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Warning: Fic may contain offense language, and so much implied yaoi you'll wish it really was gay anime.
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“We're here!” Kaitou said in an excited voice as she and her brother danced around Kuronue. “Hey, you two stop. You're making me dizzy.” Kuronue muttered before stepping pass them and walked close to Youko's side. {Youko. This will be dangerous.} He spoke into his friend's mind, a faint fuzziness coming over his vision as he connected to their link. {I realize that. I am not blind, and what's worse is that it's night.} Youko answered, his eyes fixed directly on the dark gates of Ebony City. “Hn.” Kuronue replied aloud as they stopped. The stood before the great gates of Ebony City, open to anyone who dared walk through them. It was like staring into the depths of Hell and hoping to come back alive. Saitou laughed nervously as he said, “Well, um, we should go in now shouldn't we.” “Yeah. We should.” Kuronue answered, walking straight into the city with Youko at his heels. Shino took the twins in each of his hands and walked with them in behind his brother and Youko. “Who dares intrude on our territory?” Came a raspy female voice from an alleyway a few steps in front of them. “Depends! Who are you?” Kuronue shouted back. “I am called Ustrel, a vampire, and soon to be your demise.” Ustrel supplied as she step from the shadows of the alleyway, revealing her young body veiled in a red cloak and her blood red eyes. Her hair braided down her back swung from side to side as she approached them. “Ustrel! Don't go near them. There's two of our kind among them.” Came a second deeper and more masculine voice. Ustrel hissed as she withdrew from Kuronue, whom she had reached a few seconds before the voice called. “Who are you!? Show yourselves!” Saitou shouted into the darkness before them. “I am called Drakul. Ustrel is one of my followers. There is several of our kind here. Tell me who you are and we might spare you.” Drakul's voice came again as he stepped into the street from almost out of nowhere. Saitou gasped as he heard the name. “D-Drakul?” He repeated in absolute shock.
~ Blood Moon: Classifying Tribes
Page 164
Vampire. A word that strikes fear in even the most iron of wills, even those of kings and armies. Vampires are defined as bloodsucking ghost or reanimated body of a dead person believed to have arisen from their graves and wander about the night sucking the blood of sleeping victims. They are also defined as `one who lives by preying on others; a bloodsucker…' which is the most accurate. Most vampires in modern day tribes now are merely bitten demons or humans who have received the curse. There is the occasional incident of unfortunate fallen angels receiving the curse through attacks, but quite rarely. If possible, avoid meeting the vampire tribe until they are the last to unite. They are vicious and cold-hearted and will not hesitate on given you their burden, even if it kills you. The only way to survive if you must encounter them is if you make peace with their leader, otherwise you just might be invited to be dinner. ~
Drakul stared at the eyes of the younger vampire, racking his brain for any indication to who this boy was. “Who… the hell are you, boy?” He said with a bored tone as he walked toward the cowering boy. “It's… it's Sai-s-s…” Saitou stuttered out as he stumbled backwards. “Sai? Hmm. So familiar, but that it isn't your full name is it?” Drakul smiled as he appeared behind the very frightened boy, his mouth open and fangs hovering over Saitou's neck. Saitou whimpered as Kuronue and Youko turned around to them, both looking equally angry. “Brother!” Shouted Kaitou as she took a step back. Drakul hissed in glee as he pulled back, pushing away the temptation to bite down on the smooth, pale neck. “Ah. I can remember that neck anywhere. My first child bite, which was your pleasure of having, wasn't it, Saitou?” He asked as he patted the scared boy on the head, ruffling the short silver hair. Kuronue relaxed slightly while Youko growled at the vampire's actions. Drakul walked back to his original place and faced the group with a small smirk plastered on his face. “You still haven't told me who you all are.” He stated as he looked at them one at a time. Shino glared at him for a moment before resolving to answer. “My name is Shino Shicare. I am the blood son of Mishi Hataru. I'm a wolf demon by her blood.” Shino answered with renewed confidence. Kuronue, looking apprehensive for once in his life, replied also, “I'm am his half brother, related through our mother. My father is Satoru Toki, who died shortly after my birth. I am a bat and vampire demon from my father and grandmother's blood, but have a bit of wolf in me as well.” “And you?” Drakul asked, pointing a sharp nailed finger at Youko who glared at him. “I am Youko Kurama, grandson of Danashi Mukuro and son of Youkana Kurama. I am a Kitsune by blood of my mother's side.” He answered as he grimaced at Drakul, not comfortable in this vampire's presence. “I am Kaitou, angel of God and twin sister to fallen angel Saitou. It's nice to meet you, Sir Drakul.” Drakul smiled lightly as he beckoned them to follow him. He turned toward the center of the village and walked. They followed silently, Saitou walking behind Kuronue with a dark expression on his face.
