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(Recap: Chapter Eleven)
Shino glanced at said fox before laughed nervously and asked ever so gently, “You two aren't seriously… ya know?” The men exchanged looks before backing away from each other and bursting into a fit of laughter. Dark and Shino blinked in utter confusion as the pair laughed for a full five minutes. Finally calming down, Kuronue was the first to answer, “No, no! I did that when I woke up last night. I was merely having a bad dream and Drakul was comforting me. Some how or another we woke up like we were, unintentionally.” Shino let out a sigh of relief and smiled brightly. “Good, because you see, Youko was worried that maybe you…” Shino began, but stop short as Youko stood up and walked over to Kuronue who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Kuronue looked up at him as he approached and asked softly, “Youko?” Slap. Youko turned away and walked out of the room silently, leaving Kuronue to hold his red hot, throbbing cheek. “Wha…?” Drakul turned back around, fixing his clean pants and shirt over his body, and told him, “He's angry. Apparently, we really scared him when we did that. Did you see his eyes? For a brief moment his eyes showed pain when you called me `love'. Talk to him.” “Oh. That was deep, man!” Dark said jokingly. Shino rolled his eyes as Kuronue got up and stripped off his clothes and changed into a pair of black leather pants that seemed a bit to small for his muscular form and a black unbuttoned vest, putting on two cross earrings, several silver chain necklaces and a silver band on his wrist. “Be back later.” He mumbled as he strode out of the room in the direction Youko went. “Mmmn. With a body like that and clothes that fit like that I almost wish he was mine.” Drakul laughed out. Dark nodded in agreement as he eyes swept over Kuronue's retreating back. “Must. Not. Drool.” Dark said, his actions clearly showing he was having a hard time with that.
“Youko!” He called out as he stopped running in the middle of an archway. “You're a pathetic piece of filth, do you know that?” Youko hissed out as he came from behind a bush and sat on a bench far away from Kuronue. The ebony winged man shrugged and sat on the ground beneath him muttering, “It was only a joke.” “Even still, you shouldn't have done it. It gave me a horrible scare.” Youko shot back angrily, his amber eyes flaring. Kuronue rolled his eyes and retorted, “You're getting mad over the tiniest things! I swear it's like you're having a period or something and because of it you're having mood swings. Either that or you suddenly pregnant and we don't know.” Kuronue looked at him suspiciously as he blushed. He shook his head and Kuronue narrowed his eyes in an unasked question. The silence stretched between them before Youko finally shouted, “I'M NOT PREGNANT!” “…” They burst into laughter, their stomachs quaking painfully.
“A dream?”
Kuronue nodded at the question. Truth be told, he thought it was more of a nightmare, but said nothing about that.
“Yes, and this man Dusk said we should leave right away.”
Youko arched a dignified, silver eyebrow at that.
Kuronue continued, “He said my enemies are close. The first people that came to mind were the Terrible Threesome.”
Youko turned to look at the ground, knowing very well who those three were, and they were all traitors.
“I've got a bad feeling that we should have left and talked about this earlier,” Youko muttered darkly, a chill sending a shiver down his spine.
“Was that a foreshadowing?” Chuckled Kuronue cheerfully.
Youko shot him a look. “You know very well how serious this is! You…”
“WILL DIE!” Interrupted a quite familiar voice from above.
“Who the hell?” Kuronue said as both boys' heads clicked up to see their foe, and there he was.
His forest green bangs and emerald hair swayed in the wind, as his solid green gaze glittering with unspoken hatred.
“I am hate, and I am vengeance! And I am your demise!!” Sarasu shouted as he jumped down from his stop of the central clock and headed straight for Kuronue.
Said bat demon froze in panic before recovering, but only to be a fraction of a second late as he leapt the other way. In his attempt to escape he positioned himself perfectly to receive the sharp end of a large knife in Sarasu's hand, and it inevitably pierced his skin, sinking deep into his chest. His eyes went dull as he screamed, the pain ripping through his body.
Youko's eyes widened considerably as Kuronue fell down in front of him, Sarasu standing near by with a murderous look on his face, panting harshly.
Youko fell to his knees, next to Kuronue, and he probed him gently whispering his name like a lost child, his eyes widened in shock. “Kuronue…Kuronue?”
He stopped, listening for breathing or something to tell him his friend was alive, but he received no such thing.
He panicked, probing Kuronue more forcefully, fear kicking in. “Kuronue? Kuronue, please. Stop playing around. KURONUE!” He screamed, tears flowing down his tanned cheeks.
