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Lawliet: Soooooo... are we gonna be introduced in this one?
Author: Well, the title does say the trio doesn't it?
Lawliet: That could mean any trio.
Author: .....
Kira: Um Kira, you may wanna be careful, I hear authors can be dangerous to deal with!
Author: Atleast one of you has a brain.
Lawliet: What's that suppose to mean!?
Author: Exactly.
(Lawliet fumes)
Abby: Oh dear. Me, Kira and my idiot of a brother are  property of the author. I'm not gonna create some twisted paradox mentioning any other OC. Everyone else is property of their own creators and companies. So please don't go suing the writer, he's poor enough as it is and he still owes me for behaving the last time he could get the internet and not filling his laptop with yaoi. I have my eye on a Kyouya body pillow...
Author: ABBY!
Abby: Alright alright! Don't sue, blah blah blah. There, happy?
Kira: (Sighs) Let's just get on with the story..
Abby earned the title of: Story Fangirl.
Lawliet earned the title of: Story Dumbass

Chapter 1: The Trio
There was a trio of friends, all who have had almost equal tragic lives so far. But despite this they luckily had each other for support and had a sort of family. They are Abigail Rose, Lawliet Aurion, and Kira Evans.
The first of them is Abigail Rose AKA Abby, she's Lawliet's  older sister(who she loves to remind him) of an hour. Sweet, shy and innocent- ok I'm sorry i can't but help but laugh at that. To be honest despite that shy and sweet personality the girl has more issues than a newspaper, but more on that here in a bit. She enjoys to sing since she has a singing that soothes her brother's fits and can make anyone feel at ease. She also has a green thumb that is the envy of her school's Garden Club. But sad thing is the girl can't cook worth squat. Lawliet and Kira always have to invent new ways to get rid of the lunches she makes them.
However underneath that is a side to her that scares Lawliet, Kira and everyone else more than the thought of being force fed her cooking. She's also a crazed, psychotic, raging fangirl. Put her in front a anime, game, or manga section and you're pretty much done for. The storekeep may also want to wipe everything down....throughly. Kira and Lawliet have to keep a damn good eye on her so she doesn't get in trouble getting a lil carried away with a plushie she sees she wants or a part in a certain genre of anime and manga that gives the author massive headaches so im not gonna bother saying or describing. Point is, she's insane.
Next is Lawliet Aurion, the youngest (by an hour) twin, but acts older.  Despite the issues he has which i'll describe in a minute, he's a great guy. He's brave, loyal, the obligatory streak of insanity. Lawliet loves to cook, fortunately he has the cooking talent. He also for some strange reason has a addiction to scythes. He's often found in the forest behind their school practicing with a stick attempting to use it like a scythe because as he often says "Hell, you never know when stuff like this comes in handy!" He also is extremely curious with causes Kira and Abby
to be filled with fear when he goes "Hmmmm...". Everytime that phrase is muttered, it has been known for strange things to be said or done.
Now he has anger issues unfortunately. Why I'll explain later. But he has been known to get in a few fights with some of the more high and mighty types at school when provoked. He also tends to blackout before getting in a fight. So he reguraly sees the school's psychiratrist to work on these issues. Sometimes it's questionable whether or not these sessions work though. Abby usually has to sing to soothe his nerves or a sparring match with poor Kira works just as well fortunately.
Now for Kira, the youngest of the group by a month. He's the loyal best friend of the twins and the hero of this story. He has quite a few interests. He loves to read, watch anime, games, and to attempt mimicing the voices of others, may they be people he knows or someone for all he knows fictional. He one day dreams of being a voice actor. He also has taken a great interest in magical arts, and swordsmanship, for which reason he joined the school's fencing team. He also is Lawliet's sparring partner in the woods during which he attempts to mimic techniques he sees on games and shows. Regardless because Lawliet can be rather agressive, he tends to get his ass handed to him often. Doesnt help the kid sometimes tends to daydream.
