reach, especially with Krory being so tall and able to reach across. It made it so much easier than when they were little and having to place a strong board out for one to travel to the other's house and thankful never fall off it otherwise would have been the end of that. She saw he look pretty worn out as he got in.
He stretch his arm behind his head and Miranda looking at him concern, sensing the anxiety off him, “Rough day?” Krory sigh and giving her a look that said, `You don't know the half of it' though she could take a wild guess and knowing had something to do with his girlfriend.
“Yeah you could say that. Eliade was well having some sort of issue and kept telling me over and over about it before I told her that it shouldn't be a big deal, I try to say that it wasn't going to matter like it was some crazy thing and she didn't take it like I hope she would…” He blush not sure what else there need to be and Miranda put her hand on his shoulder.
She knew it bother him having to fight with the one girl he was in love with and yet Miranda wonder what did he along with half the male population see in her really? Also why she chose Krory when she had her pick of guys from hunks to well, she wouldn't say geeks or nerds but still...to this day was a mystery why she decided to have Krory as her boyfriend?
Yet she didn't want to upset him and so kept it to herself, knowing wouldn't be right to say that to him and make him feel worse.
She put her hand on his shoulder and knowing just what to say to make him feel better, “I'm sure she'll get over it, I mean she can't stay mad forever and you know. It'll turn out all right.” Krory turn to her, looking with those dark eyes that made Miranda feel like butterflies were in her stomach and the smile he gave was one that was sincere and made her want to hug him and kiss him (Thought she didn't think she'd have the courage to do the latter), “You think so?”
She nodded, “It'll be ok.” And then before she knew it she felt him put his arms around her and brought her close to him, “Thanks so much Miranda. I don't know what I do without you?”
She blush and thought he couldn't see it but when he pull back she try to keep from revealing her coloring face and said something before he notice, “Well glad I can help, wish it were as easy to do this problem I having trouble with.” Krory saw her textbook and the jotted notes before turning back to her with concern as he wanted to help for taking up her time, “Which one?”
She didn't trust her voice to speak but pointed one at random, not sure whether she did that already but at least it would keep him from noticing as he helped her, sitting beside her and even when she could smell the musky scent that came from him. It took them half an hour and the problems she had been having trouble were done and understanding everything as Krory explain them when she hadn't known how to solve them in the beginning.
“Well I guess that's all, I'll see you tomorrow.” He was climbing back through the window to his room and Miranda watching as he made his way in before she said goodnight, “Good night Krory.”
“Miranda how many times do I have to tell you, call me Arystar we known each other for as long as we could remember.”
“Oh yes I know well ok, good night Arystar,” and as his back was turn getting ready to head for bed and closing the window.
She watched as he shut the curtains and when he was out of sight sigh to herself whispering the words she had wanted to say, “I love you.”
What was wrong with her? Why couldn't she do it, three words, just three simple words and she wasn't able to say it to his face! So stupid, she wanted to bang her head against the wall for letting her chance slip away! She was such an idiot, why did it have to be this way! It continue to bug her as she set aside her stuff, finishing up the rest of her work and finally decided to listen to some good old fashion rock'n'roll that always made her feel better afterwards.
Going through her CD collection until she came to one she liked and had also been an early birthday present from Krory last year. Putting the CD in the stereo and pressing random and Never Gonna Be Alone started playing and Miranda felt like suddenly dancing.
Ah good old Nickelback, he along with a few other artists she liked played such great music. She didn't get why Eliade thought their music suck as she constantly complain about it even though Krory had always like such bands. It was such a mystery for her and no way could ever understand about the Cheerleader.
It still bother her to this day as to why Arystar went out with Eliade, the woman may seem like the love of his life but she was the devil in model's clothing.
Sure, she was beautiful and drop dead gorgeous with that blond hair and had a great figure to die for, boys wanted to date her and girls like to be her or as her friend (lapdog) just to get in the spotlight.
It was obvious the reason why the guys drool all over her was because she wears those short skimpy clothes, especially those mini mini skirts. Miranda could never find herself to wear such revealing attire and instead chose something more practical like T-shirts and slacks and didn't care so much about fashion statement than her own personal comfort.
