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Chapter 10: First day of Class. Pt.1
When Kira went down for breakfast that morning of Oct.23 he saw Bel again running around the kitchen in a violet blur making breakfast. Also something he counted on, Abby having been tied and chained to a chair due to the fact she was twitching a lot from excitement of getting to see a lot of characters she use to drool over. He just hoped some faculty didn't quit, file for restraining orders, or have Abby expelled by the time the ended.
He pet the pipefox who was curled on the top of her head and sat down. "Are we the only ones up?" Kira said rubbing a eye. "Nope-" Bel said as there was a sudden explosion upstairs and the sight of a certain purple cloaked alchemist fly outside crashing into the ground. "Nicholas is up." Bel added before flipping a few pancakes. "How is he still alive?" Abby asked beyond curious. "We ask ourselves that everyday." Bel said with a sigh as she dragged out a giant bag of coffee grounds and over to the poor overworked coffee machine who most likely curses the fact he exists.
And just as she flipped it on, Aden came down grumbling about how he was about to give up on repairing Nicholas's damn window since it gets blown up too damn often. Kira and Abby swore they heard the coffee machine scream "OH SHIT! HE'S AWAKE! SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE!" "Morning you guys." Aden managed to say through a yawn and readjusting his goggles that were mixed up with his bedhead. "Did the coffee machine just scream?" Kira said weirded out. "No.... it couldn't have..." Abby said just as weirded out. "Vat the hell are you two talking about?" Aden asked completley oblivious.
Eventually Lawliet, Cyan, Melissa and a VERY disoriented Nicholas joined them. "Why yes Mr. Jackson, I'd love to visit Neverland Ranch!" Nicholas said still in a daze. "Why is he even still alive?" Abby asked again to herself. "I like bannana and bologna sandwiches...." The disorientated Alchemist muttered in response. Everyone scooted away.
"Annnnnnyways. How did ya sleep?" Cyan asked when breakfast was ready. "Sleep evil! It takes up too much time!" Abby ranted. "Fuck you that's what!" Lawliet growled still half asleep. "I dreamt of a sad father of two certain people who is STILL mourning over his drained bank account." Kira said nibbling on some bacon. "Why the hell would he be mourning over his bank account?" Melissa asked curiously. "I don't know really. Something about Watanuki and Mokona draining it in order to buy enough booze to kill a herd of elephant." Kira said with a shrug. "You have the strangest dreams man..." Lawliet said after waking up completely.
"Ready for your first day?" Bel asked with a smile. "You bet your ass we are!" Abby shouted excitedly. "Tone it down Abby." Melissa muttered as she was tweaking her guns a bit. "Bite me!" Abby shouted defiantly. "Same old Abby..." Melissa muttered as she checked the sight of her guns.
"Well hurry up and eat. Classes are gonna be starting in about a hour." Bel said as she quickly ate her breakfast. "Why didn't you say so earlier?!" Kira said inhaling his breakfast. "Because I didn't want to ruin your three's happy?" Bel said with a shrug. "Ja, one's happy is always important on a first day of school." Aden said already downing his fifth cup of coffee and putting more grounds into the crying coffee maker. "Squirrels go peep!" Nicholas said still disorientated. "How long is he gonna be like that?" Abby asked. "His first class is with Edward-Sensei, so he will be good in a few." Cyan said downing a cup of juice. And when he said that, Abby managed to break free of her bonds and zoomed out the door with her bag in hand. "Don't tell me..."Cyan said. "Ed-Sensei is another addiction of her's?" Bel asked. Melissa nodded sipping a cup of coffee. "I'll go get her..." Kira said with a sigh grabbing his bag and going out his door.
"Ja, I better get going too. I need to speak with Suzaku-Sensei about something." Aden muttered as he grabbed a big to go cup, filled it up and left. "Are we the only ones not in a rush?" Melissa asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'll eat your hearts...." Nicholas still in a daze muttered creepily. Everyone else ran like hell.
As Kira ran around the area in search of Abby, partially in fear of what hell and havoc she would most likely cause, he ran into someone. "Ow, watch where you're going!" the person said. "Sorry! I didn't mean to! I'm just looking for someone." Kira said rubbing his back since that's what he landed on after running into the person and falling. "Kind of crazy looking? Screaming 'EDWARD-SENSEI, EDWARD-SENSEI'?" She asked curiously. "Oh god.... Now I definently have to hurry!" Kira said standing up quickly.
