Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ Under It All ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was days later when they finally found something, something that would explain her symptoms and what the monster was that had struck her. Danny and Sam stood before Frostbite, the Far Frozen leader nodding his head before handing them a book, the blue cover of the hardback book almost the color of the ice that was his arm.

"I believe the creature you have described is the one that tormented us long ago..." he faded off looking rather puzzled. "We had thought it was gone, but it has no real form." The Gothic woman's raven brow lifted at his words.

"But the ghost we fought had a form. She was a human looking female with long blue hair, almost like Ember's own flaring locks of teal." The large white furred male shook his head. "I don't understand." He nodded toward the book. Sam took it from Danny, her long slender fingers turning the page as the creature before her listed a page and a name. It took her only moments to find the page, the creature looking before her similar to Shadow, the ghost that was apart of Johnny 13, but different. It was blue in appearance and actually had a shape that was more humanoid.

"It's name is Frigid." He reached over and turned the page. "It was once human, a cold hearted human that cared little for others or itself." Sam looked at the page to find herself looking at a woman, her long white hair blowing around her as snow covered her legs to the knees. "She was a beautiful woman, but so cold hearted that she killed her own parents...and her betrothed." Again a page was turned. Before them was the carnage, pictures of her parent's and the house they stayed in and then the picture of the crime scene.

"Wow," Danny said, his face turning a shade of green as Sam forced her eyes away from what had to be the most gruesome thing she had ever seen...or so she thought until they turned the page. "Fuck," the halfa hissed as he covered her eyes as Frostbite turned the page. "What happened to her? How did she die?"

"Is it not obvious, great one? She died in the snow." The image before them was of a small woman, her entire body encased in ice, her eyes still open. Sam could feel a chill skitter up her spine. That was same way the others had been encased, the way she herself had been encased.

"Was she dead or just frozen?" The white furred male looked down at the Goth, his eyes thoughtful.

"I do not know. Because she was such a terror they didn't release her from the ice block." He turned the page for them to see a map of the Ghost Zone... a part they had never seen before. "She was taken past here to a place far more frozen, far more cold and isolated. They wanted no chance that she would be released, but it seems that her soul has departed from the body and found a way back."

"What can we do to get rid of her?" Frostbite sighed, the sigh one of frustration. This did not bode well for them if he was feeling that way about that particular question. "Is there a way?" He nodded.

"You must freeze her soul and get her back to her tomb. I must know how long she has been free?" Sam looked thoughtful as Danny looked to her. He couldn't quite remember how long ago it was and it seemed that Sam was at a loss. "Great one," he said. "If she is free for more than thirty days then her power will be great. She only needs a new body and I fear that she has found one in your partner." The halfa's eyes grew wide as he looked to Sam who was looking rather worried now.

"What happens if she gets her full month?" Frostbite opened the book again, this time both halfa and Goth leaning close to see. Before them was an image of a woman, this time she resembled Frigid, but she was younger... and of a different body build. Her eyes glowed in the picture and Sam was sure she was seeing things, but blinking didn't clear it away as a smirk twisted the blue lips of the woman staring at them. "Danny?" she whispered drawing his attention. "Is she smiling?" The white haired male leaned closer and seeing nothing shook his head.

"Sam?" he questioned as she began to sway. Before she could hit the snow Danny had her in his arms as Frostbite leaned over to touch her forehead, the book handed off as the Far Frozen creature looked worried.

"It's almost too late. She has taken on the fever and that is just one of the last few steps." He looked to his friend, the halfa that had saved them long ago and continued to protect both his Earth and their Ghost Zone. "She has only a week, less than that maybe." Danny wanted to hit the male before him and at the same time he just wanted to scream! How could the world want to separate them when they had yet to have a chance. It just wasn't fair! Looking at the Goth in his arms he sighed, her serene expression just a mask. He knew she was hurting. Had known even though she wouldn't tell him.

"I need to get this task done, but I can't willingly drag her into it." He looked at the male hopefully. "At this point I trust no one with her life more than you, my friend." Frostbite didn't hesitate to take the raven haired beauty from him. "I will be back," he promised her. "I won't let you go, Sam. I won't fail you." Leaning forward he gave her a soft kiss before rushing off. The white furred creature watched him go as the woman in his arms let out a groan. Looking down he could see the dark red flush that was taking over her cheeks. He wished he could ease her pain, but there was nothing he could do but make her more comfortable and wait.

"Dannnnyyyy," came the drawn out name. Danny, don't leave me.