Yet if by comparing between the most popular girl in their school while Miranda sat in the back, unnoticed and not sure if Krory would ever want to go out with her even if she wish he could see it right before his eyes that she was the one who understood him most.
It was so unbearable and made her want to scream and cry at the same time at the unfairness of it all. Why, why can't he see it…? She turn around and went to the shelf that hung over her bed. It held an array of different books and other stuff she had, a picture of her and Krory back when they were starting the same middle school together, smiling in the camera with his arm over her shoulder and she trying hard not to blush as their bodies were in close contact. It had felt so right and wishing that moment could've last longer after the picture was taken.
Now why couldn't it be like that, she thought but turning her attention away from the photo and found what she was looking for. A slim notebook and flipping through the pages until she came across the one she found. Lying between the pages was a beautiful press red rose that had been well preserved and taking it out and holding it in her hand. Still as she remember and taking a slight sniff, the scent still linger after all this time. It was a special reminder of when she had first met Krory about ten years ago...
Her family first moved to this small neighborhood and while Miranda's parents were getting their things from the moving van, little Miranda, age eight went to sit in the backyard playing with her dolls since they were the only ones she could look to.
She was never really fortunate when it came to making friends and at her last school she had been picked on a lot and called `Unlucky Miranda' because of her clumsiness.
She was humming a small tune and wasn't aware that someone else was there watching her until she heard them sneeze.
Achoo! She turn, seeing no one but hearing the bushes rustle and saw something peeking out from behind them. There was a small bucket by it and use it to stand on it and as she made to peer behind the hedge and saw a startle face that saw her at the same time.
“EH!” The two said and Miranda almost lost her balance but the other person had not been so fortunate and fell to the ground. She heard him say ouch and Miranda again peered over the hedge and saw a boy who was rubbing his bruise rump where he fell on.
A tilt water can by his side and guessing he must've been watering before he saw her. The boy then looked up, his dark eyes staring into hers and suddenly found himself blushing. Same with Miranda as she found the boy was cute when his cheeks were colored red.
“Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I just was watering the roses until I heard you humming and you must be the new neighbors my grandpa was talking about.”
Miranda nodded while she stared at the boy. He was a few inches taller than her, with short black hair with the exception of his white forelock that hung over his face and was smiling shyly as he look to her. It wasn't long before they broke eye contact and Miranda not sure what to say to the boy. She then notice the roses that were on the ground, “Oh your roses are very pretty.”
The boy glad to end the awkwardness nodded, “Yeah my grandpa and I grew them, I wasn't sure if they were going to make it through the dry spell but thankfully they did. It took a lot of effort and glad they turn out like this.”
“Here.” Handing one of the roses to her and she gradually took it, sniffing at it and finding it scent wonderful.
“I'm Arystar Krory the Third, but you call me Arystar.”
“I'm Miranda, Miranda Lotto.” That day was the best day of her life. It was the day she met her first real friend and in the later years would find herself falling for the boy who was growing those beautiful roses.
Thinking back on that peaceful time, she fell into a relaxing dream, holding the rose and wearing a small smile on her face as she slept. By the time morning rolled around, Miranda didn't want to wake up but when her clock began blaring it was hard to stay in bed. She woke at five and unable to sleep decide to get ready and then go wait by the bus stop, her bag set on the ground. She yawn, damn she hope she doesn't falls asleep before the bus shows but then again she doesn't sleep in class, especially in the most boring class that put the rest to sawing logs and—
“Miranda?” She turn and saw Krory wearing a dark short sleeve shirt with his worn out jeans that had rips by the knees but look good on him. Anything on him look fine in her opinion.
“Oh Arystar, didn't expect to see you here this early?” He raise an eyebrow and look to his watch, “It's six o'five and the bus doesn't show for at least another hour or so.”
“Oh, hehe, I just thought I come and just watch the sky.” Miranda almost wish she kept her mouth shut, seeing what kind of stupid things she actually said and trying not to say anymore to embarrass herself. “So what are you doing this early?” Now it was Krory's turn to act a bit embarrass, “Oh I just thought I get some air and then I saw you sitting by the bench and decided to see what you were doing.”