Once he did he got a better look at the woman he ran into. She was a little shorter than he was. Her hair was bubble gum pink and eyes were vividly violet. She wore what looked like between a white dress and some armor on it. He was also trying not to blush, which he evidently failed at. "Um, are you ok? You're starting to turn red." The woman said concerned. "Erm, yeah. I'm fine!" Kira said quickly.
"So who are you?" She asked getting out her PDA. "Kira Evans." He said introducing himself. "Oh really? That's nice to know." She asked after looking him up on her PDA. "What do you mean?" Kira asked curiously. "Nothing." She said pulling up her right sleeve to reveal a mechanical arm. "What are you doing?" Kira asked curiously. "Nothing." She said again after opening a panel on it, pulling what Kira quickly identified as a DNA Cart and slipped it in a slot in said panel. ".....Oh shit-" Kira said knowing what was about to happen but cut off by a blinding light and being pinned to a wall by the woman who had taken on the form of Tsunade.
"Ok, that hurt... a lot..." Kira groaned as he struggled to keep breathing. "If you're going to be learning how to be a Narikiri then fight back!" the woman said as she threw Kira across the street causing him to hit a wall. "AHHHH!" Kira screamed as he hit the wall and fell flat on his face. Then she charged at him and hit him in the stomach hard causing him to scream louder and even cough up a little bit of blood. "Fight back damn you!" the woman kept shouting as she kept punching Kira in the stomach repeaditly.
People were starting to crowd around them wondering what was going on. "Fine! If you're not gonna fight back, then I'll have to pull out the big guns!" She said going back to normal then inserting a new cart and turning into the vampire Victoria from Hellsing with her big gun. "D..damnit! W...who the hell are you!?" Kira said as he struggled to get up. "Violet Antheia. Nice to meet you." Violet said taking aim and firing at Kira. "Crap crap crap crap!" Kira said quickly pulling a random DNA Cart and slamming it in the DC-Link.
After the blinding light he was revealed to have turned into Auron from FFX and was able to block the bullet in time with his giant sword. "That was a close one!" Kira/Auron said with a very relieved sigh. "Hm good reaction time. For a novice that is!" Victoria/ Violet said with a grin as she turned into a swarm of bats and flew right towards him. "She isn't gonna make this easy is she?" Kira asked talking to himself as he went back to normal and tried dodging while thinking of a plan.
"Oh come on! You're being more dim than usual! You left yourself unguarded!" Kira heard his other side rant in his head. "Oh shut up! I'm trying to think!" Kira snapped back. "Grrrr, I gotta save your ass then. Use these you idiot!" His other side said as two katana, one with a green hilt and the other a white one, appearing stuck in the ground. "Where did those come from?!" Kira asked shocked. "Less talking and take them! Here she comes!" His other side ordered quickly. "On it!" Kira replied quickly rushing to pull them out of the ground.
Then as the swarm of bats were about to attack him Kira used the swords to block. Before she hit the blades she quickly turned back and materialized. "Good, now this is what I'm talking about!" She said almost excited as she quickly turned into Yoruichi from Bleach and quickly vanished. "Now where did she go to?" Kira asking himself as he looked around trying to keep on his guard. "Not my problem. Going to sleep now. Don't get yourself killed!" The other him said before Kira stopped hearing him. "Jackass!" Kira shouted before feeling Violet/Yoruichi kick him in the back hard sending him flying high. Then she jumped up and dropped kicked him back to the ground causing him to cause one hell of a pot hole upon impact.
"You were distracted! Keep on your guard!" She shouted. "Just... who... the... hell... are... you..." Kira said trying to stand up and using one of his swords as support. "Check your schedule you fool!" She ordered angrily as she jumped high into the air. He quickly dug out his PDA and checked his schedule. "Violet Antheia..... One of my teachers..... Crap!" Kira shouted when he realized that. "Got that right!" Violet shouted as she sped down towards him. "Why are you attacking me!" Kira asked angrily when he was able to block as her heel was about to make contact with his face. "Pop quiz time!" Violet said as she did a back flip and kicked Kira in the stomach knocking the air right out of him. He flew right into a light post so hard he dented it.
