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“What's wrong, Saitou-kun?” Kaitou asked in a calm voice as she turned to see the other standing still. He turned a set of bored eyes to her and shrugged. Kuronue stopped behind Kaitou with a puzzled look. “I thought I saw a man standing up there on that building,” He pointed to the ledge of a nearby building before continuing without missing a beat. “Watching up as we walked pass. I caught something he said before he disappeared. It was something like, `I won't kill you yet' and `don't put your guard down'. And that was it.” Kaitou let out a yelp and hid behind Kuronue's leg as a figure moved out from a doorway near their left side. “Youko, you're scaring the girl.” Kuronue said with a bored tone as he began to walk away without a second thought. “I realized that. But you're being a bit rough with your own girl. Neptune was just telling about Uriel, as she knew him. Her judgments weren't basis. They were…truthful, in a sense. You can't be mad at her for that.” Youko reasoned while he caught up with the bat demon. “Hn. I don't intend to apologize if that is what you're getting at, Youko. I don't like when people say one thing and know it's wrong. She knows that he was still himself he would have killed me, not hand me two children. She has enough common sense.” He retorted sharply, still not meeting Youko's gaze. “Kuro, you should. She likes you, you realize that, but you don't love her. But that doesn't mean you can be cruel to her. If you decide to go back to the way you were…I can no longer be your friend, Kuronue.” Youko said as he disappeared from Kuronue's side, stressing the demon's full first name. Kuronue noticeably flinched as he stopped walking and sat on the ground. “So what should I do?” He muttered to himself as Kaitou and Saitou came to his side.
“You're…apologizing to me…?” Neptune asked, looking at Kuronue with visible surprise. “I am. I hope you'll find it in you to forgive me for my rudeness.” Kuronue replied with a steely, indifferent voice and expression. He turned and began to walk toward Krad. “But…!” Neptune stopped, trying not to press Kuronue's patience. “You're going to leave with the others right? So If I didn't apologized, you would have despised me. And if that happened I'm sure the other side would have loved to recruit you. I can't let Shino be betrayed anymore.” He replied as he helped Krad gather his things together. Neptune gave a soft sigh and gathered her own things together before whispering, “You're forgiven,” She smiled. “You big jerk.” She glanced at Youko who gave her a quick smile that quickly faded as his brother and Kuronue walked over to him. “Is everyone who is going ready?” Youko yelled to the group, the selected ones nodded. “Good.” Shino said with a bright smile. “It's going to be…difficult, not having you all around. Especially those of us who are letting…brothers and potential boyfriends go.” Shino began, shooting a glance at Neptune who was looking at a very interesting cloud. “But I'm sure you'll all be better off at home where it's safe. Take care and I hope to see you all soon.” He finished before running off to say good-bye to Krad, Shingato, and Yasuo. Youko shoot a sharp look at Kuronue, as he didn't move from his spot. Youko moved behind him and gave him a hug, wrapping his arms around Kuronue's shoulders. “She wants you to wish her a safe trip and give her a hug, Kuro.” Youko informed him, meaning Neptune, as he closed his eyes and rested his head on Kuronue's shoulder. “No.” Kuronue replied steely. “That's harsh. Go over to her.” Youko tried again, opening his eyes narrowly. “No.” Kuronue repeated in annoyance. Youko growled and bit down hard on Kuronue's shoulder. “OUCH! Off!” Kuronue yelled throwing Youko's arms off him and pulling away. Youko chuckled and eyed Kuronue's newest wound. “Now? You know you'll miss her.” Kuronue grumbled something incoherent before walking over to Neptune. With a moment's hesitation, he hugged her tightly to him and whispered in her ear. “As mean as I have been to you…I'm sorry. I am really going to miss you and you excessive whining. I wish you safe voyage.” He finished quickly as he let the stunned girl go and walked off. She blinked several times before glaring at Youko, who gave her an innocent look. “I had to force him to do it. But you know it was genuine, Nep.” Youko said, treading over to her. “Yes. But I can handle myself!” Neptune said heatedly before stumping off. “Whatever you say.” He said with a toothy grin. “Bye everyone!” Shino yelled one last time as they began to walk away form the village. “Be safe!” Youko shouted after them, while nudging Kuronue in the side.
“Don't die!!” He shouted loudly, gaining a few glares from the retreating figures, and looking at Youko with an unhidden smirk. “You're horrible.” Youko muttered to him as the three men and two children strolled back to the inn. “That's what makes me…well, me!” Kuronue laughed. Youko shook his head and sighed heavily, muttering to himself dejectedly, “What am I going to do with you?” “You could stuff me in a box and send me away.” Kuronue said brightly as he patted Youko on the head. “Touch me again for the next two hours and I'll slice your hands off, Kuro.” Youko said warningly, before disappearing quickly into the inn's entrance. Shino looked after him for a moment before turning around to Kuronue, the light breeze making the end of his red, cloaked outfit flutter around his feet. “What are you going to do for those two hours?” He asked, quite innocently enough. “Hope he doesn't kill me anyway. Don't worry. He's just having mood swings.” Kuronue muttered with a suppressed grin as Shino shook his head in disapproval.