Talking as they waited, it felt nice and Miranda wanted it to stay this way. But with time passing and the sun rising above them knowing it was coming to a draw for the two.
“And you remember that time when we…” She paid little attention to what he said because she was staring at him and seeing the warm smile that grace his face. It seem so long when she last saw it, not as dim but so carefree and could brighten anyone's day with his warm grin. Just as Miranda was about to say something, she heard a car pull up and then “Arystar!” They turn and saw Eliade in her purple corvette, tapping her purple fingernails against the steering wheel. “Arystar, com'n we're going to be late!”
“Ah gotta go, see you tonight at the game.” She nodded and waved, “Yeah sure.” She then watched as Krory climb in and then Eliade leaning over and giving him a kiss but her eyes were to Miranda and she almost flinch at the hard glare the Cheerleader gave her before she took off without another word leaving Miranda to choke on the exhaust before her bus finally rolled in.
The day seem to pass by like a blur, classes were a bit droll as she was still thinking of Krory and by the time lunch rolled around and heading towards the cafeteria to meet with her friends.
“Hey Miranda.” She turn and saw Allen carrying his tray with a massive amount of food towering over him. It was a wonder how he eat so much and yet stay so skinny but then again he was on the same team as Krory and both were the strikers and needed all the energy they could get. She followed him to where she saw the others were sitting by the small table. A bunch of misfits but Miranda enjoy being in their company than with others from her classes who always made her feel more like an outsiders, except for Krory but he was busy hanging out with Eliade and made her missed him.
Lavi waved in greeting, Kanda said nothing and continue eating his usual meal of soba and Lenalee made room for the two to join them. The two sat and starting chatting, about some thing that Komui did in the science lab and almost had it destroyed by one of his Komurin creation. It was the same old subject yet sometime one or two things that rarely happen and was talking about the game that was scheduled for this evening.
“So you psyche about tonight's game? It's Black Order vs. Noah and I'm sure that we're going to kick their butts tonight.” Allen and Lavi were on the team and Kanda's stepbrother, Daisya was also there as part of the midfielders. She knew they were excited because that it would make it closer for the championship and playing against their rivals would be all the more sweeter once they won. Before Miranda could say something she heard a shout from the cheerleader's table and turning her head to see Eliade looking to some girl with two braided pigtails and glasses who had dare to drop some pudding on her new and very expensive shoes.
Miranda instantly felt sorry for the girl. Poor girl, she was going to be in for it now, no one messes with Eliade and gets away with it, no she'll make your life miserable for the rest of the semester. The girl realizing her mistake and then running away in tears while everyone watches before resuming back to what they were doing.
“Oh dear there goes another poor soul.” Lenalee scowl while looking to Miranda, “Honestly, how can Krory stand being with her?” Lenalee had been from day one on Eliade hate list who thought should be the prettiest and most popular girl but thanks to Lenalee was second and Lenalee had become her enemy even though Lenalee wanted none of it.
“You got me but got to tell ya, he sure got taste.” Allen smacked Lavi over the head, “Ow, what was that for?” Then Kanda rolled his eyes and mutter, “Idiot.”
Lenalee turn to Miranda, “You ok?” Miranda blink and nodded, “Yes of course no problem, I'm fine.” She didn't want her friends to be worried and looking towards her watch, “Oh I got to go, classes is in ten minutes and I need to get my stuff, I'll see you later then.”
Just as she about to get out of earshot Lenalee said, “Hey we'll sit together for the game, all right.” Miranda nodded, “Yeah ok, see ya!”
Miranda hurried towards her locker, grabbing what she needed and shoved her other stuff in. Just as she was about to turn the corner, she bump into someone and who that person was, was none other than…
“K-krory!” She saw he had been carrying some papers and that he look very distracted for some reason. She help gather the papers and handing them to him, he seem a little distance.
“Are you nervous because of tonight?” Krory nodded, “Yeah a little I mean this is going to be a tough one I'm sure cause we're facing against the Noah team and Coach Winters was saying we better win or else he'll beat the crap out of us.” Knowing the Coach he'd make good on his word and could only imagine the worst punishment he could dish if they didn't win tonight's game.
