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Author: (Reading Fanfiction on laptop again.)
Lawliet: Oh god, not again.
Kira: What's wrong Lawliet?
Lawliet: He's reading fanfiction again!
Kira: So?
Lawliet: Remember the last time he did?
Kira: He didn't write for a few days after chapter 12. Big deal.
Lawliet: Ok let me clarify my statement. He doesn't write. WE pretty much don't exist. Kinda. Sorta.
Kira: (Gulps) Good point.
Lawliet: I know right?
Kira: What are we gonna do!?
Lawliet: We must make him write!
Kira: Yeah! Let's do it!
(Two hours later.)
Author: Abby!
Abby: Yes sir author? (reading fanfiction too)
Author: Do something about your idiot brother and idiot friend!
Abby: Hm? What did they do? (looks up from her laptop)
Author: I'm trying to read fanfiction, oooo you're reading some AmericaXBelarus too!
Abby: Mhmm! A weird pairing but cute, but I can see it!
Author: I find it amusing honestly. Now what did I come here for again?
Abby: Ya know, you never said.
Author: Hm, weird. Oh well. (walks away.)
(Two hours later again)
Author: Abby!
Abby: Yes sir author? Remember yet?
Author: Your idiot brother and idiot friend won't leave me alone!
Abby: Why?
Author: Your dumbass brother has Kira afraid that if I'm not writing then you guys technically don't exist!
Abby: Seriously? Oh lord... LAWLIET! (pulls out frying pan she's borrowing from Bel's kitchen.)
(Downstairs in the basement decorated like a war room with everyone else minus Abby, Lawliet is plotting how to get the author to write.)
Everyone else: NO SIR!
Everyone else: YES SIR!
Abby: LAWLIET!!!
Lawliet: Uh-oh! (Runs upstairs) Yes sis?
Abby: QUIT MAKING KIRA PANIC!(Holds up frying pan threateningly.)
Lawliet: AHHHHH! (Runs for dear life.)
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Kira: Are we ever going to get to the plot?
Author: Maybe. (Shifty eyes)
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Chapter 14: Resonance and Flowers
The next morning when leaving the house Kira was woke up by Botamon's obsessive chirping. "Ergh, Botamon be quiet please! I'm trying to sleep and it's only 4:00 in he freaking morning!" Kira groaned glaring at his PDA. "But ya have a message boss!" The little black digimon chirped. "I'll read it in a couple hours..." Kira groaned turning to go back to sleep. "Ok, have it you're way!" Botamon said mischeviously.
Kira didn't notice a beam of light coming from the camera lens of his PDA, nor did his notice it materializing Botamon. "Acid Bubble!" shouted the adorable black puff ball. Kira was then hit by a barrage of green bubbles that burned his blanket. "OH COME ON ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!" Kira shouted angrily. The Botamon giggled mischeviously before hopping to the PDA and hitting a button on it that caused the beam of light to pull him back into the PDA. Kira spent the next 30 minutes managing to pull off a near perfect death glare that would have made Kratos-sensei proud.
"So what did you want?" Kira asked after 30 minutes but still glaring from being woken up from a good dream might I add. "You have a couple urgent messages!" Botamon chirped hopping aside a mailbox icon inside the PDA. "From who?" Kira asked wondering who he was going to have to kill for waking him up that damn early. "Violet Antheia and Tsunade!" Botamon chirped. "Goddamnit! They would rip me apart!" Kira muttered angrily. "Hm?" Botamon asked raising one of his big yellow eyes. "Nothing." Kira said with a sigh before Botamon looked like he was gonna be ill.
"Botamon! What's wrong?" Kira asked worried. "I feel funny..." Groaned the tiny digimon. "Well take it as Karma for waking someone up too early." Kira sighed. Thennnnnn that's when the little guy started glowing. "Botamon digivolve toooooo, YAAMON!" the newly digivolved Yaamon shouted as he stopped glowing. "Ooooooook, that's a interesting way to start the morning." Kira said finding it weird and yet exciting. Botamon now was the horned mostly purple except for his tan face Yaamon.
"This is awesome! I digivolved! I rock!!!" Yaamon shouted happily bouncing up and down. "I know it is! Good going Yaamon. But what causes you guys to digivolve? I mean we didn't battle any other digimon?" Kira asked really curious. "We can also digivolve when we do something that matches our personality big time." Yaamon explained. "So you're going to be something incredibly mischevious? But you were acting all timid yesterday." Kira said really confused. "Well it takes us a day to get our actual personality. So maybe the higher ups thought you needed someone who's mischevious and not afraid to take crap in order to make you braver. I wonder who I will be next!" Yaamon ranted excitedly hopping like mad. "Oh dear, I'm afraid now." Kira sighed annoyed that that is how partners are decided and the fact that the higher ups thought he needed to be braver. But he had to admit, most things Yaamon could digivolve to were pretty awesome.