The rather small group sat outside the guarding wall of the Crimson City, inside a beautiful garden. An archway nearby was covered in a vine of wild ivy with white rosed bushes at its feet. A natural dirt pathway from the archway through the garden led to were they sat. Youko sat against the back of a bench, with the young Kaitou sitting in his lap as he recalled for her a story. Saitou and Kuronue fought on nearby while Shino watched on from the bench. They had been there since morning and weren't planning on leaving till the city's gates had finally closed. Earlier Shino and Youko had closed the account for the two-week stay at the inn, while Kuronue and the children bought some supplies and clothing from the city markets. They were going to leave that night, and they needed to be well prepared. Now they relaxed and waited, this would possibly be the only leisure time… for a long time. A long and difficult path way was unfolding before them, with no certain light at the end. Sooner or later, they were going to eventually run into Sarasu and his sisters, and sooner or later they were going to have to fight. Endangering the two small ones was not something the older demons were thinking of doing, but secretly they knew they had no say. The sun neared the horizon and a ringing of bells signaled to all the Crimson City's residents that the gates would soon be closing. Shino looked up, spotting the lowering sun and glanced at the suddenly tense fox demon behind him. Kuronue stopped one of Saitou's punches and looked up at the sky, he was uneasy about leaving the safety of the city, though he would tell none. Kaitou immediately stood; her hands clasped together, a worried expression playing on her face as she watched the sun move ever closer to the horizon. She knew what was coming on this journey her twin brother, Saitou, and herself were taking, and she wasn't in a rush to meet with it. A second, louder bell issued the last warning, making both Youko and Saitou stand still. Shino gave a heavy sigh as he stood also, taking one last look at the beautiful city they were going to have to leave. In the time that they had stayed it had became a home away from home, and he wasn't exactly dying to leave it, but it was inevitable. Finally, the gates began to creak and groan in an attempt to close in to keep the city safe tonight again. As soon as the gates closed it would mean nothing could get in or out till morning, and it would also mean that it was time for the group to leave.
Shino turned toward the group with a sigh and a sad expression. And as the sun was setting halfway under the horizon he said, “Well, it's finally time to go.” Everyone nodded and watched the finally minutes of sunlight drain away and the city's gates close with a thud. “Alright, to Ebony City we go!” Youko said with a falsely bright smile as he hugged Shino to himself. “Eh? Ebony City?” Kuronue and Saitou asked at the same time, with bemused expressions. “Yes, Ebony City is where we're going. For now at least.” Youko said, his face returning to its somber appearance. “Ebony City is a village of haunting. It's going to be bloodbaths and Armageddon when we arrive; they hate our kind.” Shino muttered, only slightly loud enough for them to catch and his pulled away from Youko's grasp and began walking north. The group followed quickly, while Kuronue said almost half to himself, “Ebony City, huh? It's been far to long since my last visit. I can't wait to torment those scrawny humans who dwell there.” Saitou moved up beside Youko with an interested look in his eyes as he alleged to him, “Ebony City is the city that favors the darker sides of the universe, correct? Those who reside there usually wear darker clothing, study the dark arts, and are intensely interested in the quirks of suffering and pain. Why would we stop there? It's a dangerous and unwelcoming place, right? They aren't exactly going to welcome us with open arms!” “You're right, of course, but that's why we must stop and look. There is a rumor going around about the Vampire tribe is hanging around there.” Youko said allowing himself a slight grin at the last bit. “Even for you, that joke was pathetic.” Kuronue said with a bored stare. “How long will it take to get there?” Kaitou asked softly as she came to Youko's other side. “It's a seventeen day journey from Crimson City to Ebony City on foot. In my opinion it's not that far.” Youko informed her with a bright smile. Saitou turned his gaze to Shino's back, wondering at something he had said. His inquisitiveness broke his thoughts and silence as he asked, “You said they hate our `kind', right? What do you mean?” Shino stayed silent for a moment. Unable to see his expression Saitou had suspected he hadn't heard him, and was startled when Shino's voice rang through the empty forest.