They finally entered a small tavern where several humans were drinking beer and arguing. Drakul took a seat in the corner beckoning the others to follow suit as the humans followed them with their eyes. Taking a seat, Shino asked in curiosity, “Why are you acting so nice?” Drakul shrugged a bit before tossing his long, ironically, silver-white hair over his shoulders. “My mother's… kindliness seems to have finally sunk in. I've been doing this for a while, ever since Saitou's taste. My vampire militia grows weary of my sympathy for fragile demons and tells me I'll go if they don't feed soon.” The vampire lord laughed out, showing off his sharp fangs. Kaitou was the first to respond to the very interesting answer the group of travelers had received. She sat down into a formal position has she politely said, “Lord Drakul, if I may call you that, what changed after you bit my brother?” Drakul hesitated for a moment, looking away meekly, he responded, “After I released him, the taste of his blood on my tongue sent me into confusion. It surprisingly made me step back from my conscious and reevaluate my ethics and myself.” “Drinking an angel's, even a fallen one's, blood can do that.” Kuronue muttered earning an elbow in his ribs from his younger brother, who shot him a warning look. To the ebony haired bat demon's side, Youko fidgeted under the gaze of the vampire who had followed them into the bar. Before the kitsune could stop himself he blurted out, “Tell your vampire to stop eyeing me!” Instantly remembering his place as several glares landing on him, his bowed his head a muttered an apology. Drakul laughed aloud at the fox's discomfort and looked to Ustrel, or otherwise referred to as `Drakul's vampire' as was put earlier. “Ustrel, sister, stop it. You're making them - him- uncomfortable.” He said as he pointed to a seat in-between him and Shino. Ustrel took a seat muttered something near, “Yes, Milord.” Kuronue snorted and propped his black-booted feet onto the table in front of Drakul as if it were nothing, earning himself several hisses. He scoffed at the crowd glaring at him and looked back at Drakul, over his boots, asking, “You called her your sister, but why does she address you as a superior?” “It's a complex reason, and I have no intention of explaining it to you.” Drakul said with a bored tone as he yawned widely, his eyes half lidded. “Where will we stay tonight?” Came a monotoned question from Saitou who looked just as tired. Almost instantly everyone was yawning in exhaustion. “You will all sleep in the main chamber of Milord's castle.” Came a voice from behind the group, and almost instantly Ustrel faded into the darkness and left them. Almost before the group could turn around a dark winged figure was standing uncomfortably close to Shino, who looked very discontent. “Mmmn, Dra, you have such a exquisite demon here and you did not call me?” He mumbled out loud enough for only those at the table to hear; Shino gave him his darkest glare.
“I thought I'd keep him for myself. His blood must be very rich!” Drakul said teasingly, winking at the dark winged male. “Mmmn. Ah, of course. I'll let it slip this time.” He replied as Kuronue began to stand up, his wings unfolding and his protectiveness kicking in. Youko grabbed his arm, pulling him back down. He eyed him as Youko shook his head back and forth, confusion written upon his pale skin. Youko stood and walked around the table to stand behind Shino's chair, the figure immediately looked up from Shino and stared at the silver haired fox before him. His face broke out into a grin and the familiarly beautiful named spilled smoothly from his lips, “Youko.” Youko smiled in returned, his stance relaxing and his eyes softening as he replied in turn, “Dark.” Kuronue's eyes widened beyond logical reasoning as he stood up and knocked back his chair accidentally, shouting, “You know this guy!? HE'S FLIRTING WITH MY BROTHER AND YOU DON'T TELL ME YOU KNOW HIM??” Youko ignored him and stare passively at Dark, both smirking, their eyes telling each other millions of things but both saying nothing. Kuronue blinked in shock at Youko's action and immediately narrowed his eyes at Dark. He's like my dammed clone, except with shorter purple hair and purple eyes. What's so great about him? He thought to himself. “Long time no see. Good to see you again, Thief King.” Dark said he face finally becoming serious as he stepped pass Shino and in front of Youko. Youko inclined his head forward slightly in acknowledgement as he responded steadily, “Likewise. It's been far to long, Phantom Thief. I can't believe your working for O, High and Mighty Drakul Alucard.” Drakul raised a dignified brow at his full title, Youko's version of it laced with mock respect. “Now, now no need to disrespect me in my company. Save it for when you two are alone in your chambers and are thinking of things to do to relieve your boredom.” Drakul laughing slightly as he thought on what they might do exactly. “Pervert.” The whole bar let out in a roar, joining Drakul as he laughed himself in a coughing fit.