Then he finally got around to checking the messages. "First being from Violet. "Kira, I'm sending this to tell you we are being asked to help with this year's halloween event. We have a week to prepare. So most of your teachers are being asked to teach you in things involving dark type spells, techiques etc in order for you to help with this event properly. You're not being told what is to happen because they apparently think that will make it more convincing. So expect the next week's worth of classes to be rather... strange. Oh and the attached text message is what you'll be needing for our class today. See you later." The video of Violet explained before ending. "Wait, so I really don't have a choice in the manner?" Kira asked curiously. "NOPE!" Yaamon said excitedly. "Perfect... oh well. I love Halloween anyway so what the hell!" Kira said first annoyed then rather excited. "Hell yeah! Hell yeah!" Yaamon chanted. "Ok seriously, did you break out of the PDA and raid the kitchen for sugar?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow wondering how the hell this little guy was so damn hyper. Tsunade's was pretty much the same plus a few funny interruptions from Kamina who was hyper as hell from the little get together last night.
Then he dragged himself down to the kitchen where he saw Bel  was starting breakfast. "Oh, you're up. Was that you who was screaming a few minutes ago?" Bel asked as she motion Kira to come over and help her lift a huge bag of coffee grounds so she could start Aden's coffee. They swore they saw it try scooting away so it could have a day off. "Huh? Oh yeah, that was. Botamon materialized and attacked me to wake me up. By the way, where can I get a new blanket?" Kira explained with an annoyed look. "Acid Bubble?" Bel asked not surprised having lived through that before. "Acid Bubble." Kira replied with a nod. "Left closet in the hallway." Bel added when they got all the grounds in.
Then Bel attempted to start up the oven which apparently didn't want to light. "OH COME ON ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! WE JUST HAD THIS THING FIXED!!!" Bel shouted angrily. "Oven not working?" Kira asked. "No shit Sherlock!" shouted the fuming purple haired chef. "Oooo! Oooo I know what to do!" Yaamon shouted anxiously. "What was that?" Bel asked curiously. "Botamon digivolved into Yaamon this morning." Kira said with a glare towards his pocket. "Hmmm, demon like little digimon makes little fire. Alright! Let's do this!" Bel said turning the gas on the stove on. Then Kira materialized Yaamon. "Fire Bubble!" Yaamon shouted jumping and spitting a bubble made of fire at the stove.
Now let's just say that was a bad idea. Because when they realized that Bel turned the gas up too high and when everyone else came down wondering why HALF THE KITCHEN WAS BLOWN UP let's just say that they realized it was a good morning to go out for breakfast. Yaamon not realizing his own strength didn't really help much either. "So Bel, Kira, VHY THE HELL DID YOU THINK IT VAS A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE A BABY DIGIMON VHO HAS NO CONTROL OVER HIS OWN POWER LIGHT THE DAMN STOVE?!" Aden shouted angrily since he has yet had his morning coffee and had to settle for a nearby restaurant's lousy coffee. "Hey, everyone is bound to make stupid decisions in the morning right?" Bel said with a nervous laugh. "That was fun..." Yaamon muttered. "Shut it Yaamon!" Aden snapped. And for the first time that morning, Yaamon listened.
"That was some party last night. Despite it's lack of booze." Groaned Cyan who apparently drank enough caffiene last night to keep him awake until two hours ago. "Ja, it vas vasn't it? Although it seems Caffiene has no effect on little Nicholas here." Aden said pointing to Nicholas who was passed out face down on a plate of waffles and bacon. "Yeeeeah, he's young enough to where he probably shouldn't have the stuff... ever." Lawliet said with a laugh trying to look unsuspicious as he tried swiping Nicholas's bacon to which the outcold alchemist unconsciously stabbed Lawliet in the hand with a fork. "AHHHHH! SONOFABITCH!" Lawliet screamed in pain clutching his hand. "Yeah, don't try that. Nicholas is very territorial over his bacon." Melissa said taking a bite of waffles. "I noticed! Little brat!" Lawliet muttered with his eye twitching as Abby sighed and casted First Aid which she learned yesterday.
Then the short blonde haired woman came along with a big plate of waffles. "More Waffles anyone?" She asked sweetly. "Belgium-Sensei, when have I ever said no to that?" Melissa said looking up from her plate. "Hahaha, good point. Anyone else?" She asked. Everyone shot their hand up. Despite the fact the place had lousy coffee, it had some killer waffles.
"So you are the new kids here hm? Romano-kun was telling me about you yesterday. Hm, Abby, you're the crazy psycho girl right?" Belgium asked curiously. "I'm not crazy or psychotic thank you very much!" Abby snapped glaring daggers at Belgium. Everyone couldn't help but laugh their asses off. "LIES!" One of them shouted. No one has figured out who yet.
Then Melissa checked the time. "Oh hell! Kira we have to leave. Kidd always prefers students being early on sparring days!" Melissa said quickly grabbing her bag. "But can't I just finish my- WHOA!" Kira shouted just as Melissa grabbed him by the collar and dragged him away quickly. "Where was she in such a hurry?" Abby said a little annoyed for some reason. "Like she said. Kidd likes students to be early on sparring days. Jealous hm?" Bel said with a teasing smirk. "N... no! Don't say things like that Bel!" Abby said fuming. "Jade is right, it is fun teasing people!" Bel said smirking.
"Hell Melissa! How early is early for Kidd-Sensei! School doesn't evne start for another two hours!" Kira said once he was finally able to get free of Melissa's grip. "Well he's more ocd than everyone thinks! People either are early or on time. If you're late then he will be even worse than when something is unsymmetrical. Time is one thing you cannot fix to be symmetrical. Ask Ryuu who had taken great joy in being late just to do that to him!" Melissa ranted remembering those times apparently. Ryuu was obviously not known for being friendly and loving her poor ocd crippled cousin. "Wow, she's even more twisted than I thought is she?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "Considerably!" Melissa said with a shudder.