"I can't take much more of this beating!" Kira said to himself after falling and struggling even harder to stay standing. "Then fight! I will not teach weaklings!" Violet said going back to normal and bringing out her normal weapon which was a halberd made of adamantine. "I'm.... trying!" Kira groaned as he tried to stay standing as Violet charged. He was barely able to dodge and block most of her strikes. He found it exceedingly difficult to find an opening.
Then he got an idea, he ran. "Where are you going!"  Violet shouted as she started chasing him. Then he hid behind a tree. "You're a coward just like your profile says! You do nothing but run and hide!" Violet shouted angrily looking around despite the fact everyone was stairing at the scene she was causing. "No, I just have a plan..." Kira quietly said as he gritted his teeth since he hated being called that and slipped in the cart that was part of his plan.
Violet ran to where the blinding light came from and saw nothing. "Where the hell did he go?" She asked herself curiously. Then she got an answer when she heard a shout of "CHIDORI!!!" as Kira/Kakashi erupted from the ground delivering a powering Chidori from below sending her flying high into the air. Then as she flew higher, a shadow clone appeared and dropped kicked her in the face sending her crashing back down onto Kira's/Kakashi's waiting fist which delivered another Chidori to his abdomen causing her to scream bloody murder.
"Hmph, cowardly huh?" Kira said glaring at her as she tried standing with her Halberd as support. "Heh... not bad. There might be some hope for you after all!" She said stuggling to stay up. "I'm now through with you yet!" Kira shouted prepairing a third and final Chidori. But just as he was about to strike.... "Ok, we're done. You passed." Violet said straightning up her dress. "What the hell!" Kira shouted as he went back to normal. "What? I just wanted to test you to see if you were worth it. You are. Congrats, you'll be my first student in years!" Violet said as she casted First Aid on herself.
"Not a whole lot of people who can be Narikiri come here often I take it?" Kira asked rather annoyed that he had to stop just as he was about to kick some serious ass. "Nope, well the first and only one died soooo yeah. That was what.... 150 years ago?" Violet said as her Halberd disappeared. "You're....how old?" Kira said in disbelief. "Are you seriously asking a woman how old she is?" She asked with a glare. "NO!" Kira said quickly to save his ass. "Good. Now hurry along. First period will be starting soon. I'll see you last period. Enjoy your first day Kira Evans!" Violet said walking away with a wave.
Kira watched as she walked away. "Just who the hell is she...." Kira said still in disbelief. "Hm? Who her?" said Melissa who apparently came out of nowhere. "AHHHH!" Kira shouted taken by surprise. "Hahaha, god I love doing that!" Melissa said with a laugh.
"So do you know her?" Kira asked curiously. "Yeah, although she does tend to keep to herself. Violet-Sensei is a very private person." Melissa said as they walked to a nearby warp point. "Why's that?" Kira asked. "Well apparently she has been through some stuff that really got to her in the past. That and apparently her family is a very secretive bunch. Her being the last of said family probably doesn't help much." Melissa explained as she entered the coordinance to where she's going. "Oh? You sure seem to know plenty." Kira mentioned. "Only what everyone hears around the school. The woman is a freaking enigma. There's even a rumor that since she's a Narikiri like yourself, the form we all see isn't really her real form. So for years students have been trying to catch a glimpse of her real form. No one has really succeeded yet." Melissa explained. This really made Kira curious about the mysterious beauty who fights in a dress.
"So why were you there anyway?" Kira asked. "Eh, the rest of us heard about a fight going on nearby, so I thought I'd check it out since I was heading out anyways. No offense but you got your ass handed to you." Melissa said rather bluntly. "Well I never really got into a fight that intense before. I'm still trying to accept the fact that this is all real for your information!" Kira ranted. "Pfft, now you know how I felt when I first arrived here." Melissa said as the warp panel accepted the coordinates. "So where's your first class?" Kira asked. "Weapon Meistering with Death the Kidd." Melissa replied. "Really? That's where I'm heading to!" Kira said exictedly. "Really now? This should prove entertaining." Melissa said with a grin, something Kira rarely saw on her even back when they all lived in their world and before she disappeared to Xross academy.
