Devil May Cry - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Conspiracy ❯ Darkness ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As Nero heard the footsteps of the returning knights, he tried to roll down his sleeve to hide his demonic arm. "He is not here?" The returning knights asked. Nero shook his head, "He distracted me for one moment... and the next thing I know, he was by the entrance."
"As long as you're not hurt..." Kyrie said as she walked up, her voice full of worry and concern. "You still haven't recovered from your previous fight..." she added, placing her hand in his and smiled. Nero smiled back.
He remembered something that was hidden beneath his uniform, and went to dig for it. He pulled out a blue box and handed it to Kyrie. "For me...?" she whispered, looking up at Nero who nodded. She opened the box; inside was a golden necklace. It's pendant resembled a butterfly. She smiled as she put it on.
A beautiful, dark-skinned woman with short blonde hair appeared, her Order's uniform was unusual and quite revealing. Beside her was Credo, the head knight and Kyrie's older brother. He looked at Nero, motioning for him to come over. Nero looked at Kyrie and then walked over towards Credo and the woman.
"You two must capture Anthony. He must come back alive," he demanded. "You are to---" Screams and the shaking of the chathedral cut Credo off. They all stared at each other and ran out.

Outside, a civilian was trying to run away. "S-Someone help me!" he shouted as he stumbled to the ground. "Is it him?" Nero asked. Gloria shook her head. "No. I've worked with Anthony a couple of times... this is not his doing." Kyrie begun cowering behind Nero, looking to him for protection. Nero narrowed his eyes and looked at the dark-haired man and Kyrie's brother, "Santino! Credo! Take care of Kyrie!" he grabbed his sword off of his back and headed towards the demons. "Gloria and I got this..."
Credo nodded as he turned Kyrie around, motioning for her to run with Santino, "Report back as soon as you can, and be careful!" he told them before running off.

Along the way Kyrie spotted a demon heading towards a child; she ran towards the child in order to protect it. The demons where pushed back by the force of Nero's Red Queen. "Lay a finger on her and you're dead meat!" he warned the demons.
Looking back at Kyrie he said, "Go! Get outta here!" She helped the child up and ran off.
The demons started to head towards them.
"Heh... well Gloria, time to show me what you're made of," he looked at the demons, rolling up his sleeve.
She pulled daggers out of her boots. "Same to you, cutie," she said as she begun fighting the demons.


Nero shot the last remaining demon. "Not bad..." he said to Gloria.
"Not bad yourself." she replied, smiling.
"I suppose we should start our mission... should we split up or work together?"
"Split up," she responded almost business-like, "we'll meet up time to time and tell eachother what we found about about Anthony. Clues, information on him, etc. Understood?"
"Understood." Nero said as he begun walking ahead; Gloria heading the other direction.
"Where will we meet first?" he asked.
"Outside of Fortuna Castle. We should be able to obtain some information by then..." she responded.
Behind a wall, easedropping on their conversation, leaned a hooded man who begun walking away...