Then as they walked the near abandoned streets they heard a loud rumbling noise. "Hm? What's that?" Kira asked curiously. "Wait, wait time is it?" Melissa asked with a sudden freaked look in her eye. "6 A.m. Why ask?" Kira replied. Melissa turned her head and her eyes widened. "OH SHIT! KIRA RUN!" Melissa shouted. "Huh? Why?" Kira asked curiously. That was when Melissa turned him around to show Spain screaming bloody murder as he was being chased by one of his pet bulls, fluffy. "Holy shit!" Kira said ducking behind a trash can.
Once they ran by Kira peeked over to see if it was safe. "What the hell was that all about?!" Kira asked trying to catch his breath since he had his first heart attack of the day. "Erm, he likes to take Fluffy out for a walk ever morning. Fluffy is too... aggressive to be taken out for a walk when other people are around in more ways than one. And apparently he hasn't gotten the memo about using a leash." Melissa said coming out of her hiding place. "Fluffy?" Kira asked with a raised eyebrow. "Don't ask. Spain isn't exactly the best person when it comes to naming pets. I mean he even named a boy bull Mr. Skittles!" Melissa said rolling her eyes. "My gods..." Kira said having lost a little respect for the great country.
So they wandered along to a warp panel. "But yes, after yesterday's incident I think we are not going to have a problem at the sparring match." Melissa said as she entered the co ordinates for Kid's classroom. "You sure? I'm still lousy with a gun." Kira groaned. "Yeah I'm sure. Quit whining already. I already have to deal with that when Abby whines about her foiled attempts at ambushing bishounens!" Melissa said with a sigh. "This is going to be a long day..." Kira groaned.
Before they knew it they were in front of Kidd's classroom where several students were crowded around the door peeking in through the window. "Hm? What's going on?" Melissa asked as she and Kira made their way through the crowd. "What do you think?" One student said with a amused smirk. "Ryuu?" Melissa asked with a sigh. "You bet your anti social ass!" The student replied peeking more.
"What is she doing now?" Kira asked curiously. "From the looks of it. She's... oh god..." The student said as his eyes widened. "What is it?" Melissa asked now concerned. "She's rearranging the desks. Even though Kidd-Sensei bolted the damn things down! He must have forgotten that Ryuu is dangerously strong..." The student said with a sigh. Apparently rearranging desks was a good way to set Kidd off. Well not so much as rearranging, but more like scattering them all over. "Now we can get blamed for this!" Another whined. "Oh hell! She's leaving a power drill by his desk! We really will take the heat from this!" Yet another groaned. "Screw it! I'm ditching!" One other said zooming off. A few others followed suit.
It was now just down to Kira, Melissa, and about 10 more students. Then the shinigami that pretty much signed their death warrants came out whistling innocently. "Are you trying to get us killed?" Melissa asked glaring at her. "Hm? Whatever do you mean Melissa? That would cause my family to have to go to work. Besides I doubt Kidd would blame you guys when half the fucking class ran off in fear. He has half a class to be suspicious of!" Ryuu said smirking mischeviously. "He will find out one day you know." Melissa said readjusting her glasses. "But not anytime soooooon~ Later kiddies! I have to go sneak in and replace England's computer's background with a 'Special' picture I found of him from last year's St. Paddie's day bash!" Ryuu said with a devilish smirk. "Dare I ask of what and how you found it?" Melissa foolishly asked. "Ohhhh I'm not gonna reveal my sources! Have fuuuun!" Ryuu said smirking as she ran off.  
"....Are we gonna die?" Kira asked looking over to Melissa. "No, we are not that lucky." Melissa replied bluntly. "Why is dying lucky?" Kira asked curiously. "Listening to Kidd-Sensei whine about scattered desks is as entertaining as a lecture on the Spanish Inquisition." Melissa said with a sigh. Then Ryuu zoomed back real quick. "I was sooooo cute back then!" She said quickly before zooming off again. "... Someone remind me. Why is it suicide to kill her?" A student asked. "The fact that Shinigami-sama is her uncle and Death is her grandpa." Melissa said reminding them. "Ohhhh, that's right." The student said shutting up.
Then came Kidd, whistling a song blissfully unaware what Ryuu has done. Kidd looked like he was in a good mood. "Ohhhhh yessss~ Today is a beautiful day! Symmetrical in all ways! Nothing can go wrong today! Not even if my cousin Ryuu were to drop by and pull one of her pranks on me! I don't think I'd care!" Kidd said to himself happily. No one dared ask what had him so happy or say anything to him period as he approached the door. Four more kids ran away. "Hm? What had them so spooked?" Kidd obliviously asked. "Their love for their life..." Kira muttered.
