Devil May Cry - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Conspiracy ❯ Birds of a Feather ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"2000 years ago, the Dark Knight Sparda turned against his demon brethren and took up his sword for the sake of mankind. Though despite his brave efforts in our names, I fear some have forgotten the truth of that great sacrifice. If the events of that terrible time were to reoccur, the fusing of both the demonic and human realms, we, weak humans, would have no means by which to oppose our submission." The chathedral was filled with hooded and non-hooded men and women, whom were listening intendly to His Holiness' sermon. Scattered about were the Order's knights, some were up in front, and others were at the back. One hooded knight in particular was leaning against the wall, his hands in his uniform's pockets. He begun walking towards the stage where His Holiness, Sanctus, was speaking...

"And so I ask you to unite!" The hooded knight pulled out a strange, silver weapon...

"And pray that even if such a dark time of chaos were to revisit us, our gracious Savior would shelter us from the storm. Let us---" A sound cut off Sanctus' speech.

...A bullet hitting the floor was all to be heard...

...shock begun to fill the room as they saw the culprit... of their own knights.

Sounds of terror, fear and morbid wonder begun.
They all questioned: Why would someone do this, and for what purpose? Why would someone of the faithful want to kill His Holiness? The hooded knight turned toward his former comrades, whom were running towards him; he grabbed his sword and prepared himself. One of the head knights, a man with brown hair and a brown goatee, checked on His Holiness. "No..." he murmured under his breath as the knights fell around him. A young woman with light-brown hair, was running away with a young boy in an Order knight's uniform. She spotted the hooded knight heading towards her brother. "Credo!" she yelled, pushing the white-haired youth's hand out of hers. Hoping she could protect him somehow, she begun to run towards him. One of the fallen knights begun recovering and headed towards the hooded knight. He deflected him back, causing her to stumble over him.

She struggled to stare up at the hooded knight; her heart begun racing. More knights ran up to the hooded knight, including the young boy. "Nero!" she shouted at him as Credo helped her up. "Take Kyrie and get out of here!" Nero yelled at the two.
He and the knights begun desperately cornering the hooded knight as the brother and sister ran off with the fleeing civilians. "Where can you run off to now, Anthony!?" Anthony, the hooded knight, simply smirked and shrugged, holding his bloody sword.
Nero stood in front of the knights, glaring at Anthony. "Go. Help the others. I'll deal with him myself." He whispered to them.
"Are you sure, Nero?"
"Anthony is stronger than you are."
Nero nodded. "I'm sure. His jacked up notion of fair play pisses me off... might as well express that to him." Anthony lifted his head; A cocky grin slowly painting itself on his face as he replied, "Then come on, kid."

Nero walked in a circle around his opponent. "I never liked you the first day I saw you..." he murmured as he stared him down with an icy glare; Anthony chuckled. "What are you laughing at?" Nero said as he reeved up his sword, the Red Queen. "I told you to come on, kid... or, are you too chicken?" Anthony said as he prepared himself, grinning softly. Having enough of this guys cocky attitude, Nero went for him head on... only to have his sword overpowered by Anthony's. Nero chuckled to himself and begun rolling up his sleeve, "They definitely weren't stupid to have chosen you as a knight..." As he spoke, a ghostly image of a demonic arm pushed Anthony into the statue of Sparda. "It looks like I may have underestimated your abilities..." he smiled despite himself as he looked at Nero's demonic arm. He nodded towards the fallen knights, directing Nero's attention to them. Looking in the same direction, Nero noticed that the fallen knights had a demonic appearance. Why? he pondered as he looked back, about to ask... when he noticed Anthony was no where to be seen.
A voice begun echoing throughout the room:
"We're the same, you and I..."
Nero looked around for the source of the voice.
"And them." Anthony said as he appeared near the entrance, pointing towards the fallen knights.
"What are you talking about!?" Nero demanded. Anthony looked at Nero, a smile appearing on his face. "You will come to know the meaning soon enough but for now, business beckons." He waved as he dashed out of the door.