So once they took the warp panel and Kira made friends with the trash can (It will take him a while to get use to it ok?) they arrived to a hallway that was in chaos. Screams of help me and we are all gonna die were rampant. "What the hell is going on here?" Melissa asked one student. "Some crazy girl has come across here asking where Edward Elric was! She's completely crazy!" The student shouted in sheer fear and panic. "Oh, I guess we found Abby then." Melissa said not surprised. "Well atleast we know she's ok!" Kira said relieved. "That demon has a name?!" The student said before getting ran over by a heard of fear frenzied students. "Shall we continue now that she's ok?" Melissa asked gesturing towards the end of the hallway. "S..sure!" Kira said worried about the ran over student who was cringing on the floor in pain. "Paaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin....." The student groaned and clutching his boot marked face. Kira just stepped over him.
Melissa led him to the door where they saw Ryuu trying to eavesdrop. "Uh, Ryuu what are you doing?" Kira asked curiously. "Shhhh, can you see I'm fucking busy seeing if my damn cousin is in there?" Ryuu whispered glaring at him. "Wait... what?" Kira asked beyond confused. "Good he's not!" She shouted happily opening the door and barging in. "Uhhhhhhh..." Kira said extremely beyond confused. "She does this often. Don't worry." Melissa said going in too. "What have I gotten myself into?" Kira asked himself with a sigh.
When he stepped into the room he saw that the room was perfectly neat and straightened. Everything was perfectly symmetrical as Kira would expect of the most OCD shinigami ever. "Wait, he's your cousin? Does that mean you're a-" Kira asked before being cut off. "A death god? Yeah. Although I looooooove to pick on that dumbass!" Ryuu said happily as she was scribbling a badly drawn picture that would take Kidd FOREVER to try fixing to symmetrical proportions. "Shouldn't we stop her?" Kira asked getting the feeling if left alone, Ryuu would be her own downfall. "Nope, I actually like seeing Kidd-Sensei's reactions." Melissa said calmly with a smirk watching Ryuu draw. "Uh-oh, gotta go! He's coming!" Ryuu said sensing he was near with her insane sense of hearing and pretty much zoomed off leaving a dust trail in her path.
A few minutes later a few more students came in along with everyone's favorite OCD victim. "Good morning everyone! Good, I see you are all looking perfectly symmetrical. Now I understand we have a new- WHAT THE HELL!" Kidd shouted upon seeing the chalkboard that held Ryuu's crudely done drawing. Everyone was chattering away as if they were use to it. "WHO THE HELL KEEPS DOING THIS! WHICH ONE OF YOU DID IT!" Kidd shouted trying not to have a mental breakdown. Melissa motioned Kira not to tell. "Well! I'm waiting! God it's gonna take me forever to get this taken care of!" Kidd shouted as he quickly went to work on trying to make the drawing symmetrical.
"Why can't I tell him?" Kira asked. "Because, half the morning he usually spends trying to make sure EVERYTHING in the room is symmetrical, so atleast this is actually somewhat productive, and highly amusing." Melissa replied as they watched Kidd quickly make the drawing into a symmetrical masterpiece. "Phew, much better!" Kidd said with a sigh of relief.
Then he looked at his PDA. "Ok anyways. I understand we have a new student. Kira Evans! Come over here please." Kidd said motioning for Kira to come towards him. Kira nervously complied. "Hm, you came from the same world as Melissa  I see." Kidd said as he read some of the notes that were sent to him on the PDA. "Y... yes sir!" Kira said nervously. "Relax, there's nothing to be nervous about Kira." Kidd said with a chuckle. "Y... yes sir! I... I'll try not to! I'm s... still trying to accept that this is all real" Kira managed to say. "Heh, well believe it. It's certainly not a fairy tale you know!" Kidd said assuringly as he looked on a list in his PDA.
"Alright! Let's see according to your info, you're more suited to be a Meister." Kidd said reading his profile. "I am?" Kira asked curiously. "Mhmm, and what good luck for you. Melissa is the only one who doesn't have a partner. She's a weapon." Kidd explained as he motioned for her to come down. "She is? Why doesn't she have a partner?" Kira asked. "Because, my last partner opted to leave the school when he graduated last year, dick." Melissa explained as she came down. "Yes, and everyone else here already has a partner." Kidd added. "Ohhhh." Kira replied.