“Hmph. That was far too easy, and now for his brother. Good byes, fox, don't hold your breath for him to wake up!” Sarasu threw back with a laugh as he jumped higher and higher, father away.
Youko glared in his direction before turning back to his friend.
Shino jumped up from his relaxing stop on the couch, his heart beating painfully fast.
“What's up?” Dark said from his place against the wall, a glass of red wine in his hand.
“Kuronue… something bad happened to my brother!” Shino skipped shock and went straight into panic mode.
Dark tilted his head to one side in question.
Shino huffed and glared at him till he finally moved off the wall and downed his red wine.
“Fine. Let's go find my clone.” He muttered as he pulled on a huge, black trench coat.
“What's this place called, Sir?” Kaitou asked innocently as she treaded through the extremely vast room.
Drakul sat down heavily in a chair located at the end of the room, behind a desk in front of three spectacular stained glass windows. “My study room, kid. Saitou, can you bring me that mirror on the couch over there. Yes, that one.”
Saitou handed him the mirror and stood back next to his sister as Drakul placed in front of his a muttered some strange icy words.
The surface of the mirror shimmered and changed showing a scene so utterly wrong that both children looked away from tear filled eyes.
“Dear God.” Drakul muttered as he hand swiped over the mirror showing the image of Kuronue laying deadly still on his back, blood dripping from his chest wound. To the very left edge of the mirror Shino and Dark ran toward him, screaming his name.
“We've got to get over there to help,” Kaitou murmured.
“A little late for that, I think!” An unfamiliar voice laughed, sending shivers through the room's occupants as it reached their ears.
“Who are you?” Saitou asked with a quiet voice as he stepped in front of his sister, shielding her from the unseen source of danger.
“Well, seeing how everyone else knows me, you should too. My name is Sarasu, but you can call me `The End' considering that's what I'll be to you when I've attack.” Sarasu's voice answered quite cheerfully.
From a shadowed corner on the opposite side of the room, he stepped out and exposed himself. His tall, slender figure gave him a sense of age while his pale, unblemished face said the exact opposite.
Drakul's eyes flicked to the mirror, its courtyard image showing no people or familiar faces covered with panic expression.
Nothing but the slight red tinge of blood on the ground showed that a supposedly dead body had once lain there.
With a whispered command, the mirror cleared and the picture it once showed was replaced by the mirrored image of the Vampire Lord of Ebony City.
He grinned feral as he looked back up.
Sarasu looked over the panicked faces of the twin children and smiled creepily, finally his gaze settled on Drakul, but with a suddenly scared expression, as he saw no fear or shock in those crimson orbs.
“Wha- what are you grinning at, you git!? I'm about to kill you and you're grinning! What in the seven hells could you be grinning at?” His voice cracked in annoyance.
Drakul dropped the grin and replaced it with a knowing smile as he responded calmly, “Oh, turn and you shall see, sir.” He gestured to the door behind Sarasu and watched in glee as the other man tensed.
And so he turned and slowed at the inevitability of it all.
“Shino.” He spat nastily and glared at said boy with nothing but hatred radiating from him.
“Sarasu, and you'd never guess who else.” Shino greeted back with a slightly innocent expression of pure joy.
Kaitou hugged her bother's arm behind the tension filled scene before them.
“Your merry band of slime balls, no doubt. Then again you never leave home without them do you, Shino.”
Shino took a moment before he shrugged and then grinned as he shook is head in negative at Sarasu's guess.
“Stop trying to play around, Shi-chan. Just let me through. I have revenge I need to exact for this mar of my perfect skin.”
Sarasu froze completely at that voice. On the other hand, Shino shrugged and moved aside letting an unexpected person come through the doorway alive and healthy.
“Who… the… hell…are you!?” Sarasu gasped as he backpedaled away from the door.
Kuronue smiled cheekily as he mimicked, “My name is Kuronue but you can call me `The End' considering that what I'll be to you when I've attacked. Then again you already knew that, did you not?”
Sarasu ignored the remark in shock as he stared shamelessly. “H-how are you alive? That attacked hit your heart!”
“About that. See thing is healing plants can be orally digested to heal all injuries to internal organs, and so here I am standing pretty. Just don't ask how Youko got me to down that nasty stuff while I was semiconscious, it was far to disturbing.” Kuronue shrugged as he circled around Sarasu with a childish joy.
Sarasu snarled and tackled Kuronue unexpectedly as he neared close enough.
