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His Princess: Chapter Two
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Summary: He had never before encountered a girl like her; not ghost or human. As he thought on it two years later Aragon could still not forget her face.
Genre: General/Romance
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Last Time:
“I will tell you this though Phantom. Should you ever hurt her… I will end your existence myself.”
He knew he could never have her. No matter how he wished to take her as his own and keep her as his princess. She would never agree and despite his threat, he knew Phantom would destroy him.
“I'll keep that in mind.”
The conversation that had felt like an hour, and in reality was only about five minutes, ended as quickly as it had begun. Aragon leaned back against an old burnt tree, a place he'd become partial to, and found himself once more staring at the swirling vortex of the ghost zone that surrounded them. If only in his dreams, she would be his princess. The idealistic human girl called Sam Manson; the one girl who he realized was the only one to truly deserve to be a princess. He allowed himself to rest, to fall into sleep so that once more he could go to a place where she was his princess.
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“But sweetheart what about our wedding- this tiara bonds us forever remember?”
“You are not fit to wear it.”
“That's what I was hoping you'd say.”
Clever little thing she was. He craned his head back to watch the passing skies of the ghost zone. How blind he could have been to not realize she was indeed the only one actually fit to wear it. He was stupid, plain and simple; completely and utterly stupid.
“You won't do yourself any good to continue on like this brother.”
“Does it matter? She would never choose me, not after…”
“Human hearts may be fickle but you can't change them simply by willing it. Don't give up hope but don't become obsessed with the girl either.”
She smiled tiredly at her brother, her expression hiding the worry she truly felt. It had been a few weeks since her last talk over his infatuation. Her brother was horrifically lovesick borderline obsessive. The dragon princess sighed as she passed through the Fenton Portal.
He grunted at his sister's retreating form, not really caring much for the lectures she'd taken to giving him. No matter what the day and age was, he found he still held much disdain for unsolicited advice.
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He sighed and shrugged off another girl trying pathetically to get a date from him. Ever since he'd revealed himself as Phantom when the `Disastroid' he'd become instantaneously popular; he knew now it was far less than it was cracked up to be, just as Sam had always warned them. Not one of the girls in this school would have even acknowledged his existence a month ago. But for now he was in literature class and utterly bored. Now that his being Phantom was known, Lancer wouldn't mind if he fell asleep right? The thought was soon long forgotten as he was lost to the realm of unconsciousness. Last night had been far more draining than he would have liked; not that he ever liked it really.
Lancer glanced up as the infamous snore of the Fenton boy filled his classroom. He would not say a thing though, as he held a higher respect for the teen now; and he understood much more why the boy would constantly fall asleep in his class. Not that he would show any favoritism. He figured his ghost-fighting student had a rough night; he would let it go for now.
The shrill sound of the bell sent Danny leaping out of his chair and crashing to the ground. Several students laughed into their hands; he preferred this to the pointing and jeering he would have gotten a month ago. With a groan he picked himself up and straightened out his clothing.
“Danny! Are you alright?”
Not for the first time, he found the concern of the popular Paulina an unwanted thing. He'd long since outgrown his crush over her.
“No- I mean I'm fine. Look I got to go check on Sam. Bye!”
He walked for awhile, absently grinding his teeth together as he thought on what he would say to his girlfriend. It was rare that anything other than the female's parents got to her so he wasn't particularly sure on how to handle the situation. He sighed again and ran an irritated hand through his raven tresses, his dark blue eyes betraying nothing of his frustration. As he approached his girlfriend's home he winced when her sobbing reached his ears from even this distance.
He shrugged off the normal battle cry of `Going Ghost' and allowed the chilled sensation of the change to wash over him. Where fifteen year old Danny Fenton stood not two seconds ago was the infamous halfa, Danny Phantom. He flew up to her window and knocked lightly before going intangible. Kneeling behind the distraught female he pulled her into his arms and rubbed her back.
“How are you holding up?”
She sniffled and looked up into the glowing green eyes of her best friend and lover.
“Oh Danny… barely. Not really much at all.” She hiccupped and wiped a few tears from her bloodshot eyes. “Do you think… could we find her in the ghost zone?”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
It had been another week now, and as he starred before the elderly form of this ghostly woman he felt the heart he'd long forgotten he had drop past his stomach. The resemblance was clear to any being with working eyes; perhaps beyond that as he noted the frightening similarities in personality.
She appeared lost and confused, as many new occupants to the eerie realm were, and her incoherent mumbles of a certain goth girl's name confirmed his suspicions.
This ghostly female, new to the ghost zone was the grandmother of his dear Sam Manson.
It took him the next two weeks to get the woman accustomed to the dark realm of the ghost zone. Dora had fretted horribly over the woman, almost ordering the elder female to stay in the palace as he'd once done with her. He was in the realm of the living now, watching from atop a tree as students poured from the building of Casper High.
He snorted indignantly at the sight of Phantom trying to swat away the rabid females that clung to him. Why he had to fall for the one female the halfa actually wanted was beyond him. Never before had he been the type to believe in luck; he could be convinced now though that he was extremely attractant to the unwanted kind.
His attention was drawn back to the human school by a sob in a painfully familiar voice. He looked down as his princess trudged out of the building, dragging her feet as if they weighed a ton each. His heart about leapt out of his chest for the girl who'd stolen it.
Glancing back and forth he smirked when he took note that phantom was too busy trying to free himself to take notice of him. Perhaps luck was on his side after all…
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
She felt as if she was being watched since early that morning, and even more so as she dragged herself from the building of terror called high school. After what had occurred she wasn't surprised with the stares she'd gotten; and as usual she didn't much care.