"Hmmmmm now stand still you two." Kidd ordered. "W... why?" Kira asked nervously. "He needs to see if our soul wavelenghts our compatible." Melissa replied somewhat hopefully. Kidd stood their concentrating, as he did Kira and Melissa felt a warm energy surround them as if they were being looked into. After a couple minutes Kidd was done. "Alright, you're perfectly compatible!" Kidd said as he typed that into his PDA. "Uh Melissa, why are you turning red and looking happy at the same time?" Kira asked obliviously.
So throughout that class period Kidd explained about Soul Wavelengths and about compatibilities between partners just to get Kira caught up on basics. Kira was eagerly taking down notes so he wouldn't forget a thing. Then the bell rang. "Alright everyone! Remember to practice tonight for your homework. Tomorrow we will be sparring to assess how you are doing. Kira, practice hard tonight! I want to see you able to atleast handle Melissa in her weapon form comfortably!" Kidd shouted over the students who were stampedeing out of the class room.
"Well that was interesting!" Kira said excitedly. "Yes, I felt the same way my first day. But I guess we will be working close together..." Melissa said trying not to blush. "You ok?" Kira asked concerned. "Y... yes! Please take care of me as your weapon partner! Gotta go, see you in a couple periods!" Melissa said quickly zooming away. "...That girl is strange." Kira said to himself.
Then he attempted to navigate his way through the hall back to the warp panel and trying not to get ran over. He also tried to remember how to enter coordinates into the warp panel like Melissa showed him earlier, and after three attempts and three trash can hug fests he got to where he needed to be. He then walked down the hallway filled with trainers chatting away with each other and showing off their pokemon to each other. He was definently in the right area, he was close to where he was suppose to go to learn about pokemon breeding.
When he opened the door he was nearly ran over by several Vulpix, Rattata, and Growlithe. "Paaaaaaiiiiin!" Kira groaned. "Uh-oh sorry about that! You must be the new student. They get excited like that when someone new comes along." said the former gym Leader Brock as he offered his hand to help Kira up. "I... I am. Wow, a real pokemon..." Kira said somewhere between pain and amazement. "Amazing aren't they. They just hatched yesterday. They belong to some of the other students. Whenever someone has a newly hatched baby they have a tendency to bring them in and show off." Brock said as said students were running after the babies. "They pack a wallop that's for sure..." Kira said rubbing his left eye which still had the recovering scar from a couple days ago since the baby pokemon had run over it.
Then Brock led Kira over to his desk. "Now Kira, since you'll be taking this class you'll be given your first pokemon. Unlike everyone else who just buys balls and goes out on their free time to catch one if they want pokemon." Brock explained as he unlocked a drawer in his desk to reveal three pokeballs. "Best.. day... ever..." Kira said trying to contain his excitement. "Haha, calm down. You look like you're about to faint!" Brock said with a laugh.
Brock then took the balls and led Kira to a large pin in the back of the classroom. "Zorua! Vulpix! Eevee! Come on out!" He shouted as the three came out of their balls. "Now, you'll have all period getting to know these three and you'll decide which one you want. They are the only ones left. Everyone is gonna be showing off newly hatched pokemon today so you won't be missing anything. Enjoy yourself." Brock said as all three staired up at Kira happily and jumping at him.
When Brock went back to the front the three pokemon were already tackling Kira playfully and running around him. "Haha, well aren't you the happy and playful ones? I wish I could have all three of you!" Kira said watching them play and having a hard time choosing from between them. So he continued playing with the three happy pokemon. Everytime he held one, the other two would whine and paw at his legs to be held too, so at one point he was holding all three, which was no easy task let me tell you, but he didn't care, he was too busy having fun.
Then he managed to get them all layed down and petted them as they slept. He watched them sleep as he tried to decide which he wold choose. He watched them as they twitched and turned in their sleep, he even tried taking the brush he bought for this class out of his bag and brushing each one in their sleep. He nearly melted when he saw each one smile in their sleep. It was getting harder to decide.
