Devil May Cry - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Conspiracy ❯ Drive! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
He was now in the library, his hood down; his pale blue eyes narrowing. "Tsk!" he threw a book down as placed his feet on a desk. "I can't find anything!" he shouted in frustration. He looked around the room, trying desperately not to focus on the fact that he could not find any information on that boy's arm...
The door was starting to creak open. He swiftly put his hood back on, and turned his head to see who was coming in.
"You..." Gloria said as she stepped into the room.

Anthony grinned, "Well, hello beautiful~! I suppose they sent you after me?" Reaching for his sword, he sighed sadly and said: "It's quite... saddening that things had to end up like this, Gloria. After all we've been through...."
Gloria pulled out her blades, sadness in her eyes. "It didn't have to come to this, Anthony..."
He prepared his sword, "You're not giving me a choice, babe." he said as he ran towards her.

The fight was going no where, fast. Anthony pulled out two handguns. "W-What?!" Gloria exclaimed as she dodged his bullets. "....My, you're full of surprises aren't you, Anthony?" she brushed the dirt off her uniform. Her tone changed as she pointed towards the black and silver guns: "Those weapons are looked down upon! Why does a highly respected knight have them?!"
Anthony simply shrugged and begun placing the handguns back under his uniform. "Who knows?"
Gloria walked towards him, "Just what are you planning...?" she asked. "Why did you kill His Holiness? What is your purpose?""And why should I tell you? You, who is after me?"
Silence filled the room. Anthony spoke first.
"Even if we were close, my dear, Glora; this does not mean I should tell you everything. You, like everyone else here, were being deceived by me."
She appeared to have smiled.
He turned away, "I have to finish the job that was given to me."
"And so do I."
".... Then we shall meet again." he begun walking away.
"Anthony!" she yelled at him. He paid her no heed and waved a 'Farewell'

She stared at the closing door. Anthony had came into the Order a week after she had; he joined the Order under his parents wishes. Gloria and him had worked together countless times. She was the one to watch at how fast Anthony had become one of the Order's knights.
"You're quite... strong" she said, sultry.
A cocky grin slowly formed, "I've had... a lot of training." he replied.
"...Who trained you?"
"My father."
"You're father must have been... quite the looker, too." she looked at him, a flirty smile played on her lips. Anthony chuckled, "Perhaps so. Hmmm, my place or yours~?"
"... You're a pervert."
"Whoa, babe! You're leading me on!" he laughed and leaned in close to her, whispering in her ear: "Though I wouldn't mind..."
She laughed. "Nor would I..."
She walked towards the same exit Anthony went through.