Then Kidd opened the door and his eyes widened and jaw dropped. The students besides Kira and Melissa vanished. Then twin blonde sisters came along. "Hm? What's wrong with Kidd?" The eldest sister, Liz asked. "It looks like Ryuu scattered the desks around again." The youngest, Patty replied. "How did you guys know?" Kira asked. "Just the look on his eyes. Everything that girl does to him causes a different level of jaw drop and eye widening on Kidd. This is the 'Scattered Desks' level." Liz explained. "Wow... even when he's panicking and crying he's OCD and specific." Kira said not really surprised knowing Kidd's habits. "And we are stuck with that as a partner." Liz said with a sigh. "And you as a husband!" Patty shouted teasingly grinning wide. "OH SHUT UP!" She shouted with fire in her eyes, bopping her little sister upside the head. Like that worked, Patty just kept on grinning and laughing like an idiot.
"Ryuu did this, did she?" Kidd asked with a dark tone as he turned around and his eyes twitching. "Uhhhhh..." Kira said panicking thinking Kidd would actually try killing her this time. "She went that way!" Melissa said quickly kinda scared which is rare to see her. "MELISSA!" Kira shouted. "What? I can't shut up when I'm scared ok?" Melissa said as her calm cool composure returned. "That sounds familiar..." Kira said to himself.
Somewhere on the floor that held fighter classes, a short bald fighter by the name of Krillin sneezed. "Huh, that was weird. Someone must be talking about me." Krillin said accepting a tissue from a student. "What are you talking about sensei?" One of his students asked curiously. "Nothing, nothing! Let's move on shall we?" Krillin said as he started charging a disk of energy on a hand he had raised in the air. "Oh boy..." His students said with a sigh.
Back at Kidd's room, Melissa, Kira, Liz and Patty were all trying to restrain the future shinigami successor. "LET ME GO!!! I'LL KILL THAT DEVILISH BITCH! I'LL RIP HER TO SHREDS!!! SYMMETRICAL SHREDS MIND YOU BUT SHREDS NONE THE LESS!!!" Kidd shouted angrily ranted as he struggled. "No Kidd! Remember what the therapist said!" Liz shotued sternly. "FUCK THE THERAPIST!" Kidd shouted as he managed to shake free and run off. "Oh dear... this won't end well." Liz said with a sigh. "And you married that?" Kira asked somewhere between worried and what were you thinking. "Yeah... yeah I did..." Liz said with a sigh.
So they started to chase Kidd. They ran all over the hallway and eventually Kidd took a warp panel to the town area  so they followed. Soon they were in front of the Italy brothers' restaurant and found Kidd duking it out with Ryuu. "I will kill you you bitch!" Kidd shouted angrily. "Hah! I'll like to see you tryyyyy~" Ryuu said mockingly. "Quit mocking me!" Kidd shouted angrily as a glyph glowed beneath him. "Hmph. You know you're not good with spells. They won't do shit to me!" Ryuu said cockily. "SHUT UP! DEATH EATER!" Kidd shouted casting a spell he apparently learned from Yggdrassil.  "Shit! Kira! Melissa!" Liz shouted panicking. "ON IT!" The two said quickly.
Before Kidd's spell could reach Ryuu who didn't look at all alarmed the spell was reflected back at Kidd. "What the!" Kidd said wondering what blocked his spell. "Soul Resonance. Gun Spell- Bullet Block!" Kira and Gun Melissa shouted in unison when they and Ryuu were behind a shield of their soul energy that had came out of Melissa's barrel. "So is that how it's going to be hm?" Kidd asked with a grin creeping along his face.
"Is that good?" Kira asked. "Hm nope!" Ryuu said still not at all alarmed. "Oh good, I was getting worried for a second there." Kira said looking relieved. "Oh, I meant for me. You are totally screwed." Ryuu said with a grin. "Why are we protecting you again?" Kira asked shooting her a glare. "I don't know. He really was never able to harm me with his fucking attacks since I'm stronger than him." Ryuu explained. "Well you know you might one day push him over the edge." Melissa said in her gun form. "Like that will ever happen." Ryuu said checking her nails. The two partners rolled their eyes.
"LIZ! PATTY! WEAPON FORMS!" Kidd ordered as he facial expressions became near hysterical. "Kidd calm down!  Please!" Liz pleaded. "No! I will not! I'm tired of taking her bull!" Kidd shouted angrily. "Come on Kidd! Be the bigger person!" Liz begged. "Kidd be the bigger person? He's shorter than me! Like that will ever happen!" Ryuu said grinning wide. ""Shut up! You're making it worse!" Liz hissed.  
With the atompshere grew as bad as Kidd's, Melissa got an idea. "Kira, I have an idea." Melissa whispered. "What is it?" Kira replied back in a whisper. "Follow my lead..." Melissa whispered once more.
"Hey! Kidd-Sensei! We'll fight you!" Melissa shouted challengingly. "Wait... what?" Kira said looking down at Melissa's gun form.. "And why's that?" Kidd said still looking hysterical. "You wanted to be a sparring day right? Then spar against us!" Melissa said. "Are you trying to get us killed?" Kira asked nervously. "Shut up and just do it!" Melissa hissed as Kidd thought about it. "Oh dear... this won't end well..." Kira said trying to calm down. "Hmmmm, alright and if I win, you let me go after Ryuu." Kidd said acceptingly. "Fine, sounds good! You in Liz and Patty senseis?" Melissa asked. "Sure!" Patty said excitedly. "F... fine..." Liz said not so sure.
