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Kira: Wow!
Abby: I know right!
Lawliet: That certainly was amazing!
Author: What is it?
Kira: I was freaking Kratos Aurion! The greatest Magic Swordsman EVER!
Abby: Mmmmm~ Kratos-samaaaa~
Lawliet: Oh for the love of-
Author: Uhhhhh, Watanuki?
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Chapter 5: Lawliet's Hate
When he woke up he was in a dark moonlit room. First thing he realized was that his face hurt like all hell and he clutched it trying not to scream. He then realized he was dressed in a yukata and wondering how the hell that got on him. By him was his clothes, the DC-Link and his bag full of everything he had bought that day along with the things Mari asked him to give the twins. "Where am I?" he asked himself trying to remember what all happened before he had blacked out.
Then his eyes fell onto the DC-Link. "Just what are you?" He asked stairing at it and remembering how it turned him into Kratos Aurion. "That was kinda cool though I must admit..." Kira said to himself remembering the rush from the transformation. Then he remembered a fangirl mode Abby glomping him and he blushed having liked that feeling.
Then a black thing that looked like a smiling ball like bunny with a red spot on his forehead came flying to him and hitting him in the face. "You're awake!" it said excitedly. "AHH! What the hell are you?" Kira screamed a little freaked out and because it had hit his wound.  "Mokona is Mokona of couse!" the weird creature had said. "Umm okayyyyyy..."Kira said thinking he had lost more blood because of his wound than he had thought. "Follow me!" Mokona ordered happily and hopped its way out of the room. "....This is probably the most fucked up day anyone could ever hope to have..." Kira said to himself with a sigh. Little did he know he hasn't seen ANYTHING yet. He had many more even more weird days to come.
He followed Mokona to the house's porch where he saw Lawliet glaring at the man having being beaten at Go (a japanese game) for what must've been the uptienth time and Abby laughing while petting the fuzzy thing which was called a pipefox. "Oh good, you're awake. Good, you're friends were getting worried Kira-kun." the man said beckoning the girls to bring out some tea. "Y..yeah. What happened?" Kira asked sitting by Abby who was still a little embarasseed she had glomped him earlier because he had turned into Kratos. "You fainted from bloodloss and from the stress turning into Kratos-san had on you. We've been waiting for you to wake up and your friends had been filling me in on your situation." the man said accepting a cup of tea from the pink haired girl of the two. "Oh." Kira said accepting a cup from the blue haired one watching Mokona down a bottle of sake.
"Mhmm, Watanuki-san has been very nice to us. He even knows how to help us!" Abby said happily. "So he's not a Yakuza member?" Kira asked worried. "Oh heavens no. Although the prices of my services can be just as costly." Watanuki said taking a drag of his pipe. "Yes, he was just about to tell us what he could do for us before you came out." Lawliet said looking at the Go board trying to think of a next move. "Ohhhhh." Kira said still wondering how the hell such a little fuzzy thing can down such a large bottle of sake so quickly.
"But first off I see an explanation is in order. That device you possess. Is it on you right now?" Watanuki asked. "Hm? Oh yeah! Here." Kira said taking it out. "Where did you get it?" Watanuki asked curiously. "Um.... A homeless guy?" Kira said hoping he'd buy it. "Hahaha, so that man told you to make up such a lousy excuse?" Watanuki said with a laugh. "What man?" Abby asked curiously. "No one!" Kira said quickly. "Kira, I think you need to tell them the truth." Watanuki said taking another drag. "What does he mean Kira?" Abby asked. "....."Kira was silent. "Well? Out with it! It's not liek you got it off my old man! Hahaha!" Lawliet said with a laugh. "Well..." Kira said not wanting to tell them. "You're joking right?" Lawliet asked glaring. "As much as I want to say I am... He's  what called me earlier. He told me not to tell you..." Kira said looking down.