Then when class was almost over Brock came along. "Have you decided yet?" He asked curiously which woke up the pokemon who all piled on top of Kira again which caused him to laugh. "No, it's really hard to choose which one." Kira said as all three looked at him happily and licked his face. "Yeah, it can be hard to choose. Because you'll be choosing a life time friend." Brock said as Kira petted the three. "Yeah, and I played the games that were based on them in my world for years. And now that I finally can get one, I'm having a much harder time choosing. I mean come on! Just look at them, they look like they like me alot and I like them too alot. And they are just so damn adorable! It's killing me!" Kira ranted. "Heh, well you have seemed to have bonded with them. Tell you what. How would you like to care for all three of them?" Brock asked smiling. "Seriously?!" Kira asked excited. "Mhmmm, just be sure to take extra care for them. I bred them and hatched them myself so I'm counting on you to take the upmost care for them." Brock told the excited Narikiri. "THANKS! I OWE YOU  BIG TIME!" Kira said happily hugging his three new friends. "Haha, anytime Kira, now run along. Class is about to end." Brock said as the new trainer called Eevee, Zorua, and Vulpix back to their balls. He then handed Kira a few other balls just as the bell rang.

Skits: The first takes place after first period.
Kira: That was exciting. I can't wait til tomorrow. Of course Me and Melissa have to practice being partners and all.
Ryuu: Hey Kira, how was your first class? (Leaning against the wall near the door)
Kira: Were you waiting by this door the whole time?
Ryuu: Fuck yeah I was! I was waiting so I could flag down a student and ask how Kidd reacted.
Kidd: Ah, so it was you was it!?
Kira: Uh oh...
Ryuu: Ah come on, you know you had fun fixing that Kidd. (Teasingly winks)
Ryuu: Thanks for the compliment! (Grins cheekily yet mockingly)
Ryuu: OHHHHH IT'S ON NOW YOU FUCKING JACKASS! (proceeds to beating the living daylights out of him to the point he has to call Liz and Patty for assistance)
Kira: Uhhhh. I think that's my que to leave..... (wisely leaves as all hell breaks loose causing him to think if anyone needed family counseling these two are it)
Kira earned the title of: Smart Narikiri
Ryuu earned the title of: Family Counselor's Wet Dream

Skit: The second takes place after second period.
Names Pt.1- The fighter.
Kira: Hm what am I gonna name these three...
Cyan: Hey Kira! How's it goin'!
Kira: It's good. I'm just trying to think of what to name the Eevee, Zorua and Vulpix I just got!
Cyan: That's always a fun activity! (Sarcastic)
Kira: Yeah...
Cyan: But I think I got a good one for the Eevee if it's a girl.
Kira: Hm, what is it?
Cyan: Evelyn.
Kira: That's a pretty name.
Cyan: Yeah... it's the name of a girl I know...
Kira: A girl you like here?
Cyan: No, a girl in my family back in my world...
Kira: You ok? You sound down about something.
Cyan: I'm fine. It's just I just... don't worry about it ok. I don't need to be laying my family drama on you on your first day. You should be enjoying yourself! (Playfully gets Kira in a choker hold and gives him a noogie)
Kira: Can't... breathe!
Cyan: Haha! I'll catch you later ok! I have something I need to go do before class. Later man! (walks away)
Kira: I wonder what it is he sounds depressed about...
Cyan earned the title of: Worrysome.
Kira earned the title of: Easily worried.

Skit: The third takes place after Names Pt.1
Names Pt.2- History
Kira: Hmmm, now I just need to figure out the last two names. (Thinking)
(He comes across a certain two characters who just love to argue)
France: Take that back you Harry Potter reading Punk!
England: I will not! At least none of MY RULERS wanted to die after losing ONE measly battle you goat beared ninny!
Kira: Holy crap! England and France! (has stars in his eyes)
England: Who the bloody hell are you?
France: Wait, I think he's one of those three new students that arrived yesterday.
England: OH! Sorry there, I didn't mean to come off as rude.This git and I were just arguing over something.
Kira: Oh? Well I didn't mean to intrude, I'll just go!
France: Oh don't worry. Maybe you can help us. We heard from Tsunade that you are a bit of a bookworm.
Kira: I can be. I mean that's mostly what I got from my parents for holidays anyway until they died.
England: Ok, well you must have read a few history books then?
Kira: Yeah, I love history.
England: Oh good, good. Now, who's rulers sounded more pathetic. Mine or France's?
Kira: Well you both had your shares of rulers who had their own ups and downs. Your's England had A LOT of downs!
France: Hah! Told you, you ale swilling drunkard!
England: (Fuming)
Kira: BUT! I have to agree with England. Napoleon was pretty pathetic and he that kinda tips the odds in England's favor. So I would have to side with him on this one.
