Devil May Cry - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Conspiracy ❯ Lock and Load ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Anthony wandered further into the castle. He glanced at a mirror and knocked on it. "Hm..." he murmured and nodded. The mirror was indeed strange. He could destroy it if he wanted to, and give a sign to the kid that he was here... or he could be lazy and not do it. Besides, he had a job to do and playing around would only stall him.
He walked on.
Turned around, pulled out his shotgun and aimed at the mirror.

Anthony turned back, and continued to walk off as the pieces of glass fell the floor.

The one who brought forth the job to him was on a mission to exterminate some demons. Angelo's, things that Anthony had just recently encountered, that the Order controlled apparently, kept taking her jobs on her. She was annoyed, and suspicious. She gathered some information on Fortuna, and knew about Anthony.
That's how he got here.
He slipped off his hood again.

He had been here for roughly four months and already he was one of the Order's respected knights. They recognized his strength but, even so, some were suspicious.

Credo stood against the wall, watching Gloria and Anthony talk about their latest prey. After the conversation, Anthony begun walking near Credo's direction.
"... You're not here for the reason you claimed." Credo murmured. Anthony stopped; a small smile started to form.

"I am here to respect my parents wishes. Nothing more, nothing less."

Credo glared at him.

Anthony glared back.

"Tell me more about your... history." Credo said with hostility.

Anthony nodded, "My parents believed in what Sparda had done, and believed he did what was best. They tried to raise me into those beliefs, but I... didn't fully believe. I believe Sparda did mankind a favor, but that is simply that. However, when I was sixteen, demons had come to attack our town and slaughtered my parents as well as my brother. It was then I decided to journey about, seeking revenge... until, I finally settled down here."

"When was this?"

"Two months before I joined the Order."

"I never seen you around."

".... I never believed."

Silence filled the room.

"I know who you are... and I won't tell anyone unless you betray us. Anthony, the Devil Hunter." Credo's tone was serious. He turned around and begun to walk off.
Anthony glared at him from behind and continued walking down the corridor to the room he was assigned to.

Anthony stopped midway in the castle.

'I won't tell anyone unless you betray us' ran through his mind.

He started laughing.


A man with dark, curly hair was getting prepared for an adventure, behind him stood Kyrie. She wanted to chase after Nero, to see if he was alright but, the Order wouldn't allow her to do so unless she had someone with her. That someone was Santino: He was about 25 years old. He looked up at Kyrie, and smiled. "I'm ready now, shall we go?" he asked her sweetly
Kyrie smiled and nodded. "Yes."
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