Kuronue landed with a thud on the floor and gasped as the air was forced out of his lungs; Sarasu straddled his stomach before he could sit up and glared down at him.
“You have no idea how much I hate you. No idea!” He spat at him.
“I think we could all guess at that, sir.” Drakul said with high authority as he rounded his desk and kicked Sarasu in the back of the neck.
“Thanks. Ow, my ass hurts!” Kuronue muttered darkly as Drakul helped him.
Sarasu staggered slightly before growling and jumping at Drakul, who dodged calmly; He landed with a thud against the floor and let out a groan.
Drakul chuckled into his hand before turning back toward Shino. “Why is this man here? What business does he have with you?”
Kuronue whistled in awe at Sarasu's prone body on the floor.
Sarasu let out a groan and Shino immediately shot forward and sat on his back, smiling.
“This guy is Sarasu, Drakul, and please stop talking like that. It's creepy. He wants to kill all full blood wolf demons or those in relation to them. He thinks that if he does so salvation will never come for the war raging tribes around them. He wants all hell to break loose,” Kuronue explained with a dismissive shrug.
“Right.” Drakul nodded, immediately losing his high and mighty king dialect.
Dark and Youko stood in the door way now, leaning against the frame in a relaxed way. “Yarisha, one of our old friends, betrayed us and began helping Sarasu. Before her was Sarasu's sister, Kasumi. She, however, is dead,” Youko finished.
Kuronue moved toward the large windows behind the desk and looked out. “I…I think we should leave now. I think it's time we went to the other cities and finished this mission.” He said aloud, his voice cracking with a sudden dawning fear that suddenly rose from the core of his being as he saw a large group of ravens and crows rise from the trees of the forest and fly away with screeches.
“Of course, brother. We'll leave Sarasu to you, Drakul. Thank you for everything, really,” Shino smiled softly as he got up and hugged Drakul and Dark.
Kuronue moved around them and walked out of the room, his fear showing on his pale face. Youko bowed his head toward the phantom thief and vampire lord.
“Good bye, my friends,” Drakul called from the door as the group of men left and walked out along the hall, Saitou and Kaitou following behind after hugging Drakul and Dark goodbye.
“Kuro?” Kaitou asked quietly from where she lain against a tree in the clearing. Kuronue turned to her and gave her a questioning look.
“What is it, kid?”
“Ah, well, I was wondering… um, where are we going now?” She asked quietly as she wrung her hands together in a nervous fit.
“Easy, Kai. We're heading to the last city,” he answered as he reclined back onto the ground and rested his head on his arms; content to stare at the colors of the setting sun.
Youko sat down next to Kaitou and smiled at her as he asked, “Do you know what the last city is called, little one?”
She frowned for a moment in concentration before shaking her head.
“Emerald City, the city of forbidden, hidden desires. It's a dangerous twisted city. Fights there are highly discouraged for the safety of all whom inhabit it,” he explained as a breeze blew through the clearing and stirred Shino from his restful wolf nap.
Shino yawned quietly as Kaitou looked up in confusion at Youko.
“Emerald City is rumored to have a strange unnatural ability to show all those who dwell in or visit the city their own most forbidden and hidden desires. Desires that that person may not have even known existed in their mind. It is a very dangerous place to go but we need to go there to end this fight.”
They sat in silence for a long while before Kuronue broke it with a hesitant, “I'm frightened by the thought of what I might see. And of what will happen once we have arrived.”
“They are going to be there, our trio of enemies. I can't wait for a fight but at the same time I fear that they my already have harmed the others. I worried about Neptune, Yasuo, and Shingato,” Shino added, fiddling with a little piece of grass beside his hand.
“We all are when it really comes down to it. Yet, we know there is nothing we can do. From the very being, before we knew what was going to happen, we ourselves placed them in danger. They never would have had nothing to worry about if they had not met us,” Youko muttered, eyes drawn to the setting sun.
“In the end, it's all our fault,” Kuronue said after a moment. “In the end, if they die, it will be because of us.”
Shino flinched at that thought.
~ Blood Moon: Notes
p. 543
We have a savior. It is predicted we will be saved. I expect that he is reading this now, flipping through the pages of nonsense I have written upon him and his preordained destiny. Our seer predicts that he shall save us all at that the end of wars will follow. I doubt this, but at the same time I yearn to believe what I have been told. Believe that when I die and this book of predictions reaches our savior that everything I have been forced to written will have helped him. My people are worried, just as I am, that this book will not be enough for the demon. It is laughable I suppose, that we will place our futures in the hands of a wolf demon.
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