Abby and Lawliet were silent. "I'm sorry you guys..." Kira said apologeticly. "Where is he?" Lawliet asked angrily. "He disappeared after we talked." Kira explained." Where too?" Lawliet asked getting angrier. "I..I don't know! Honest!" Kira said honestly and a little scared. "Like hell you don't! If you lied about meeting him, you can just as easily lie about where he went!" Lawliet shouted grabbing Kira by the collar. "Lawliet! Calm down! You're scaring Kira! He did say sorry after all!" Abby shouted trying to get Lawliet to stop. "SHUT UP!" Lawliet shouted. "I'm..I'm sorry!" Kira said scared as all hell. "I don't fucking care how sorry you are!" Lawliet shouted fiercely, his eyes getting darker and fiercer. "LAWLIET!" Abby shouted.
Lawliet suddenly dropped Kira and screamed. Suddenly he was engulfed in a dark aura. "Wh...What the hell!" Kira shouted shocked. "Oh no! This isn't good!" Watanuki shouted. "Why?" Abby asked worried. "The darkness in his heart is going out of control! The madness that had been bottling up in his heart all these years are starting to break out!" Watanuki shouted over the increasingly louder screams. "Oh hell!" Kira shouted as a scythe started forming out of some of the darkness.
The darkness burst and Lawliet was grinning madly wielding the scythe and raising it above his head. "What the hell is going on?" Abby asked frightened as dark energy surrounded them. "His darkness, anger, madness and soul has manifested into a weapon he prefers. So that's the physical form his soul has taken!" Watanuki explained trying to think what to do. "Oh shi-"Mokona said before there was a flash and Kira as Emil from ToS2 charged towards him and blocked the scythe before it could come down on Abby and Watanuki.
"What the! Kira, what are you doing?!" Watanuki shouted as Kira defended them trying to keep the scythe from coming down. "What does it look like? Now, get Abby out of here quick!" Kira shouted fiercely as it looked like the scythe was starting to overpower him. "But Kira-" Abby tried to protest. "Abby, I think I know what can help. Come on!" Watanuki ordered pulling her to get her to follow him. "Fine... Kira, be careful. Please?" Abby begged. "I will!" Kira said trying harder. "Thanks you..." Abby said running off.
"I'll kill you Kira!" Lawliet shouted angrily putting more pressure on his scythe. "Please, calm down Lawliet! Before you go to deep into the darkness! You'll lose yourself permanently!" Kira pleaded trying to put an equal amount of pressure on his sword. "Dieeeee!" Lawliet shouted mindlessly forcing some of his dark energy into his scythe causing a powerful burst making Lawliet fly out of the porch and making him crash into the yard's fence and forcing him back into his form.
Meanwhile Watanuki had lead Abby into the house's warehouse and was digging through all it's artifacts. "What are we looking for?" Abby said digging through a mountain of old looking wooden boxes.
"Ever play Ar Tonelico?" Watanuki asked brushing dust off a few boxes. "Yeah. Pretty music." Abby replied. "Look for a box with the label in Hymmnos." Watanuki ordered. "Huh? Hymmnos? You make it sound like Hymmnos is real." Abby asked very puzzled. "I'll explain later! We don't have a whole lot of time!" Watanuki shouted.
Meanwhile Lawliet was walking towards a struggling Kira. "D..damnit! I can't move!" Kira groaned in pain. "Pfft, weak as always." Lawliet said tauntingly. "I'm not weak! ....Am I?" Kira said then having to ask himself. "For years, whenever you needed help you always had to come to me and Abby for it! Whenever a bully picked on you, you always came to me to protect you and were always so busy hiding behind Abby's skirt it's pathetic! You're a spineless coward Kira!" Lawliet shouted angrily. "Am I really?...." Kira said having to seriously having to think about that.
"Yes! So I'm going to wipe you out so I'll never have to deal with that again! Die!" Lawliet shouted raising his scythe over his head and quickly bringing it down.
As it came down Kira's life flashed before his eyes. "Was I always that weak and cowardly? Maybe I should let him finish me off..." Kira thought to himself. Then another voice sounded in his head. "You're really gonna let him kill you? God, you really are pathetic! Don't you remember your promise to Mari?" The voice said scoldingly. "Huh? Who are you?" Kira asked very confused. "No time for that now. Looks like I have to bail out your sorry ass again!" the voice said.