“Oh don't worry I'm sure you do fine, I know you guys have been preparing for this so there's no need for you to be scared, I'm here for you after all.” She pat him on the back and as they stood there looking to each other, not saying a word, the silence was interrupted by the bell ringing.
“Oh no I'm late!” She rushed off, leaving Krory behind who watched as she leave and he then sigh as he then took the papers and looking to where he saw her go. “Miranda…”
By the time school finish, the game wasn't until seven and Miranda having decide to stay to finish her work before heading for the bleacher where she saw some of the members of the team getting ready, doing some warm ups on the field. Krory was shirtless and could see the well tone muscles he gain and how lean he was.
She could stare at him all day she thought watching as he did his squats and stretching himself before he made to run down the field with the others. It was her favorite pastime watching them get prepare before the others showed up and the bleachers started getting filled. Lenalee join her, both sitting and waiting for the game to start. The other team arrived and Miranda saw Arystar look up for a second, a nervous grin on his face and Miranda waved and mouth, `Good luck', he smiled and turning back to wait for the whistle.
Allen passed the ball over to Lavi who was then trying to get past this one guy who seem to be on his tail. As he seem to gain on him Lavi manage to kicked to where he saw Krory before the player realize he lost his chance. Lenalee sat beside her and watching as their team had the ball, Krory at the lead as he past by two players, a dark hair and blonde guy with stitches over his mouth and manage to maneuver around the duo.
“GO ARYSTAR!” Miranda shouted watching as Krory manage to get pass the other player and kicking the ball straight into the net and gain the winning score. GOAL!
Black Order wins, five to three! She watched as Krory was lifted up on the other players' shoulders and as Krory's eyes met Miranda's. But then it must have been her imagining things because she saw him looking to where Eliade was but then saw the smile wipe from his face. Apparently Eliade was talking to one of the other players from the Noah team. A dark skinned guy whose name was Tyki Mikk and apparently seem to be flirting with him.
She watched them argue out there, she couldn't hear what they were saying but could tell it didn't look good as Krory seem to be trying hard not to look upset but then Eliade said something and then left. Leaving Krory to storm off by himself ignoring his friends who wanted to go and celebrate their victory. Miranda got up and heading down from the bleachers, “Miranda where you're going?” Lenalee had not seen what happened as she had went to go off to give her congrats to Allen and Lavi and saw Miranda heading in the opposite direction.
Miranda wasn't sure if she should be doing this, going into one place she would never dare go into, not on her life but for the sake of her friend as she slipped into the guy's locker room. Thankfully none of the guys were there and probably already showered and left.
“Krory you there?” She heard loud banging, locker doors being slammed and some cursing then wasn't long before she heard quiet sobs as she enter the room.
He was sitting on a bench, wearing shorts and no shirt and had his head buried in his hands. “Arystar?” He turn and she saw that he had tears streak down his cheek and as he made to wipe them away. “Oh Miranda, I-I didn't see you, I was…”
He didn't say anything, looking away not wanting to let her see him cry but Miranda took his hand and held it in her hands. “It's ok you don't need to hold it in, I'm here for you.” She then took him in her arms and held him as he buried his face in her shoulders and she patting his back, helping to relax him.
“You must think I'm pathetic…” He mutter in her shoulder but Miranda said, “No I don't, it's ok, I know you better than anyone and I don't like seeing you like this.” Then she decide to give him a quick peck which had been meant for his forehead as a usually friendly gesture but he had looked up and their lips met instead. It seem to last for a long time before they pulled apart and seeing Krory staring at her wide eyes and Miranda realize what she done. Oh god, she had kissed him! Startled by her own action and when she saw Krory about to say something, “I'M SORRY! I'm so sorry!” Then ran out of there before she could let Krory have the chance to speak, watching as she disappeared out of the room.
It was Friday that evening, two days after what happen, neither forgetting the incident that occurred in the locker room after the game. Miranda had been avoiding Krory at school and pretending she wasn't home or head out somewhere else. She was not sure what to say even when she wanted to tell him how she felt but lost her nerves and had chickened out of there. Miranda was sitting home studying, her phone ring. “Hello?”