Taking a deep calming breath, Drakul finally asked, “Where will they sleep? I can't very well put them in the main entrance.” “I'll take these two to my chamber!” Dark offered as he put an arm over Shino and Youko's shoulders. “Oh, and I suppose you think I should take the vampire and kids?” Drakul answered back with a pout. “I will take the children, Milord.” A woman called from her seat to the left of them, the kids immediately running towards her and asking her tons of questions. “I think those two have decided. And you?” He asked turning to Kuronue who sat with his head back, staring at the ceiling, his smooth pale neck exposed to the hungry eyes of the vampires and their leader. Suppressing the urge to lick his lips, Drakul stood up and cleared his throat loudly at Kuronue. “Eh?” Kuronue asked as he cocked his head to one side to look at Drakul with bored eyes. “What about you, where will you sleep?” Drakul asked once more. “Where's my brother sleeping?” Simple inquiry to a simple inquiry. Drakul scowled at Kuronue for a moment before pointing to Dark, who began to wave animatedly at Kuronue when he turned to look. “Definete no. The brats are with that woman, so that leaves… Shit.” Kuronue looked all around nervously before sighing and glaring at Drakul, who blinked. “Listen here, Mr. Lord, I hate him,” said Kuronue pointing a finger at Dark, who smiled, “and I hate those kids for dumping themselves on me. Don't get any ideas about us being any type of friends. I will sleep where you sleep for this night, but come morning I will be saying good bye.” Kuronue stood up when Drakul came toward him, and with a scowl turned on his heel and stalked away, succeeding in smacking Drakul in the face with his ebony hair. Stunned, Drakul stood there dumbfounded, his hand on his throbbing cheek. Shino bit back a laugh and politely tried to apologize, but failed as he burst into giggles. “Well, with that settled, let us go to sleep. Follow me.” Drakul commanded, regaining his composure and headed out the door same door as Kuronue.
“Where am I?” Kuronue muttered into the darkness, his shiny black raven-like wings flapping furiously behind him as he began to panic. All around him was ink black darkness, and he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face let alone where he was. Every time he peered into the shadows he would become dizzy and would lose control over his wings for a brief moment. He stopped for a moment his wings beating forward to keep him still as he heard the flapping of another set of wings. He pulled an odd shape pendulum from his pocket and with a whispered command it began to glow and give off a dim light. “Who's there? Show yourself or I kill you!” He shouted forward into the inky darkness as he raised the light a bit forward. A chuckled emitted from the surround dark and a voice told him, “You have nothing to fear. I am merely a friend, keeper of the red stone.” Vaguely, Kuronue could make out a pair of white wings on a man whose silver tongue showed as he spoke. “Who the hell are you?” Kuronue asked again as he raised the pendulum higher. The man came closer, his face handsome and young, he spoke smoothly as he replied, “My name is Dusk. I have a message for you, Kuronue. You need to leave the town soon, or you will be doomed. Leave when you awake and don't let anyone question you.” “Why should I trust you, Dusk?” Asked Kuronue suspiciously. “Why trust anyone?” Dusk replied, so very quietly that Kuronue didn't hear him; he repeated his question once more. Dusk smiled and flew closer to him, until his face was close enough to touch, the tips of his pearly white wings brushing Kuronue's ebony wings with every forward beat they did. “Why trust anyone?” Dusk said once more, breathing the scent of peppermint against Kuronue's face. Squashing the urge to close his eyes and sniff in the scent, or do anything else, Kuronue growled lowly and glared at Dusk. He smiled and laughed lightly at Kuronue and finished, “You're enemies are near. Tread carefully.”