She had told Danny to go on ahead of her, knowing full well he wished to dodge the crowds he tended to attract. She was the last to leave the school and the sensation of being watched returned about ten fold.
“This is why I can't stand popularity… I couldn't deal with the fuckin' staring.”
Now Sam Manson wasn't normally one for cursing; despite what her parents thought of her she was actually a pretty decent mannered girl. She simply wasn't preppy and happy all the time like they so desired her to be. But that's why she developed the trait of not caring what others thought after all; she was sick of being hurt by her parents desire to change her.
She stopped walking and about froze at the site before her. Aragon stood there in all his princely glory, as a twenty first century goth no less. She opened and shut her mouth, unable to make sound escape her throat as she backed away from the ghostly man.
As she took note of the amulet that dangled tauntingly before her she mentally cursed her only female friend; it serves her right for having more than two thirds of her friends being ghosts. Really if she thought on it Tucker was her only human friend. Counting Danny that was one and a half. A strange concept.
“Y-you…what do you want?”
He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. as he shifted his weight to one leg casually he looked softly to the girl. “I don't wish to hurt you Samantha.”
“Don't EVER call me that!”
He blinked then smirked, deciding once more he quite enjoyed how feisty she was; he liked seeing her out of the depression she'd so deeply slipped into.
“As you wish.. I come bearing gifts.”
“Gifts?” She raised an eyebrow at him, not sure where he was going with this or why for that matter. When he nodded and craned his head toward something she couldn't see her body fell tense in preparation of an attack; it wasn't so uncommon.
“Do calm yourself bubala.”
Sam nearly fell over, though very slowly she felt her entire body begin trembling. She stared at the white haired female ghost in a mixture of emotion. Shock, disbelief, suspicion to name but a few.
He chuckled lightly at the reaction of his princess. She looked as if she wasn't sure whether she wanted to run and hug the elder female or pull out an eco-gun and start demanding who she really was. Truly he hoped it wasn't the latter. It would be such a shame for the girl to break her own heart even further.
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She looked over to him as they sat alone atop the school building. “Why did you do it?”
“Hm? You will have to be a little more specific my dear. While it is true I possess many powers mind reading is not one of them.”
“My grandma…why did you bring her to me? How did you even know who she was?”
He chuckled good naturedly and looked at the girl through the corners of his eyes.
“I am not blind my dear… I can very well see the resemblance between the two of you. She has the same spitfire you do.”
She groaned and leaned back, looking towards the sky as the stars timidly began to show themselves. Looking towards the male at her side she sighed decisively and put her smaller hand atop his much larger one.
He looked to the girl and blinked at her once, twice, three times. He had only ever seen that expression turned toward him from her in his dreams. Perhaps Nocturne had taken him over?
“Look… I'm sorry about that before. I mean Dora even told me how you've reformed or whatever but…oh forget it… just.. thanks.” She looked to the ground once then back to him. “It…really means a lot to me.”
Smirking he looked back to the darkening sky. “Think nothing of it princess.”
“Princess?” she mimicked his earlier expression and blinked at him a few times, a light flush coloring her features.
Cupping the side of her face he leaned closer to her and she swore his breath smelt of burning embers and incense; he was a dragon after all. What a lovely scent…
“Yes… princess.” He pressed his lips to her forehead and pulled back.
“But.. you have to know that I love Danny. If you were hoping for something more than becoming my friend you'll be disappointed.”
“Don't fret dear. I am well aware of your relationship with Phantom.” He allowed a bitter smile to cross his lips. “Every being in the Ghost Zone knows of it.”
“W-wh-what? They do?”
“Is it that surprising?”
“Well no- but still!”
He chuckled lowly, suppressing the urge to outright laugh at the idealistic female's plight. She was so cute when she was flustered. Looking back to the sky he stood and flashed a fanged grin to the girl.
“I believe, my dear, that it is time for me to depart. Your Phantom would likely end my afterlife should he find me with you.”
“Danny wouldn't do that!”
He chuckled at the slight naivety and shook his head as he offered her a hand. “He is far more protective of you than you realize princess.”
“Really- stop with the princess thing okay? We can be friends and all but I hate the girly stuff; and princess falls under that category.”
A smirk graced his features at that and he was instantly reminded why he was so infatuated with the girl before him; she was so utterly different. He turned to leave and looked back to her once. Cupping her face in his hands he stared down at her for a moment before speaking.
“If Phantom ever hurts you… I'll be right there. Though he would be a fool to let you go.” He enjoyed the flushed look she gave and chuckled at it. He brushed a strand of hair from her face, planted a kiss atop her forehead, and turned to leave, leaving a stunned human girl behind him.
And she watched him leave; he vanished into the shadows like an assassin in the night. However briefly, she felt the emptiness of loosing someone; she missed him already.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
Now as he stared up at the swirling mass of green that was the sky of this ghostly realm, he didn't feel so alone.
“I know what happened brother.”
“Nosey little wench.” He bit at her teasingly, very much enjoying this relationship with his sister over the one they previously had; not that anyone could really call it a relationship though.
“It was a greatly kind gesture bringing her grandmother to her.”
“That's why I did it Dora…silly dragon girl.”
The blond dragon princess smiled lightly and slapped her brother in the back of his head, effectively earning a growl of displeasure though playful it was.
“It is good to see you happy once more… I feared you would never return to your true self.”
And his sister left. He laid back and returned to staring at the swirling vortex of the ghost zone. Whether it was eternally in his dreams, she would forever remain his princess. If he could not have her in reality, he could at least continue to dream of her. She accepted friendship from him and it warmed him to no ends; and so forever she would remain his princess. Whether she became his or not.
She was his princess.
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