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Kuronue's eyes widen a fraction. “She…what!?” Yarisha's emerald gaze roots Kuronue in spot as she begins to speak again. “That's right. Half wolf and half fox, I am. Can you guess whose side I got it from, Kuro?” Kuronue growls in annoyance. “Keiosuke! Your damned father!!” A sharp barking laugh emits from Yarisha. “What do you know? Kuronue actually got that right!” Shino cuts in. “I'm surprised, Kuronue. You actually didn't know she was a mutt?” “Get off my back, wolf-boy!” Kuronue shouts in anger. “In any case, you know she's part of the pack. Will you join Shiro now?” He adds after a pause. Shino nods slowly. “I will. Only because Yarisha is and because Shitano is…he has passed.”
Blood Moon:
Page 3
No sooner will the war between the three tribes break out, will the wolf's rain end. The wolves will be wiped out in the war, one by one. Leaving one, the chosen one, as the last full breed wolf. His life is the only thing that can keep the tribes with or against one another. His death could mean the end of the world as the demons have come to know it. Demons, united, will come to him for guidance as the war moves toward their regions. But, truly, the result it out of his control. There is a very thin line between war and peace. Demons stand on the tread and teeter from one side to the next, one fall or misstep could mean the worst.
Shino and Yarisha were taken to a large towerless castle sitting in the middle of a forest. On the outskirts of the forest stood a small village and market town. They walked from the battlefield to the castle, which was about 5 miles. Although, the walk was relatively short, Shino collapsed about 2 miles away from the castle. To his dismay, Kuronue had to carry the unconscious demon the rest of the way on his shoulder. When they arrived there slender young women greeted them and Shino was taken to a large chamber painted the castle colors. His outfit was changed to more basic attire. He was left there to sleep for as long as he needed. Yarisha, who had parted with them early, was left to herself. Kuronue however was summoned to the woman from early.
“Hn. Tashito…? He's been in his chamber, asleep for so very long, Kuron-kun. Is it the shock from losing his young brother? Is it from the battling? Did you hurt him that bad?” Her voice was slightly rasped but gentle and soothing nonetheless. She made a move to stand near the door and open it. She peeked inside to take a glance over at Shino's sleeping form. He seemed peaceful enough. Kuronue snorted rudely. “He's simply resting, that's all. A man like that…can only be exhausted after all is said and done, while the average man would died on instant. …Baka…” He muttered the last bit under his breath slightly. Unfortunately, the young woman caught it, and her face flushed with rage. “I don't care how small an insult that was. I heard it and that's all I need to know! You had better watch what you say… Little Raven. I don't want to have to lock you up in a cage like when you were small.” She sneered at him then continued to scare him. She grew one blood red claw of her right hand. “I know every single one of those vulnerable points of pain on your poor mistreated body. I assure you…I will use that knowledge to my advantage, Kuron-kun. Don't underestimate me, ever.” Kuronue nodded while moving his wings over the junction between them.
“Yes, Kasumi.” She scowled and glared at him for a moment before closing Shino's door. She then took her leave, disappearing as she trailed down the hall. In only a few minutes, Shiro appeared from a wall opposite Kuronue. They nod to one another in acknowledgment. “It's time to find Youko now. I'll summon Yarisha.” Before long a portal appeared toward their left. Yarisha emerged from it, ready to do whatever deed was placed on her. Shiro explained that they still needed to find Youko and ask him to join the group of demons. Yarisha nodded and replied softly. “Alright.” Suddenly, she yelped. Kuronue and Shiro's head swiveled toward her, wondering why she interrupted their conversation. Their eyes trailed over Yarisha's horrified face and then to her shoulder. A large, obviously male, hand sat there its long fingers splayed along her collarbone and shoulder chains. Yarisha finally found courage enough to look over her right shoulder. She found Youko's face now preached on her shoulder, making her let out another scream.