"I wonder what's wrong with Liz-Sensei." Kira thought to himself noticing that Liz has seemed like something has been on her mind. "Hell if I know. But look who she married. Should you really have to ask that?" Battle Kira asked leaning against a wall in Kira's mind. "I guess... but there's something she's not telling anyone." Kira said. "Hm, who knows. But be on you're guard. Here they come!" Battle Kira said as they saw Liz and Patty took on their gun forms. "Well here goes nothing..." Kira said as he took a stance that he learned from Melissa yesterday. Ryuu apparently being hungry went into the restaurant to see her favorite italians.
"Let's go!" Melissa shouted. The fight begun. Kidd was still hysterical and was glowing with energy. Then they saw one of Kidd's Sanzu lines connect. "Uh oh... didn't see that coming..." Melissa said worried. "If you get us killed, I'm going to be pissed!" Kira muttered angrily. "My bad..." Melissa muttered now seeing a flaw in her plan. The fact that Kidd was extremely dangerous when even one of his Sanzu lines connected, and she seemed to have forgotten that little tidbit.
"DIEEEE!" Kidd shouted angrily as Liz's and Patty's weapon forms changed to a more powerful gun. Then as they charged Kira and Melissa worked on their battle plan. "What are we going to do?! If we get hit by the thing once, we're toast!" Kira asked. "I'm thinking! I'm thinking! Hey, I got it! Do you have a Gunman job class DNA Chip?" Melissa asked after getting an idea. "Hm? I think I do!" Kira said quickly digging it out of the case. "We're saved!" Melissa said thankfully as Kira activated it as Kidd fired.
"What the hell happened?" Kidd said mystified when he saw he missed due to the bright burst of light. "Where did they go?" Patty asked just as mystified. "I don't know... But If I remember correctly this always happens when a Narikiri transforms. Remember the few times we fought against Violet?" Liz replied and thinking. "That's right! Kira is Violet's student!" Patty said hyperly. "But that doesn't answer the question of where they went." Kidd said looking around.
They didn't hear Kira and Melissa appear behind them. "Sonic Bash!" Kira shouted shooting a burst of energy that struck them with sonic speed. Kidd flew and hit the nearest tree. "Where the hell did you come from?" Kidd asked weakly as he struggled to get up. "When Melissa suggested I use a Gunman job class DNA Chip I somehow knew several moves. Including what I used to warp away, Rakuha!" Kira explained before vanishing again. "Where did he go now?" Liz asked. "Up here!" They heard Melissa shout from above. "Shit!" The three partners shouted as they began charging up again. "Soul Resonance! Gun Spell- Negative Gate!" Kira and Melissa shouted as dark glyphs appeared in front of Melissa and shot forth a wailing mass of dark energy that raced towards Kidd. And before it could hit them Kidd fired. Both attacks were cancelled out.
The fight went on as both sides shot at each other and slung spells at on another. After an hour Ryuu came out of the restaurant. "Will ya all give it a fucking rest! You have been fighting for god knows how long now! You must be damn near spent! You do have other classes in a while you know? Dumbasses!" Ryuu snapped. Her complaint was responded to in the form of being shot at by both sides, good thing she's fast though. "Ok ok, geez. Jackasses." Ryuu muttered going back in.
About 30 minutes before that class period was suppose to end Kidd finally had calmed down. "Alright, I'm good! Thanks alot for helping me blow off some steam you two." Kidd said as he recomposed himself and Liz and Patty went back to their human forms. "It was nothing. Even  though you did nearly kill us a few times there." Kira replied nevously scratching the back of his head. "Heh, sorry about that. I just get a little out of control when I lose it you know. But I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed with how you two held about against me especially since one of my Sanzu lines was connected. That's no easy task." Kid said complimenting the two partners. "Tell me about it!" Melissa said relieved it was all over as she went back to human form.
"But I say you two both deserve passing grades for this session. For both taking me on with one line connected and since Kira was doing surprisingly well for a beginner. From what Violet explained to me about DNA Chips of job classes, they just double your natural ability at said class. So you must have already naturally been capable of wielding a gun Kira." Kidd explained. "Well, If I remember correctly my parents were both great with them when they were alive." Kira explained. "And you obviously inheirited their talent! Melissa you have yourself a great partner here." Kidd said patting Kira's head. "I know. He just needs to brave up a bit." Melissa said with a smile towards Kira.
"But hey I suppose you kids deserve to get off a bit early. So go on and do whatever until your next class period! I have a few students to track down and write up." Kidd said pulling out his PDA. "Uh-oh..." Kira and Melissa said in unison before zooming off.
After they did Liz smiled. "Wow Kidd you dealt with them rather well. Complimenting them and treating them kindly like that even though you nearly killed them, you almost looked like a parent." Liz said with a warm smile. "Well my therapist did say that I shouldn't be too harsh on the students when they are trying to make me feel better. Besides, those two are good kids. Whenever I have some, I hope they are like them." Kidd said with a smile as well. "Yeah, funny you should mention that..." Liz said with a nervous smile as she scratched the back of her head.
As Melissa and Kira walked towards the warp panel near the school's entrance they heard a loud "YOU'RE WHAAAAT!!!" "What do you think that was?" Kira asked Melissa curiously. "No clue. But whoever yelled must be either really pissed or really shocked. One of the two." Melissa said with a shrug. "I suppose." Kira said in agreement.