France: But...but... I've had so many good ones.... Like Mary Antoinette!
Kira: True true...
Ryuu: (Appears out of nowhere in time to save Kira from having to be in this argument much longer) Hey! I just learned perfect French! I SURRENDER!!! (Holds up hands in a surrendering pose and imitates a French accent)
England: I think I'm in love...
Kira: Uhhhh....Ok.... I think I'll name Vulpix Antoinette, that sounds pretty. But in the mean time I think I may wanna leave...(Zooms off)
Ryuu earned the title of: Perfect Timing.
Kira earned the title of: History Nut

Skit: The fourth takes place after Names Pt.2
Names Pt.3- Knights
Kira: Well, that was an interesting little conversation... Hm? Who's that? (Hears voices)
Prussia: And then I cut off her chest plate and that's how I learned Hungary was a girl! Then she kicked the crap outta me!
Yuri (ToV): Haha! That's bad luck man.
Prussia. Tell me about it! It was so damn humiliating! I mean come on! The great awesome Prussia does not get his ass kicked by a girl! Hm? Who are you? (Notices Kira)
Kira: I... freaking... love this school! (Happy to see Prussia, Yuri Lowell, Flynn Sciffio and Kratos Aurion)
Flynn (ToV): Are you a new student? I don't think we have seen you around before.
Kira: Yes! (A little overexcited)
Prussia: Haha, calm down Kid. You look like you're about to explode!
Kira: Sorry! I'm just excited to meet you guys!
Yuri: Haha, well it's not like it's the first time we have had that happen.
Flynn: Not the first time today too. We even had a girl about your age chase us just a few minutes ago. She was yelling how she wanted to have our children.
Kira: Erm, dark blonde, lime green eyes,a little shorted than me and had a crazed look on her face?
Kratos: Yes, she was persistent in the chase. She nearly caught Yuri and Prussia,
Prussia: Do you know that psycho?
Kira: I'm sorry! She ran out this morning before anyone can give her her medication!
Yuri: Haha, just be more careful with her from now on ok?
Kira: Yes sir!
Kratos: No need to to be so tense. Relax, it'll make your first day easier and make you less stressed.
Kira: Y...yes sir, I'll try.
Kratos: Good. So when did you and your friend arrive here? A couple days ago correct? I think I heard about you from Jade Curtiss.
Kira: Mhmmm! Me and my friends Lawliet Aurion and Abigail Rose arrived here after meeting Watanuki Kimishiro in our world!
Prussia: Haha! Your friend Lawliet's last name is Aurion? So Kratos, did you have a little 'Fun' on a mission a few years ago?
Kratos: Suggest I would have any other woman other than my Anna again and I'll cast Judgment on your sorry ass until you and descendents for several generations start coughing up Mana! (Has his sword pointed to Prussia's throat)
Prussia: (Gulps)
Yuri: Calm down Kratos, he looks like he's about to have one massive hearattack! (Trying not to laugh... too hard.)
Flynn: Yes, we are all Knights here. We should be friendly.
Kratos: Grrr, off with you Prussia. And watch your mouth got it?! (Giving him his signature glare of death)
Prussia: Y... Y... YES SIR! (Runs off for dear life like a army of Hungary was after him.)
Kira: Wooooowwwww, that was awesome!
Kratos: I suppose so. Now I see why Hungary always does it.
Kira: Maybe I'll run into her later. But I need to be going. I have a class soon.
Flynn: Alright, good luck.
Kratos: Yes, run along now. We'll be keeping an eye on you.
Yuri: Give em' hell kid!
Kira: Thanks! Later! (Runs off)
Yuri: He seems like a good kid.
Kira: Hmmm, Knight sounds like it'd be a good name for Zorua.
Kira earned the title of: Good Kid
Kira earned the title of: Name Giver

A/N Kira's first day starts off excellent. From getting in a fight with a strong teacher to meeting several of his idols including Death the Kid and Kratos Aurion, as well as getting his first pokemon. Will the rest go along swimmingly? Read the next chapter to find out!
Kira: Why do you always make it sound like a episode preview?
Author: Because I feel like it!
Kira: Riiiiight. I'm just gonna take this from you now... (tries taking the author's cup of coke)
Author: TOUCH IT AND DIE! (Is surrounded by flames and with dark eyes.)
Kira: AHHHH!
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