“Youko!” Shiro and Yarisha yelled at him in unison. “Hello, Shiro…and Yarisha.” He answered calmly to the three stunned and mystified faces in front of him. Kuronue snorted at Youko before saying anything. “Youko, you dip wad. You're such a jerk.” Youko gave him a large toothy grin. “I know I am. But that's from always hanging around a bastard like you, Kuro.” Kuronue and Youko laughed from a moment or two before Shiro stepped in, rubbing her face and sighing heavily. “Morons. In any case, will you join, Youko? YOUKO!” Shiro's face is flushed red with embarrassment as she sees said person. He turned to her; leaving one hand in its position on Yarisha's shoulder. “What? Did you say something, Shi-Chan.” She death glared him. “Will. You. Join. The. Pack?” She growled out at him through gritted teeth. He shrugged slightly. “I heard Shino joined…I presume I will also.” He stated to her simply in monotone. “And because of the beautiful half-breed named Yarisha Minoru.” He grinned at Shiro. Shiro shakes her head in disgust. “You are such a pervert kitsune. In fact…oh never mind.” Yarisha sighs and scratches her head. “Stop arguing you two. I have some news.” Everyone calms down and shuts their mouths. “What?” Shiro said in an annoyed voice. “It's about Shitano's untimely death.” Yarisha respond in a distressing voice. Kuronue's eyes darken slightly as he recalls the day before when she told Shino and him about Shitano's unexpected death. “I thought I'd tell you what happened.” Shiro simply nods and motions for her to begin her story.
“A lightning blast twice the size of a young pup, was sent toward Shitano as he came to my side. He yelped in pain while taking the hit to protect me as I stared at him from my position on the ground, shocked. He growled loudly and then turned to the longhaired blonde male in front of us. `Cheap shot, you creep!' The man simply kept his emotionless semblance on. `That was a fair hit, Shitano.' He stated, as Shitano growled loudly in protest. `Don't take this the wrong way! But it's way past your time! How about we burn that pretty boy face off!' He yelled, emphasizing it as he summoned a large ball of fire to his right hand. His claws only slightly closed around it in a casing as he stepped backward and released it toward Krad. `You should just run away now, fool!' He laughed as he captured the attack and crushed it in his bare hands. I trembled from my spot on the ground and I soon found my back against a tree, as I watched the battle form before me. Shitano's eyes resembled a fire as he growled and charged at Krad, yelling, `I am an Amagatou! I will not run from the likes of you!' `Well! Isn't that just so SPECIAL!' Krad yelled back as he also sprinted toward his adversary. I watched them meet full on. Theirs hands met the other's evenly and their insults never faltered. It was a wonder to watch them so engrossed in fighting. I was thrilled that Shitano was trying to protect me. It was a wonderful feeling to be so loved and safe.
“Shitano is a gifted creature…and although we know not his species of demon we know he is great. He heard my thoughts and told me this, `I am sorry, dear vixen! But I do not think of you as I fight at this moment. At this moment the only thing I can visibly see is the man standing before me and the man who meets my assaults! In all the battles I have seen, no matter who did what, one does not see those he is not fighting for he must only concentrate on those who dare defile him. I am engaged in battle and he is all I see!' I didn't fully understand what he meant by that, but I guess I never will. Sadly, as he told me this he had let his guard down and was engulf in one of Krad's amazing lighting shafts. It looked like Zeus was among us as Shitano screamed in agony and I only sat there and watched as all this happened. And finally as Shino's body fell to the ground I got up and ran to him. Tears filled my eyes as I saw his bloody wounds. `Oh Shitano! Please tell me you're okay! Say something. Oh…SHITANO!' He coughed and hacked and finally answered my screams of sorrow. `Shhh…my head hurts. Stop your screaming. Do not worry. I only need some rest…' He trailed off and I began to sob as I placed his head on my lap. `Moron! If you sleep now you may never wake! We can't afford to lose you. Please, keep your eyes open!' That's all I could say and before my tears could fall on his face. He said one last thing and then…he was gone…”
Kuronue and Youko look away, hiding the emotions that played across their troubled faces. Shiro quivers slightly, but questions Yarisha with a bit of confidence. “What was Krad doing during this?” Yarisha sighs heavily. “He was looking on, not saying a word as we parted. And when I turned to look at him after Shitano passed he was already miles away, the only thing he left was a white rose and feather.” Kuronue coughed slightly, gaining the women's attention. “One more. What were Shitano's last words? He was a close friend and I knew his brother. If I ever do meet the other Amagatou again I want him to know about his last words.” Yarisha nodded, understandingly. “All right. The last words he said was `You were right…Shingato…' And that was it. His eyes lost their lively color and his breathing and heartbeats stopped. That was it.” “I see.” He said as he turned away.