Then he heard a chirp from a distance. "What was that?" Kira asked curiously. "Hmmmm, sounded like a few Sunflora and Sunkern are playing." Melissa said thinking. "Hm... hey you run ahead. I'll see ya later." Kira said running off. "Wait! Oh that boy!" Melissa said with a sigh.
"Kira followed the sound of the chirping and did come across a group of Sunkern and Sunflora frolicing in a park like area. "Wow! This is so cool! I bet Abby would love one! She did say she wanted a pokemon of her own after all!" Kira said excitedly as all the Sunkern and Sunflora looked up at the excited Narikiri. He was then bombarded by a barrage of Bullet Seed. "Ok, I take it you're not thrilled with the thought of capture huh?" Kira asked. They all nodded. "Oh... I'm sorry." Kira said apologetically walking away.
Just then he heard another noise, followed by the sound of the Sunflora crying. "What was that? Sounds like they are in trouble. I think I know the right one for the job! It's playtime Antoinette!" Kira shouted releasing the painfully adorable Vulpix. She stared up at her trainer and chirped. "Let's go Antoinette!" Kira shouted fiercely as they ran back to the Sunkern.
When they got back to where the Sunkern were, they saw a wild Sneasel slashing at them. "What are you doing!" Kira shouted angrily. The Sneasel turned around and glared when noticing Kira. Then it just made a motion and growled like it was saying 'you're not worth my time' and went back to attacking the Sunflora and Sunkern. "Grrrrr! Why you! Antoinette, Flamethrower! Be care not hit the Sunkern and Sunflora!" Kira ordered fiercely wanting to protect the Sunkern. "Vul!" Antoinette chirped fiercely as she let loose powerful stream of fire. Since the Sneasel was obviously to cocky to notice, he didn't notice the flamethrower to the back he took. The force of the flamethrower made him crash into a tree and did great damage since Sneasel was part ice type.
When the Sneasel was finally able to get up, it looked PISSED. "SNEEEEEASEL!!!" It cried as it gathered energy from the shadows of the surrounding buildings and launched a huge Shadow Ball attack. "Shit! Antoinette! Dodge!" Kira ordered. But the young Vulpix wasn't quick enough and took the hit head on. It cried as it flew several feet into the air and landed hard onto the ground. "ANTOINETTE!" Kira shouted rushing to his hurt Vulpix's side. It chirped weakly and tried getting back up.
"Stay down, you need to rest." Kira said calmly as he pet her. The Vulpix looked at him and chirped more and looked over to the Sunkern and Sunflora group as it was again being attacked by the Sneasel. "You want to keep trying to help them?" Kira asked trying to figure out what she was saying. She nodded and managed to stand up. "Ok, if you're sure. Just don't over exert yourself..." Kira said worriedly. Antoinette looked up at her trainer and smiled before looking over to the Sneasel fiercely.
"Antoinette! Psychic!" Kira ordered. Then the young Vulpix tried concentrating and managed to make Sneasel levitate and forced it to hit the tree repeaditly. Antoinette actually looked like she was enjoying doing that and kinda had a sadistic grin on her face. "Uh... Antoinette I think you can stop now... I think it fainted after 15 times..." Kira said with a raised eyebrow wondering if he should be careful not to piss the baby Vulpix off. But she continued anyway.
Then Kira got an idea. "Hmmmm, maybe Lawliet would like that..." Kira said as he pulled out a pokeball. Eventually the sadist Vulpix got bored of torturing the Sneasel and made it levitate 20 feet in the air and slammed it to the ground HARD! "Wow... talk about overkill... Come back now Antoinette..." Kira said rather afraid of her now calling her back to her ball. She ran to him and tackled him affectionently before going back in her ball.
Then Kira looked at the fainted Sneasel. "Well now! I bet you regret attacking these innocent Sunkern and Sunflora now! But I have a friend who would like ya! Pokeball go!" Kira shouted as he threw the pokeball at Sneasel. It hit Sneasel capturing it and shook a few times. After a couple minutes, it was still. "Yes! I caught a Sneasel!" Kira shouted victoriously and picking up the ball.
The group of Sunkern and Sunflora celebrated and danced since they were now safe. But as they all left and Kira turned to leave, a small Sunkern hopped over to Kira and nudged at his leg. "Huh? Did you want something?" Kira asked. It hopped and chirped happily. "Did you want me to capture you?" Kira asked curiously. It chirped again confirming. "Hm, ok. Besides I think my friend Abby would like ya. Want to go to my friend Abby?" Kira asked the little Sunkern. It chirped and hopped happily. "Ok! Then come here Sunkern!" Kira said grinning as he tossed another one at Sunkern. It chirped happily and let itself be caught. "Alright! Two in a row!" Kira said happily pocketing Sunkern's ball and walking away extremely pleased with himself.
Later during third period he caught up with Lawliet, Abby and the others. "Hey guys! I got ya something!" Kira said excited. "Hm? What is it Kira? You look like you're about to explode." Lawliet mentioned seeing how excited his friend was. Kira nodded rapidly. "Well what about? Seriously Lawliet is right, you look like you're about to blow up big time." Abby said agreeing with her brother. Kira grinned as he brought out Sneasel's and Sunkern's pokeballs. "Oh, you caught two more? When?" Cyan said noticing. "This morning after first period!" Kira said excited.
