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The mercenary stood looking at the man on the throne. The room was dark but both of them could see each other perfectly. It helped that the man standing was wearing a battle suit and had green glowing eyes and hair.
“You sent a summons with a proposition?” the mercenary asked, his eyes narrowing.
“Of course. Rumor is you are the best.” the man sitting answered. “Your reputation as the Ghost Zone's best hunter proceeds you.”
“The job?” he asked warily. The mercenary could sense that this was not a man to trifle with.
The man threw a photograph at the mercenary.
“Easy.” he smirked as he saw his quarry.
“We shall see.”
The next few weeks went smoothly for Danny and his friends. Sam and Tucker brought things to Danny to make his house into a place that at least looked lived in. They even tried to spend as much time as they could there so that Danny wouldn't be lonely. The visible change in Danny was astounding and Sam and Tucker could see that their efforts were working. Danny laughed more and just generally seemed happier. So what if he came in looking more tired each passing day. After all the grief they had caused with their last questions into his personal life, they ignored his exhaustion and kept their worries to themselves. If they ever asked about his weariness or the bruises and pain he occasionally had, he pushed off answering or said, “I bumped into something.” Danny didn't say that every night he worked out to hone his skills, that he barely got any sleep, and that his injuries were results of his training. Even telling them about him working out would bring questions that he wasn't ready to answer. He made an effort to be happier and although he was exhausted he was having the best time he had had in a long time. He didn't want the happy times to end and telling them the truth would put them in danger and ruin their lives. It was better if they didn't know. Ever since Sam had seen him he hadn't ventured out much in his ghost form, even late at night. What he didn't know was that every night she watched for the ghost boy, although she had no idea why she did so.
That Monday saw him looking worse than ever. As he walked to school he thought he saw a flash of red turn the corner but when he looked there was nothing there.
“I have to get more sleep” he thought, “I'm starting to see things”
He met Sam and Tucker outside of school and they chatted for a few minutes. The center of conversation being Tuck's new PDA.
“…and it has instant wifi connectivity and it can download at a rate of…”
“TUCKER!” Sam yelled in an attempt to stop him.
“What?” he asked.
Danny just shrugged and laughed. Sometimes Tucker could be a little too into his technology. Although Danny's parents had been scientists, Danny was only proficient enough on a computer. He had been a gaming genius before his parents died and hadn't had much time to play since then. But he and Tucker were starting to get really into this online roleplaying game they had found. He wished he had more time to play but there were way more important things he should be doing.
“Earth to Danny!” Sam said waving her hand in front of his face.
“What?” he said, almost falling backwards.
“We were trying to ask you if you were coming to the Nasty Burger with us before we go see the movie.”
“Yeah sure,” he replied.
Tucker split up from Danny and Sam as they headed to their first period.
“So what was with you spacing out all of the sudden out there?” Sam asked.
“I was just thinking of the new online game Tuck and I found.”
The rest of the school day went as usual. Dash mouthed off in class while his clique laughed and the rest of the class moaned, the ghostly lunch lady stood in the cafeteria watching the students eat, and Danny tried his hardest to maintain concentration. Then finally the last bell rang. Danny gathered his stuff and went to his locker before heading outside to meet Tuck and Sam. He saw a flash of red in the corner of his eye. Turning towards the spot to look, the familiar wisp of smoke came out of his mouth. Danny froze. Looking around as casually as he could, he saw nothing. Then a flaming green arrow landed next to his head.
“That was close,” he thought, jumping out of the way and turning to look up at the arrow's origin. Floating in the sky was a huge man. At least Danny thought it was a man.
“I need a distraction,” he thought, “I can use the panic to transform unnoticed.”
“FIRE!” he yelled.
Tucker and Sam walked out of school together. They waited on the front sidewalk for Danny. They started having their usual veggies versus meat argument during which Sam glanced over her shoulder quickly and saw Danny coming out of the school. She focused back on the half-hearted argument until she heard the cry of “FIRE!” She looked back toward the school to find Danny but he was no where to be seen. When she felt Tucker pulling on her should she said,” We can't leave without Danny. We have to wait for him.”
When the students coming out of the school started running, Danny used his chance to duck around the corner of the school. He knew it wouldn't distract the ghost that had attacked him but he would be able to transform in peace.