“They hate all demons. They'll definitely hate us, besides you two of course and maybe Kuronue.” “What do you mean? Aren't vampires technically demons? And why us three?” Saitou pressed further, playing the million-dollar question game. “I mean that animal-trait demon aren't welcome. Vampires aren't considered animals unless you account for the bat myths that loom over them, which I can tell you are very much a lie. Otherwise, you as a vampire would be welcome and your friend as an angel would be as well. Kuronue on the other hand would be welcome because of his… various traits.” Shino finished, stepping over a fallen log. Youko whispered something to Kuronue, who immediately turned crimson while the former grinned and walked up to Shino's side quickly. “Various traits?” Saitou inquired with more then an interest. “Yeah,” Kuronue cut in with, his face still flushed crimson. “Various traits. While in Crimson City I contacted Karo, my grandmother, and asked her a few questions, to which she answered most interestingly. It turns out my father is half vampire. I, oddly enough, received his bat and vampire traits and abilities, while only gain a quarter of Mishi's, our mother, wolf side. I have all sorts of vamp traits, some I would not rather speak of, but most are quite useful. Although I do not suck people's blood,” He paused for a moment, considering. “Expect maybe if they were good-looking enough and asked.” At that both Youko and Shino snorted, rolling their eyes. Saitou reflexively covered Kaitou's ears on that, until Kuronue had finished. “I hope you're right, Mr. Shicare. I would hate for my twin sister to get hurt.” Saitou said as he removed his hands from Kaitou's ears. “I am. Wait, what? Your twin?” Shino said stopping and turning around. Kaitou blinked and looked caught off guard. “You couldn't tell? We both have silver-gray hair and crosses on our foreheads. We even look the same despite our gender differences. It's pretty much obvious.” She pointed out, moving her bangs to show her own white cross as he brother showed his black one. “But your skin color is different. He's a vampire and you're an angel. Ah, my head hurts.” Youko whined as he grabbed his head. Kaitou smiled as she answered his unspoken question, “We're both cherubs, but Saitou is a fallen one. After he was imprisoned on Earth a vampire bit him and well you know. Otherwise, his skin tone is just different. Twins aren't all same.” Shino smiled as he nodded and turned again, walking forward for a while before taking a right off the path.
They slept in a clearing, only a day or two's walk away from Ebony City. A fire blazing in the middle, lighting up the faces of the young group. An icing pair of blue eyes watched them from a branch high above. “They have no weapons, it seems.” It hissed to itself in a guttural sort of voice. “But I mustn't disturb them, I mustn't, angry will my master be. Time to take flight, he commands. Time to report what I see, I should.” It rasped as it took flight and in a flash of black shadow, disappeared heading east.
“We're here!” Kaitou said in an excited voice as she and her brother danced around Kuronue. “Hey, you two, stop. You're making me dizzy.” Kuronue muttered before he stepped pass them and walked close to Youko's side. {Youko. This will be dangerous.} He spoke into his friend's mind, a faint fuzziness coming over his vision as he connected to their link. {I realize that. I am not blind, and what's worse is that it's night.} Youko answered, his eyes fixed directly on the dark gates of Ebony City. “Hn.” Kuronue replied aloud as they stopped. The stood before the great gates of Ebony City, open to anyone who dared walk through them. It was like staring into the depths of Hell and hoping to come back alive. Saitou laughed nervously as he said, “Well, um, we should go in now shouldn't we?” “Yeah. We should.” Kuronue answered, walking straight into the city with Youko at his heels. Shino took the twins in each of his hands and walked with them in behind his brother and Youko. “Who dares intrude on our territory?” Came a raspy female voice from an alleyway a few steps in front of them. “Depends! Who are you?” Kuronue shouted back. “I am called Ustrel, a vampire, and soon to be your demise.” Ustrel supplied as she step from the shadows of the alleyway, revealing her young body veiled in a red cloak and her blood red eyes. Her hair braided down her back swung from side to side as she approached them. “Ustrel! Don't go near them. There's two of our kind among them.” Came a second deeper and more masculine voice. Ustrel hissed as she withdrew from Kuronue, whom she had reached a few seconds before the voice called. “Who are you!? S-Show yourselves!” Saitou shouted into the darkness before them. “I am called Drakul. Ustrel is one of my followers. There is several of our kind here. Tell me who you are and we might spare you.” Drakul's voice came again as he stepped into the street from almost out of nowhere. Saitou gasped as he heard the name. “D-Drakul?” He repeated in absolute shock.
“My name is Shino Shicare. I am the blood son of Mishi Hataru. I'm a wolf demon by her blood.” Shino answered with renewed confidence. Kuronue, looking apprehensive for once in his life, replied also, “I'm am his half brother, related through our mother. My father is Satoru Toki, who died shortly after my birth. I am a bat and vampire demon form my father and grandmother's blood, but have a bit of wolf in me as well.” “And you?” Drakul asked, pointing a sharp nailed finger at Youko who glared at him. “I am Youko Kurama, grandson of Danashi Mukuro and son of Youkana Kurama. I am a Kitsune by blood of my mother's side.” He answered as he grimaced at Drakul, not comfortable in this vampire's presence. “I am Kaitou, angel of God and twin sister to fallen angel Saitou. It's nice to meet you, Sir Drakul.” Drakul smiled darkly as he beckoned them to follow him. He turned toward the center of the village and walked. They followed silently, Saitou walking behind Kuronue with a dark expression on his face.
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