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I Own none of the characters from any anime or game in this story, Kira, Abby, Lawliet, Cyan, Nicholas, Mari, Bel, Melissa, Aden and Maia are my creations, so please don't go suing me. All other characters are property of their own creators and companies. There I think that takes care of legal matters....I think.

Without a doubt those reading this have wondered several times "I wish this game, movie, story, etc was real". For something like that too happen is one of mankind's greatest dreams. But what if I were to tell you it all is.
Out there exists many worlds, many realities. From all those worlds are where the stories we have come to know and love, in whatever form they take, have come from. When a story's creators create a story what actually happens is visions of another world is being leaked into the creators world.
In their realms the characters dwell and live their lives much like you and I. Carrying out the storylines we have come to love and dream about. Thus filling us with the hope and enjoyment that allows us to live our lives and fuel our imaginations and maintaining our sanities.
However there maybe some who do not approve of some of these stories. Those people would prefer somewhat more normal stories compared to the stories that fill us with wild fantasies. For that reason they seek to censor, discourage or destroy what they deem inappropriate since they belive they know what's best for everyone else.
For this purpose and to continue the cycle of making stories for future generations to enjoy, there in the middle of all worlds lays a realm holding a very special school. In this school of which I speak, many characters from many worlds and realities come to teach, both good and evil alike. Don't worry, the villians that teach care too much about their own worlds to let some know it all do the conquering themselves. They give the students the necessary training needed for defending the other worlds from these egotisitcal know it alls with a messiah complex or to be sent to a different world and forge the path for a new story to be born.
This story I'm about to tell you is about this very school and a group of students who defend this school against a a hoarde of these know it all  figurative big brothers. It'll be a long tale with enough humor, surprises, tragedy, betrayal, slice of life, feel good moments and battles to keep anyone satisified(hopefully). And maybe some other things to keep fans satisfied fanboy and fangirl(shudders) alike. So enjoy the events that are about ot unfold. And do well to remember that you may never know what is out there and what can  possibly be real.

A/N. And so it begins. What will happen? Who knows. You'll have to keep reading and figure it out now won't ya?

Kira: I'm curious myself.

Author: Well you get to experience it first hand. And boooooyyyy are you in for it!

Kira: Well there goes that sense of impending doom... Please review. The author's really testing his self esteem in posting this.

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