“Going Ghost,” he whispered and a bright circle appeared around his waist. It split into two circles, one went towards his head, the other his legs. As they moved his outfit changed into the one it always was. Tight and black, with a black belt, gloves, and boots, and his Danny Phantom symbol on his chest. He quickly tied his hair back so it wouldn't get in his way during the inevitable fight that was about to happen and flew towards his enemy.
The man was not one he had seen before and he would remember this one. Although he seemed to be a ghost he wore a gleaming metallic battle suit. His flaming hair and beard were the same glowing green of his eyes. He dressed simply with black pants, a tank top, and black glove and boots. His only sight of adornment was the skull choker he had around his neck. He was clearly a dangerous man.
“What are you doing here? What do you want?” asked Danny, staring at his opponent.
“I would think you would know the answer to that ghost boy,” the man said. “You are the prey and I am the hunter. Although I am told not to kill you if I don't have to. I am Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter.”
Out of the hunter's wrist flew a ectoplasmic net. Danny was caught but easily phased through the net. Danny flew to punch Skulker's face but he caught Danny's wrist and threw him at a nearby tree. By this time one of the students had noticed the fight.
Temporarily distracted, Danny glanced towards the direction of the shout. Using the distraction, Skulker threw anti-phase chains at Danny. Caught and unable to escape, he fell towards the ground.
Sam and Tucker where two of the first students to notice the fight, although nether of them had yelled out. Sam gasped as she recognized the ghost boy.
“What?” Tucker asked without taking his eyes off the fight in the sky.
“I've seen that ghost boy once before.”
“Really?” Tucker turned to look at her, “Where?”
“Once late at night he was sitting on the roof of a house near mine. I thought I had imagined it.”
“And you never told me?”
“Of course not. You'd think that I was crazy.” Tucker just looked at her.
At this point of time, Skulker had Danny captured.
“What, Sam?”
“I think we should help.”
“Really…I don`t think that…”
“Now Tucker!”
“Ok. Ok. Let me see what I can look up about ghost hunting.” Tucker whipped out his new PDA. “Hmmmm….”
“What now Tucker?”
“It's just that…I didn't know my PDA was ghost compatible.”
Sam's eyes widened. “English please, Foley.”
“Well… My new PDA just connected with that big ghost.”
“And that means….”
“It means that I could hack him. Geez, Sam don't you know anything?”
“Tucker,” Sam sighed, “Just do something.”
Sam heard clicking noises as Tucker worked on bringing the big guy down. She concentrated on the fight and tried to figure out why she was so concerned for the mysterious ghost boy.
Skulker smirked at Danny is he reached the struggling boy.
“Be a good prey and quite struggling,” he said as he again raised his arm towards Danny.
“No I can't go back there,” thought Danny, “I'm not ready yet.”
He closed his eyes, waiting for the blast…That never came. He slowly opened his eyes to see the mercenary. He was frozen! His arm still stretched out towards Danny, the only visible sign of movement was his eyes. He watched as purple filled the mechanic veins on the battle suit. Skulker's arm jerk down and his rocket pack kicked on. The man's eyes widen as he started flying away, apparently unable to control his movements at all. Danny struggled to where he had dropped his things when he transformed. There he turned back into Danny Fenton and returned home, not wanting to raise suspicion about why he had just showed up.
Sam watched in amazement as the huge ghost lost control of his limbs. She looked over at Tucker, who was still fast at work on his PDA.
“What did you do to him?” she asked in amazement.
“I gorilla'd him.” Tucker answered as he sent the ghost into the distance.
“You what?”
“I used this hacker technique called the Purple Back Gorilla. Using it you can take over other computer systems.”
“Tucker you are a genius.”
“I know.”
Neither of them noticed has the ghost boy headed towards the school and transformed into their friend. Or the flash of red that went in the same direction as Skulker.
Skulker kneeled in front of his employer.
“Give me one reason I should let your incompetence slide.”
“There is no excuse for how I have done. However this is personal now. The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter doesn't accept defeat well. If acceptable I would like another chance in the future at the ghost boy. Free of charge of course.”
“Of course. You'll get your chance.” Skulker's employer said an evil glint entering into his eye.
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