Kira can be exceedingly shy and timid. Which does tend to annoy Lawliet who he sees as a big brother as well as his best friend. Loyal as he is he's a bit of a coward and his self confidence is next to 0% which makes him a easy target for bullying and Lawliet's playful and brotherly teasing which in itself causes Lawliet and Abby to defend him. But when scared of enough and have something to use as a sword or as he prefers twinswords, he displays a completley different personality. He becomes brave and confident and stronger as if having a split personality.
Oh and he's a recovering Harvest Moon addict. Lawliet and Abby constantly have to make sure he doesn't spend any money he might have on a copy of it for whatever system he may have. They always tell him if he must spend money and obsess over a video game franchise then for the love of the gods let it be Pokemon. Which might have been a mistake since he added Pokemon cries to his arsenal of voice mimicries and he's a compulsive Pokemon breeder. Better than obsessively playing Harvest Moon without blinking for 24 hours and scaring your classmates and childhood friends.....for the tenth time and having to find a rehab that frightengly enough specializes in this...for some reason.
Now for the tragic part of their history. It begins with shortly after the twin's birth. Their father was a inspiring voice actor and was overjoyed with the fact he had twins. He loved them like crazy and often drove his friends insane by his constant bragging and telling stories of the twins. But one day he seemed to crack under the pressure of his schedule and helping with his children. So one day he just disappeared shortly after their first birthday. This left their mother heartbroken. Fortunately the grandparents from both sides were more than happy to help take care of them as well as the family of lil' Kira who were the twins' godparents.
The twin's mother was a mythology teacher at the local school. But to add on to the misfortune of the twins, their mother under stress and lack of sleep, died. Some say it was because of the stress and lack of sleep but everyone knew her broken heart had a big hand in her death. For some reason after her death, the grandparents couldn't stand being in their home in Texas anymore. So they left the twins with Kira's parents who were more than happy to take them in.
When the twins were old enough to understand, Kira's parents told them what happened to their parents. The twins both took it horribly. Abby's broke out into a huge amount of tears. While Lawliet's anger issues began. And for a 5 year old (ok so maybe they could have waiting a while longer) that is ALOT of anger to deal with. Shrinks and trips to a mental doctor were necessary. He took it alot worse than Abby. But luckily they had Kira there to be moral support. That's one of the reasons they were so close and tight knit.
And to add on to their problems, one rainy day when they were 10 Kira's parents who were a librarian and a bookshop owner, were coming home after work and they accidently were ran off the road. They didn't make it, leaving Kira heartbroken and the twins yet again parentless. Kira's grandparents who for some reason never liked Kira refused to take him or the twins in. By then the twin's grandparents were either to busy or in a retirement home therefore unable to take care of the three.
But feeling sorry for the three's misfortunes caused a wealthy family who ran a good school granted the three scholarships all the way through high school. The trio were also left good enough money from their parents that they were able to get by well enough. When they arrived at the school some of the more mightier than thou rich kids immediately took to making their lives hell. But fortunately they had their ways of coping. They all had one thing in common, they loved anime and games so much that they were amongst those who wished that these stories were real. So they joined a japanese culture appreciation club and other clubs that involved their interests because of this.
One day during their freshman year of high school during fall vacation on Oct. 20th 2011, there was a trip to Japan in their Japanese culture appreciation club that they just absolutely had to go to. But little did they know that such a trip would affect their lives so much that they thought they would never be able to belive it. And this is where our story begins.

A/N. And so we meet our protagonists.
Kira: MY HARVEST MOON ADDICTION IS NOT THAT BAD! I blinked 3 times in that 24 hours THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Lawliet: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh that's rich!
Lawliet: Riiiiight. And I'm sure he overexaggerated Abby's fandom... speaking of which just where is that girl?
(Screams of chaos are heard in the next room.)
Lawliet: .....Shutting up now. I need to go make sure she didn't mentally scar pedestrians again... Please review.

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