~Blood Moon:
Page 5
In this battle…demons may lose several allies…friends…and much more. It is a pain unspeakable. It leaves you alone, feeling like there is no one left for you. It reminds you of an old sad song. You hate it but you sing along anyway. The melody of it is so distressing that it tears you apart. In most cases…your loved one seems to have memories of themselves everywhere, tearing you as you remember them. It is supposed to be something like a broken heart. The pains are, as said, unspeakable. Several demons must experience this pain. This pain is nothing like the sting of battle. It is in a league of its own. It surpasses any ache put before it.
But in this battle…one must not have partners so close. Most are alone from the start, and even when they gain friends or allies or such, they continue to fight so. And not till they have been separated or killed do they understand how much they truly need one another. And even if that company becomes an adversary and betrays their supporter…they or it is still attached to that one. Demons, even though unwilling to say so, truly do rely on their friends or allies' vigor… assurance…camaraderie. Some may not find it easy to see but it is possible to see how allies change one.
In a single moment everything can change…
But they'll always be there with you…
Always be your best friend…
Time and distant may separate you…
But they are always with you…
In mind and soul…
Even if it's just a little…
Just a little bit strange…
Just a little sad…
If you don't see one another…
Don't make a face like that…
They're already…
Just right by your side…
You were alone from the start…
So you fought alone…
But then you met those friends …
And you were no longer alone…
The lose of a friend is unbearable, but still…one must move on to what may come one's way. And so we look on, waiting for the worst, best, and even the in-between of it all. New friends will come to one and one must be ready for them. But with the smile that graces one's face we may not and will not forget those who thought us good enough for even just acquaintanceship. We look to them and onward… ~
Youko sighed heavily as he turned to walk away from the group. Kuronue and Yarisha instantly look up. “You're leaving?” They asked in unison, each holding a look of concern on their faces. Youko let out a harsh breath, and turned around quickly. “He's in a better place!!” He exclaimed with a wide smile on his tear-streaked face. “I'll never forget him.” Youko finished and turned away, running down the hall out of sight. Kuronue smiled sadly as he watched him run. “Hey…Yarisha and Shiro…?” He said, as his voice shuddered. “Yes, Kuro?” They answered in unison. His eyes fell downcast and he looked off toward a suddenly interesting piece of floor tile. “Maybe Shitano is a lost soul, wishing not to be forgotten.” He paused and then continued. “ I think…that it might rain today…” He replied as a single tear rolled down his cheek. Shiro smiled at him, as Yarisha disappeared into a portal. “I think you are right…Kuro-kun.” Kuronue sighed and then began laughing. “Heh… `And his people said he was the gentlest and kindest of men, most considerate of his people, and eager to be well remember…' Suddenly it's true. ”
Shino awakes in a small room painted black and blue along with a bit of red. “How nice…” He pulls off the blanket covering him and finds himself in basic fighter clothing. He is wearing baggy yet still almost skin-tight black jeans, a red silk scarf around his waist to hold the pants in place, and a skin-tight red shirt tucked into the pants. “Where's a good cloak when you need one?” He begins searching one of the closets in the room. “This is why I hate basic clothing.” “Is that why you dressed as a mage during our training at the temple?” A familiar voiced asked gently. Shino spins around quickly. “Who's there??” “Like you don't know, my dear Shino.” He growls lowly. “Don't call me that…Sarasu.” Sarasu steps out of the shadows. “Now there's no reason to be so hateful, my dear Shino.” “I'm not your pet wolf, Sarasu, stop calling me that now!” “Yes, but it's fun to annoy you like this.” “Go…away…” “Very well.” A cloud of black smoke emits from the ground and surrounds Sarasu, and after 2 minutes of fowl smells it finally dissipates and nothing is there. “Hn. Sarasu you need to stop following me around. A panther demon like you can easily get hurt around me.” Someone suddenly appears behind Shino, and touches his shoulder slightly. He turns around. “You're…!”
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