Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom Boy ❯ Chapter Five ( Chapter 6 )

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Over the next few days the main gossip was all about the ghost boy. Danny found it interesting to listen to rumors about himself. They were calling him, Inviso Bill. One of the student had even taken photos of the fight with his phone that ended up on the news, along with interviews of several students. He was bruised after his fight but he'd had much worse before. His eyes darken at the thought.
“Well I think this ghost boy is handsome. I'd date him.” Danny looked up to see Paulina speaking.
“What?” Dash asked outraged that his girlfriend would choose a ghost over him.
“Nothing, nothing.”
Danny chuckled quietly and turned to his friends. He decided to chance asking them about what they thought. When he asked he was surprised at the answer.
“Tucker hacked the big ghost's system.” Sam said.
“Really? Is that true Tuck?” Danny asked, his eyes wide.
“Yep. It was quite easy actually. I'm surprised that it was as easy as it was.”
Their conversation was interrupted as the school bell rang, telling them that if they didn't hurry they would be late for first period. Sam and Danny took their seats quickly, sitting right as the last bell rang. They could only hope that Tucker had been as lucky.
“Class, I have an announcement,” Mr. Lancer began, “We have another new student., Ms. Valerie Gray. Ms. Gray, I believe there is an open seat by Mr. Baxter.”
The girl walked over to her new class mates. She had to sit right in the middle of the popular group. They looked at her for a moment then accepted her with open arms.
Danny watched the new girl through his bangs. She was an African American girl of average height, her brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was obviously athletic, her arms and legs showed muscles under the yellow tank top and orange skirt. Danny would have wondered what sport she played, but he knew better.
“This is turning into an interesting day,” he thought, not seeing that Sam had noticed his interest in the new girl.
Sam and Danny headed towards the lunchroom. As they headed down the hall, someone bumped into Danny. As he stumbled backwards trying to regain his balance, he felt something slip into his hand. When he turned around to see who had hit him he saw Valerie's retreating form. When he opened his hand, he saw that he had been passed a note. He leaned up against the nearest wall so that he could read it. He temporarily lost all thoughts to anything that wasn't that note. He didn't know that Sam was watching him read the note and had seen Valerie bump into then pass the note. There wasn't much to the note. All it said was:
Meet me on the roof.
Danny finished reading and was startled to find Sam staring at him.
“You go ahead,” he said, “I just remembered that I have to do something.”
He walked in the direction that Valerie had gone. As he tried to slide the note into his back pants pocket, he missed, although he was too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice. Sam snatched it up from the floor. As she read she felt something she had never felt before, jealousy. She quickly caught up to Danny, although she kept slightly behind, not wanting him to notice. When he opened the door that said: “Roof, staff only” she waited a few moments before following him through.
When Danny walked through the door to the roof, he saw Valerie sitting in the corner with a picnic style meal in front of her.
“Some of that's for me I hope,” he said, sitting down across from her, his back to the door.
She laughed. When she noticed Sam slip through the door she said nothing. Danny needed all of the allies he could lay his hands on.
“Of course. I don't think you've had a proper meal since you left.” Danny stuck his tongue out at her as he grabbed a roll. Of course he didn't eat as well as he used too, he only had a limited money supply.
`Johnny told me you were coming.”
“Did he?”
“Yep. Thanks for the warning by the way. I know what you go through to get information like that.”
“No problem. But let's talk about you for awhile. I don't do the things I do for myself. You needed that warning. Besides, that was the worst fight I have ever seen. Have I taught you nothing?” she asked raising her eyebrows.
“You saw that?” he groaned, then he remembered all the flashes of red he had seen that day. “You were following me?”
“Well you didn't think he would just send a mercenary out without having someone to watch him, did you?”
“No I guess not.”
“Danny,” she said, looking at him seriously, “I'm worried about you. You're hardly sleeping and you're training yourself to exhaustion. I mean look at you. You look horrible. You have bags under your eyes and you're covered in bruises. Have you seen yourself? What's with the hair?” she reached out to push his bangs out of his eyes. “You know I like you better with your hair pulled back.”
“Maybe you do, but where we used to be nobody cared if I was Phantom or not. Now I have to hide. I can't let people know.”
“I know that, but still… At least you have your hair up in your cooler form,” she laughed.
“Hey! What's wrong with the way I look now?”
“Nothing,” she answered, holding back her laugh, “Finish your lunch. I've got to go but you're not quite done talking yet.”
“Hey what do you mean by that?” he asked confused.
“You'll see.” She walked to the door of the roof.
Sam snuck onto the roof. Danny has his back towards her. She listened to the conversation, trying to follow along, although she was very confused. Why would this girl be following Danny? Who did Danny fight? Why would someone send a mercenary after Danny? She listened in growing confusion, then Valerie reached out to touch Danny's hair. Sam surprised herself when she realized that she didn't want other girls touching Danny.
“When did I start to like Danny?” she wondered, her attention wondered until they mentioned Phantom, “Who was phantom?”
Then it hit her, the ghost boy. His symbol was a DP, Danny Phantom. She couldn't find Danny after school during the ghost fight because he was the one fighting. The ghost boy had looked familiar because he was Danny! Sam's mind continue to reel until Valerie came over to her and whispered, “He's all your's.”
Danny watched as Valerie left and Sam came out of her hiding place. All he could do was stare. Sam had been listening the whole time. She had probably figured out his secret by now. He walked over to a wall and started to gently bang his head against it. He heard Sam walk up beside him.
He looked up at her.
“When are you going to tell me the truth?” Sam asked.
“Bring Tucker to my house tonight. You can tell him if you want. I've got a lot to tell you guys. I'm going to skip the rest of the day. I'll tell you guys everything tonight.”
Danny walked past Sam and went to gather his things. Sam stood on the roof until the end of lunch.
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