Then Kira felt like he did when in a fight except different, he was watching it this time inside his own head while something else took control. His body on it's own grabbed a random cart and activated it. After the light and force that blew Lawliet away, there stood Kira in Kenshin Himura's form. "Huh? I didn't do it this time?" Kira asked. "That's because If I didn't you would have just let him kill you! So I had to quickly save your ass, I'm not helping your fighting this time! Have fun with that!" The voice said before fading away. "Oh sonofa-" Kira said before being cut off by Lawliet's charging and whacking him hard in the stomach literally knocking the wind out of him.
Kira again struggled to get up. "You think using another known strong character will help you? Hah, typical Kira!" Lawliet said rolling his eyes. "But I didn't choose this form! The weird voice in my head did!" Kira said before being whacked in the stomach again. "Enough talk!" Lawliet shouted. "Fine! Have it your way!" Kira said standing up and drawing his sword.
So the two clashed fiercely, actually causing sparks to fly. How the neighbors weren't being woken up by this we will never know. "Lawliet please snap out of it! If you go even further into the darkness you won't be able to get out of it!" Kira pleaded with him.
"I will after you're dead and tell me where that man is so I can kill him!" Lawliet screamed angrily letting loose attack after attack. "But I really don't know!" Kira shouted constantly blocking each attack. "Quit lying to me!" Lawliet screamed fiercely as his scythe glowed with intense dark energy.
Then out of nowhere they heard Abby singing a powerful sounding song as the perimeter of the house was glowing with a magic circle on the ground. "Wh...what's going on?" Kira asked as this happened. "Simple, me and Abby made a deal." Watanuki said appearing by Kira. "But how is she singing like that? She's singing even better than usual if that was even possible. And wait, is she singing in..."Kira said before Watanuki finished his sentence. "Hymmnos?" Watanuki asked. "Y...yeah..." Kira said confused. "I'll explain later. Just watch for now." Watanuki said pointing to Lawliet who seemed to be frozen.
As Abby sang Lawliet seemed to howl in agony as his scythe dropped and disappeared. He then fell to his knees clutching his head as if having a monster sized headache as he howled more. As Abby's song sounded more stronger so did the effect it seemed to have over Lawliet. Eventually when the song finished Lawliet collapsed. Abby even seemed to have a difficult time standing up afterwards so Kira went back to normal and caught her just in time.
It was by then Kira noticed the staff she held covered in strange symbols, Hymmnos the language of the reyvetails in Ar Tonelico. She also wore a pendent that was glowing but eventually it's light faded, it took bore Hymmnos symbols. "K..Kira?" Abby weakly asked. "It's alright Abby. It's all over now." Kira said with a smile even though he was somewhere between shocked, confused and amazed. "G..good..." Abby said as she drifted off.
"It seems it's bedtime. I'll explain everything in the morning. Kira take Abby in with you to your room. It's probably best to keep away from Lawliet for a little while." Watanuki explained as he beckoned the two little girls to lift and drag the unconcious Lawliet away to another room. They were surprisingly strong for two little girls Kira had thought. "Alright. It has been a long night after all. We all probably need a good long rest after tonight. I sure as hell do..." Kira said after rebandaging his scar and lifting Abby even though he was close to spent and walking to his room.
"...... I hope Yuuko knew what she was doing when she sent those three here. But maybe it'll be good for them if I send them to that place. Yes, it has to be. It will be, I'm sure of it." Watanuki wondered to himself as he took one final drag of his pipe for the night and his pipefox flew off after Kira and Abby.

A/N. A hidden hatred in Lawliet makes things a little more suspenseful. Will this hatred come out again? Will Kira be able to forgive his best friend for trying to kill him? Will Kira be able to become braver?
Abby: What is this? The preview to a next anime episode?
Author: Really? I never noticed that I was making it sound like that.
Abby: ...Now I see why Lawliet feels the need to bash his head against the brickwall. Please review this story. I need to mentally scar the author.
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