Miranda hey?” She look up and outside her window saw Krory wearing a white dress shirt and black slacks. Oh that's right tonight's the dance, he looked good in his suit but something seem off as he stared right at her before he said something and almost missed what he said.
Miranda you're not going?” He sound disappointed as if he wish she were. Miranda wanted to say something though it seem her voice wasn't even working. She then heard someone knocking and Krory said, “Hold on.”
The phone covered but she could hear Krory's grandfather coming in and though wasn't able to hear what was being said.
Oh I gotta go, sorry I wish we, well I…good night Miranda.”
“Good Night…Arystar.” Hanging up and then taking a glimpse out her window to watch as he left through the front door and heading towards his car. He back it up from the driveway and saw his window down with him looking up to her before he drove off.
She watched as the car disappeared down the road and couldn't help with how her heart hurt inside. The look in his eyes, god, it just was enough to make her want to cry. He just seem so unhappy and yet he was chain to a girl who treat him as nothing but a stepping stone and would one day discard him. She didn't deserve someone like him, a great guy who had such hopes and dreams and while she was just chewing him up and planning to one day spit him out and leave him in ruins.
Miranda couldn't take anymore of this. She was tired of having Eliade have her way with toying Krory and making him suffer all the same and she doing nothing to stop it. There was one way to make this whole thing right and was going to need backup. She picked up her phone and push speed dial, waiting before she heard the line pick up.
“Lenalee, it's me, I made up my mind. I'm going after him and I need your help.”
She could almost see Lenalee smiled and cried out, “About time girl, me and Lavi will be there, hang on, it's time to get your man!”
It took Lenalee at least fifteen minutes to get Miranda ready, working her magic on her and less than twenty for Lavi to drive his jeep, driving as fast he could and without so much as getting a cop on his tail but at least made it in one piece. Miranda would never dare go for a ride in Lavi's jeep again she swear on her life.
Lavi parked his car and as Lenalee was giving her a look over, putting one last finishing touch and giving her a quick pep talk seeing how frazzle the German girl was, “Now remember, don't be afraid, this is it. You're going to do what you should have done.”
“You ready?” Miranda nodded though she felt nervous like she might change her mind at any second, “I think so?” Lenalee and Lavi looked skeptic before Miranda tried again, “Yes I'm ready.”
Lenalee gave her a pat of encourage while Lavi gave her the thumbs up saying she was hot and even Krory wouldn't be able to resist her, not after the miracle transformation Lenalee perform for her.
Lavi helped her out of the jeep and the two said, “Go get him girl!” With those words Miranda walked towards the gym where the dance was held.
There were lots of people inside and Miranda saw few turn and stare in her direction, some with shock when they realize who that stunning girl was. She felt a little unease but she had to keep going, no matter how uncomfortable she felt because she was only concern about one person and one person only.
It's time girl, her conscious said; don't let your fear get the best of you or you're gonna regret it later.
She wasn't planning to and lifting her head high and walking straight to where she saw Krory, his back to her but she tap his shoulder and said, “Arystar.”
He turn around and his eyes slightly widen but then looking at Miranda as if he couldn't really believe it and yet his eyes showed he was happy to see her, “Miranda is that you?”
She blushed, knowing he probably didn't expect her, not like this. The dark blue dress reaching only to her knees and left her shoulders bare and looking to Arystar who was still staring but then he seem to come to himself.
“Wow Miranda you look…beautiful.” Beautiful, he called her beautiful, never had she heard him say that but she saw he meant it as it show on his face. The music began again and people getting over the sight went back to what they were doing. Krory then look to her, “Miranda would you like to…” She look to him wondering if he was going to ask her to dance, “Um, well come outside with me for a moment.”
“Oh.” She try not to sound disappointed but she nodded, “Sure.” Krory grab her hand and just as they were going to walk away heard someone call out.
“Arystar, where in the world are you going?” Krory and Miranda turn and saw Eliade who had her hands on her hips, staring down at the two and Miranda try to pull her hand out as if they were caught in the act. “Well I'm waiting.”