"Oh, so that's where you ran off to this morning." Melissa said upon realizing that. "Yep! Here Lawliet, this one is for you. And Abby, this is your's!" Kira said happily handing them the pokeballs to the respective person. "Really? That's really sweet of you Kira!" Abby said blushing lightly and smiling that smile that made Kira feel happier. "Yeah man! Seriously this was awesome of ya!" Lawliet said excited as all get out. "Anytime! I conveiniently ran into both of them at the same time!" Kira explained. "Wow, what happened?" Abby asked staring at her first pokeball. "I'll explain later. See what I got ya!" Kira said still looking like he was going to explode. "Alright!" Both siblings said in unison as they both they both threw the pokeballs to release their pokemon.
Then out came Abby's new Sunkern and Lawliet's new Sneasel. Abby's first reacting was to scoop up the happy looking little seedling pokemon and hug it after letting out a loud ear shattering 'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!'
"Why is Sneasel looking scared shitless?" Lawliet asked curiously after Sneasel ran behind Lawliet's legs after seeing Sunkern. "Well I learned Antoinette is one vicious little Vulpix and let's leave it at that..." Kira said as he shuddered a bit. "She showed Sneasel no mercy did she?" Lawliet asked with a raised eyebrow. "Let's just say mercy is not in her dictionary..." Kira said with a nervous grin. "Uhhh... right. But still, a Sneasel, that's kickass!" Lawliet said as he picked up Sneasel who squirmed and tried swiping at him but Lawliet held him out everytime he tried.
"So we have two new additions to our little family. We will have to get even more pokemon food now!" Bel muttered remembering how much the stuff cost. "As long as ve don't cut into my coffee budget, voo cares." Aden said calmly sipping a travel mug he had with him. Everyone including the Sunkern now named Flora and the Sneasel named Reaper crashed to the ground before picking themselves up and heading to their next class wondering how Aden hasn't died of caffiene poisoning yet.

Skits: The first takes place before leaving for classes that morning.
Lawliet: Hmmmm.....
Kira: That's never a good sign...
Abby: What is it Lawliet?
Lawliet: I'm still curious about how you would know what was under his bed Abby...
Abby: Nothing!
Kira: Seriously!
Lawliet Uh-huhhhh.... riiiiiight!
Abby: I was looking for blackmail material alright! That's all! When you two were having one of your sparring sessions outside I snuck in your two's room and looked for blackmail material on you both just in case I needed any!
Lawliet: Uh-huh, surrrrre!
Kira: We never did anything! Honest! Why would we lie to you about something like that?
Lawliet: Keep in mind. We are talking about my sister's innocence. And since that man isnt' around SOMEONE has to keep an eye on her.
Kira: You're paranoid Lawliet.
Abby: Very. Geez get your mind out of the gutter brother!
Lawliet Ok ok! Geez I was just making sure! Geez! (walks off)
Kira: Phew, that was a close one!
Abby: Uh-huh. Imagine If he found out what we did while he was at his therapist's office after we got bored and found hentai online.
Kira: Yeeeeeah, I'd be as good as dead if he knew we had-
Abby: KIRA! This is a Pg-13 story!
Abby earned the title of: Deny Deny Deny
Abby earned the title of: Censor
Kira earned the title of: Deny Deny Deny

Skit: The second happens before third period.
Parents. Pt.1
Bel: Hmmm...
Lawliet: What is it Bel?
Bel: I was just curious about something. What were your parents like? You're mom at least.
Lawliet: Hm? What brought this on?
Bel: You know, I haven't the foggiest. It's one of those 'Almost like some being is controlling you' moments, ya know?
Lawliet: Hm, well I don't remember much about my mom. And since dad ran out when I was barely a year old, I don't remember much about him either. But I just have a faint memory at the back of my memory of mom reading me and Abby stories. As for jackass, me, Kira, and Abby watching him practice with two swords one day when he was watching us three. What about your's?
Bel: Well, Daddy would always build model ships and whiddle, he even let me help sometimes! Mom loved to cook. And she was a big fan of hitting daddy with frying pans if he acted like an idiot.
Lawliet: And you're saying this with a evil grin why?
Bel: I don't know what you're talking about!
Lawliet: Riiiiight... Now I know where she gets the evil aura from...
Bel earned the title of: Mommy's little doppleganger
Bel earned the title of: Daddy's little girl

Skit: The third happens after Parents Pt.1 and after third period.
Parents. Pt.2
Kira: Hey Melissa, I'm curious about something.
Melissa: What is it?
Kira: Well, I know what your sister was like, but what about your parents?
Melissa: (blushes lightly) Why do you want to know about them?
Kira: I don't know. Curiousity. And it kinda feels like I'm being made to ask you through some almost omnipotent being.
Melissa: Oh! Well lets see. Mom was always too busy with her painting to deal with me and sis. Dad was always busy with running the shooting range. But they are who I got my talents for shooting and painting from so oh well. They were not the greatest parents. Big sis was pretty much raising me even though she was a couple years older...
Kira: I'm sorry about what happened to her...
Melissa: Hey don't worry about it. It's not your fault.
Kira: I know, but I know how much you looked up to her. And when she committed suicide you were devastated.
Melissa: It's find Kira, really... I have to go real quick. I'll catch up with you guys later... (runs off)
Kira: She really worries me sometimes...