Kuronue shot up, sweat drenching his body and clothing. He placed a cool hand to his head and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was sitting in a large four-post bed, covered in blue silk sheets and a navy blue, silk comforter. He looked beside him, finding Drakul tangled up in a separate red comforter and sleeping peacefully, undisturbed by Kuronue's rough awakening. “My enemies are close.” He muttered unconsciously. He groaned in annoyance and flopped back against the bed, immediately feeling the soreness in his back. Drakul stirred, his drowsing voice breaking the sudden silence around Kuronue, “Hey, what's wrong, Kuro?” “Kuronue.” Kuronue corrected the slightly annoying incorrectly used nickname. “Kuronue.” Drakul repeated with a bit of slur as he rolled over to face Kuronue's back, he yawned and blinked a few times. “Bad dream is all.” Kuronue told him, vaguely. “Whatever, Kuronue. Go to sleep. I'm not dealing with a cranky bat demon tomorrow in my kingdom.” Drakul mumbled as he scooted closer to Kuronue's inviting warmth, closing his eyes. Kuronue closed his eyes and whispered quietly, “Can't.” Drakul cracked one eye open and grinned from ear to ear, an evil idea forming in his twisted mind. “I'll help, but no arguing.” “Fine.” Kuronue agreed. Drakul shifted right behind Kuronue and slid under the other's blankets, feeling him tense. “Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you.” Pulling the cover to his chin, Drakul hugged Kuronue around the waist and pulled him against his own chest and sighed as he was engulfed in the scent of cinnamon and evergreen trees. He buried his head against the back of Kuronue's neck, the ebony hairs tickling his face as he felt Kuronue stiffen against him. “Mmmn. You smell nice.” He breathed teasingly in Kuronue's ear, the other boy relaxing slightly. “Fuck you.” He shoot back angrily, his breath catching slightly as Drakul nuzzled a sensitive point of skin on the side of his neck, ruining the effect. “Mmmn.” Drakul hummed back, taking one last deep breath of Kuronue's scent before making himself comfortable, letting sleep take over. “Night.” They said at the same time before lapsing into a comfortable silence, their breathing patterns luring them into the inviting darkness.
“I wonder if they…!” “Shut up, Dark!” “Awe, you jealous, Youko?” Kuronue stirred, his eyes opening to find Drakul's hair sprawled over the navy blue pillows in front of him. Moving very slightly, he felt Drakul's hand tighten around his waist and his face burying further into his chest, his head right under Kuronue's chin; Drakul's breath tickling his overly sensitive neck. Should I be slightly scared that I woke up in this position with a vampire? He thought to himself, his eyes threatening to open. Behind him in the far side of the room his ear caught onto the conversation between what sounded like Shino and Dark. He guessed that from what he woke up to Youko was there too, apparently upset. Kuronue grinned mentally, getting a great idea. What the-? He thought as Drakul shifted even closer, placing himself flush up against Kuronue. He…smells really good. Mmmn. He thought, a red tint appearing over his face. An alluring mix of lavender and vanilla was the scent Drakul had, and what a scent too, Kuronue could hardly stop himself from snaking his arm quietly around Drakul. He leaned down till he was level with Drakul's ear and whispered quietly, “Drakul, wake up. It's morning.” He felt Drakul shiver against him, and suppressed a grin. “Mmmn. Too early.” He whispered back, catching onto Kuronue's plan even though he was half asleep. “Too bad.” Kuronue answered back, still whispering, before he grinned and licked lightly at Drakul's ear lobe. Drakul shot up into a sitting position, his hand on his ear and his eyes wide. Kuronue grinned and winked at him, noticing the sudden silence in the room as he sat up next to Drakul. “Uh, morning?” Shino asked nervously as he watched the two staring at each other. “Yes. Good morning.” Kuronue answered in a husky sort of tone, causing Shino to flush at a suddenly bad thought. Youko remained silent as Dark inquired happily, “Good night sleep, you two?” “Not really. Kuronue kept me up half the night.” Drakul pouted, his eyes glittering with hidden laughter. “Me? It was your fault too, love.” Kuronue replied, stressing the last word as he turned toward the group in the corner. Drakul chuckled ever so quietly and wrapped his arms around Kuronue's shoulders, placing his chin on one side and staring at the group. Youko face was expressionless where he stood, leaning against the wall, staring at the ground.