Miranda felt her throat dry and Krory turn to his girlfriend, “I'm just going out to have a talk with Miranda is all?” Eliade turn her gaze on her and Miranda suddenly felt a little uncomfortable watching as she made a sneer in her direction, “With her, I don't see why you should, she a nobody, a loser, just some geek who is so pathetic—“
“Eliade ENOUGH!” Miranda and Eliade turn to him, both with shock but for different reason. This was the first time Miranda ever heard Krory raise his voice to anyone. “Don't talk about Miranda that way again! She is a very important person to me and I will not stand by and let you say such things about her! I had it with you and your bitchy attitude which drives me up the walls and wish you just SHUT THE HELL UP!”
Everyone gaped at him, most never heard him swear before and even left Eliade stun for a second, her mouth open and Krory putting a protective arm around Miranda's shoulder and looking around the room to see if anyone wanted to say anything.
Eliade narrowed her eyes and with a huff said, “That's it we're through!”
“Good I was going to save it for later but now's better than ever. Eliade I'm sorry but I can't be with you any longer, enough is enough, it's over.” Eliade said nothing not that he would expect her to as he then turn and took Miranda hand and the two walked out of there, everyone's eyes on the leaving couple.
“I'm sorry.” Miranda said as they made it to the empty parking lot and Krory look to her, the anger now gone and was calm again as he turn to her, “Don't be, it wasn't your fault, it was bound to happen.”
They got into his car and turning the engine on as he made to pull out and leave. Wasn't Eliade going to be pissed when she finds her ride gone but then again she probably find some other guy to attach herself to.
The ride was quiet and Miranda wondering what was going on in his head. “Arystar are you all right?”

“Yeah don't worry, I'm sorry you had to see that, the way she said that to you, I couldn't take it, how dare she call you that.”
“Do you remember this place?” Miranda looked around, ten years and yet she had still recall the many summers they spent in this quiet place and remember how much fun being with Krory was. He then took her hand leading her down a path that she never took before.
“Hey do you recall what you once told me when we here?” She tried to remember, there were so many things they said here in this place, their hopes, dreams, almost whatever they could talk about in this private piece of haven they had. Something was nagging in the back of her mind as they continue to walk down the path, going wherever Krory was taking her.
“I want to show you something but you have to close your eyes.” She didn't understand but did as she was told and having him take her hand and carefully lead the way, curious as to what he wanted to show her. He stopped and then heard him say, “Ok you can open them now.” She did and what she saw made her gasp and her eyes slowly filling with tears but were of pure joy at what she saw.
Roses, dozens of beautiful roses all so beautiful as she saw them glowing in the moonlight.
“Oh you remember.” She touched one of them and look to the delicate beauties in her hand.
Krory then came over and handed one to her, “Why a dozen red roses when you can have a thousand or more given by the man who loves you.” She stared at him, not sure which surprised her more, seeing him give her these roses or the sudden confession. But she didn't let it bother her because she knew he had at last admit it and was now her turn, “And I love you Arystar Krory.” She saw him blushed but then smiled and saw that it look perfect in the light.
“Miranda would you care to dance?” Miranda turn to him, “Out here?” He nodded and then held out his hand and she placing hers in
This is what she always wanted because he was with her and couldn't have it any other way. “Miranda, I love you.” And as the two dance, she thought she heard music playing but must've been her imagination while being in the arms of the man she loved.
Meanwhile a man in his eighties, with gray hair but a white bang and matching mustache watched the two and smiled, please by how this turn out as he began to walk away, leaving behind the small stereo he recently `borrowed' from his grandson's room.
He always did like that Lotto girl and knew would make his grandson happy the way he always seem to talk about her without realizing it. He hope he lived long enough to see what happened between them, especially if the two decide on planning on one day having a family and wanting to see the adorable children they would have. He chuckled thinking how he would make sure he spoil his great grandchildren and tell them stories of their parents, especially on the day they realize their true feelings for each other. He chuckle to himself and smiled once again at the scene he saw and taking out his camera and taking a quick shot when his grandson kissed Miranda and know would look wonderful in the album.