Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter Eight ( Chapter 9 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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A/N: I switched perspectives in that chapter without meaning to at the end. I'll try to be more careful in this chapter. And maybe someday I'll go back and fix all of this.
Sam looked at Danny, unsure what to say. His story was… incredible to say the least. She knew he was half-ghost, he had already showed them that, but the rest was… much more fantastic than she had been expecting. He had been living with freaking Vlad Masters! The richest man in the U.S. The kind of man even her parents would want to hang out with. She couldn't get her head wrapped around it all. What could Vlad possibly want with Danny? Why was he pursuing him so hard? She was trying so hard to think about what to say to Danny that she barely heard Tuck ask,
“What about Valerie? How did she end up with Vlad?”
Danny thought about what he needed to say, while taking a worried look towards Sam, she wasn't taking this quite as easily as he had hoped.
“Well… Val's father, Damon, was also killed by Vlad,” Danny answered, “ Vlad hired Damon to be his `bodyguard,' not that her really needed one he was just trying to keep up appearances. Then one day Damon found out about Vlad's plans and let an Alliance member sneak into the house for an assassination attempt. Vlad killed both him and the assassin. Valerie has been trained by Vlad ever since. She is a prodigy, one of the best non-ghost combatants he has. She ranks pretty highly among ghosts too. She joined Vlad to learn how he worked, to find his weak points. She is an Alliance member, although I am one of the few who is privy to that information. She's one of the most vital members as she sends false information to Vlad's troops and can report on his army's movements. Valerie is here to watch my movements and report back to Vlad. From what we can gather, he was training me to become his successor and doesn't want me to get away. As half ghosts we hold sway over both worlds, human and ghost. I'm too valuable an asset to lose and he can't risk me falling into the hands of the Alliance.”
Now Sam was staring at Danny, he was much more important and in much more danger than she had originally had though. He practically had a war going on over him. The Allies wanted him on their side and Vlad wanted him for a successor. This fact even stopped Tuck from asking further questions.
“Um… guys?”
Sam snapped out of her thoughts has Danny touched her arm and tried to get their attention. He smiled nervously at her.
“How about you Sam? Any other question?”
“Not really. Just trying to… take it all in.”
Tuck spoke up to, “Yeah man, this whole thing is epic. Like something out of a movie. It's really cool.”
Danny really smiled at that, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. “Glad you think so. I was so worried that you guys would freak.”
“No Danny,” Sam looked him straight in the eyes, “You are our friend now and we stand by you no matter what.”
“Thanks guys.” Danny tried hard to keep from tearing up. This had gone much better than he had hoped. He still had his friends and they were perfectly fine with what he was.
“I still have time before my patrol if you guys want to grab a bite at the Nasty Burger.”
“Great I'm starving.” Tucker rubbed his stomach. “Wait. What do you mean patrol?”
“Well Val and I are running patrols at night to make sure Vlad isn't sneaking anyone into town, except Val of course. I`m watching for awhile, then she`s going to take over.”
Sam grabbed his arm, “Well let's go then.”
That night Danny fell into bed, exhausted. It was already passed one and his patrol shift had just ended, but he felt better knowing that he was trying his hardest to protect his new friends. He quickly fell asleep, but odd dreams were waiting for him.
He opened his eyes and peered around, confused. His entire body was surround by some strange green liquid. He appeared to be in some kind of container, like a fish tank. He reached his hand up and touched the glass surrounding him. There was something very wrong about this whole scenario. Outside the tank was a lab of some sort, a medical lab perhaps. He started panicking. What was going on? Where was he?
“Oh. So you are awake.” Danny snapped his eyes around towards the voice. They widened as they saw the speaker.
“Welcome… Little Badger.”
A/N: Any guess. What is going on here? What is with these dreams? Please feel free to guess!