Shino glanced at said fox before laughed nervously and asked ever so gently, “You two aren't seriously… ya know?” The men exchanged looks before backing away from each other and bursting into a fit of laughter. Dark and Shino blinked in utter confusion as the pair laughed for a full five minutes. Finally calming down, Kuronue was the first to answer, “No, no! I did that when I woke up last night. I was merely having a bad dream and Drakul was comforting me. Some how or another we woke up like we were, unintentionally.” Shino let out a sigh of relief and smiled brightly. “Good, because you see, Youko was worried that maybe you…” Shino began, but stop short as Youko stood up and walked over to Kuronue who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Kuronue looked up at him as he approached and asked softly, “Youko?” Slap. Youko turned away and walked out of the room silently, leaving Kuronue to hold his red hot, throbbing cheek. “Wha…?” Drakul turned back around, fixing his clean pants and shirt over his body, and told him, “He's angry. Apparently, we really scared him when we did that. Did you see his eyes? For a brief moment his eyes showed pain when you called me `love'. Talk to him.” “Oh. That was deep, man!” Dark said jokingly. Shino rolled his eyes as Kuronue got up and stripped off his clothes and changed into a pair of black leather pants that seemed a bit to small for his muscular form and a black unbuttoned vest, putting on two cross earrings, several silver chain necklaces and a silver band on his wrist. “Be back later.” He mumbled as he strode out of the room in the direction Youko went. “Mmmn. With a body like that and clothes that fit like that I almost wish he was mine.” Drakul laughed out. Dark nodded in agreement as he eyes swept over Kuronue's retreating back. “Must. Not. Drool.” Dark said, his actions clearly showing he was having a hard time with that.
“Youko!” He called out as he stopped running in the middle of an archway. “You're a pathetic piece of filth, do you know that?” Youko hissed out as he came from behind a bush and sat on a bench far away from Kuronue. The ebony winged man shrugged and sat on the ground beneath him muttering, “It was only a joke.” “Even still, you shouldn't have done it. It gave me a horrible scare.” Youko shot back angrily, his amber eyes flaring. Kuronue rolled his eyes and retorted, “You're getting mad over the tiniest things! I swear it's like you're having a period of something and because of it you're having mood swings. Either that or you suddenly pregnant and we don't know.” Kuronue looked at him suspiciously as he blushed. He shook his head and Kuronue narrowed his eyes in an unasked question. The silence stretched between them before Youko finally shouted, “I'M NOT PREGNANT!” “…” They burst into laughter, their stomachs quaking painfully.
“A dream?” Kuronue nodded at the question. Truth be told, he thought it was more of a nightmare, but said nothing about that. “Yes, and this man Dusk said we should leave right away.” Youko arched a dignified, silver eyebrow at that. Kuronue continued, “He said my enemies are close. The first people that came to mind were the Terrible Threesome.” Youko turned to look at the ground, knowing very well who those three were, and they were all traitors. “I've got a bad feeling that we should have left and talk about this earlier.” Youko muttered darkly, a chill sending a shiver down his spine. “Was that a foreshadowing?” Chuckled Kuronue cheerfully. Youko shot him a look. “You know very well how serious this is! You…” “WILL DIE!” Interrupted a quite familiar voice from above. “Who the hell?” Kuronue said as both boys' heads clicked up to see their foe, and there he was. His forest green bangs and emerald hair swayed in the wind, as his solid green eyes glittered with unspoken hatred. Sarasu. “I am hate, and I am vengeance! And I am your demise!!” Sarasu shouted as he jumped down from his stop of the central clock and headed straight for Kuronue. Said bat demon froze in panic before recovering, but only to be a fraction of a second late as he leapt the other way. In his attempt to escape he positioned himself perfectly to receive the sharp end of a large knife in Sarasu's hand, and it inevitably pierced his skin, sinking deep into his chest. His eyes went dull as he gasped, the pain ripping through his body. Youko's eyes widened considerably as Kuronue fell down in front of him, Sarasu standing near by with a murderous look on his face, panting harshly. Youko fell to his knees, next to Kuronue, and he probed him gently whispering his name like a lost child, his eyes widened in shock. “Kuronue…Kuronue?” He stopped listening for breathing or something to tell him his friend was alive, he received no such thing. He panicked, probing Kuronue more forcefully, fear kicking in. “Kuronue? Kuronue, please. Stop playing around. KURONUE!” He screamed, tears flowing down his tanned cheeks.
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