(Behind a corner)
Melissa: Yes... it's not Kira's fault... It's her's... it's always has been her's! It's that damn Abby's fault!
Melissa earned the title of: Secret Hate

Skit: The fourth happens before Lunch.
Kira: Say um... Scotland-sensei?
Scotland: Aye?
Kira: I I was won... wondering what y...yo-
Scotland: Spit it out already! -Glares slightly in annoyance-
Kira: I was just wondering what your hobbies were!
Scotland: Hm? Hobbies? Well let's see here... I like playing the bagpipes and drinking. I guess tormenting Lil' Iggy is another one as well as hanging around the fae folk.
-Ryuu walks around the cafeteria in her work clothes-
Scotland: I'd also say I picked up on chasing a challenge -smirks slightly following Ryuu's every move-
Kira: -Notices and blushes slightly- D...does she... Like you back?
Scotland: Hm? Ryuu? I don't thinks so seeing as how she treats me as a friend still... I must say that I do so enjoy her work uniform -Gets a perverted smirk and lights up a cigarette-
Kira: -Blushes a little more-

Skit: The fifth fourth happens after Parents Pt.2 and during lunch.
Parents Pt.3
Lawliet and Kira: Hmmm...
Abby: Uh-oh... double 'Hmmmms'. That's really never good...
Bel: Why's that?
Abby: Everytime they both do that, a weird question is asked.
Bel: Ohhhhh... Lawliet did that earlier asking about my parents.
Melissa: And Kira about mine.
Abby: Well let's see what this time brings.
Kira: Hey Cyan?
Cyan: Yeah?
Kira: What were your parents like?
Cyan: Not a clue, I was ditched on my grandma's doorstep. She never liked mentioning my parents. Something about them being drug addicts and how they are probably are dead in a ditch somewhere. I don't really care. (Devouring on a philly cheese steak)
Lawliet: Well that sucks...
Kira: Severly...
Cyan: Like I said, I don't really care. They just abandoned me. So they aren't really worth my time, ya know?
Kira: What about your's Aden?
Aden: Oh mine? Vell, mutti vas a vell known baker. Unfortunately I didn't inheirit those talents... But she vas very sweet too and always had a dozen cookies and a big mug of coffee vaiting for me vhen I came home from school! Papa on the other hand vas a very... eccentric engineer. Not eccentric really, borderline insane actually... Mutti always said he's vhere I get my flair for mechanics.
Lawliet: So you're mom's why you have an unhealthy obsession with coffee and your dad is why you're obsessed with machinery?
Aden: Vat obsessions? (is taking a sip of coffee and tinkering with a little mechanical bird at the same time.)
Kira: Alright. What about your's Nicholas?
Nicholas: My mom was a infamously eccentric Alchemist. Brilliant, insane, kind, obsessed with teasing me, caring, did I mention eccentric?
Lawliet: So you're mom was a bit of a nut case?
Nicholas: Uh-huh! But she was a great mom none the less. She said she taught me all she could and said I could learn more from the alchemists here. But I miss her though...
Kira: Well you can always see her when you graduate right?
Nicholas: Yep! And I'll make her proud by becoming the greatest Alchemist ever!
Lawliet: Keep at it then lil' guy!
Bel, Melissa, Cyan, and Aden: Uh-oh...
Lawliet: What? (unaware that Nicholas is twitching violently and fuming)
Lawliet: ....eep...
Cyan earned the title of: Orphaned Street fighter.
Nicholas earned the title of: Make mom proud.
Aden earned the title of: Mom's little muffin
Aden earned the title of: Apple that fell close to the tree.

Skit: The last one takes place after lunch and Pt.3
Parents Pt.4
Lawliet: No, you ask her! I'm not stupid!
Kira: Aw come on! I've already dealt with her bitchy ass today!
Ryuu: What are you two idiots arguing about?
Lawliet: Nothing! Kira just wanted to ask ya something! Later! (Zooms off)
Kira: Lawliet, I hate you so much right now...
Ryuu: Well? What did you fucking want?
Kira: I was curious about your parents. I mean hell for some reason I've been asking everyone about theirs. And you're our friend so I thought what the hell.
Ryuu: Well it's not really any of your business but I guess it wouldn't hurt. You see, daddy is the native american personafication of death, so he can turn into an owl. He travels between the realms of the living and of the dead. He's always busy, especially during the time leading up to the civil war and pioneer days.  I mean hell, that's why I can't stand that damn yankee!
Kira: So you were the one who put laxatives in America-Sensei's milkshake? And and cyanide in his burger? I mean sure it should have killed him and not make him incredibly ill, but he's a country's personification so go figure he would survive.
Ryuu: I can neither confirm or deny that. But anyways, everyone calls me a fucking Daddy's girl but I am not! (lightly blushes)
Shinigami-Sama: Yes you are my darling niece.
Ryuu: Uncle Shinigami-sama! Where the fucking hell did you come from.
Shinigami-Sama: Well I thought I'd come see how my favorite niece was doing. And by the way, your mother said she would be visiting later.
Ryuu: !(Freezes and starts panicking)
Kira: Oh god, Ryuu is acting afraid! We're screwed.
Shinigami-sama: Well, when it comes to her mom, wellllll let's just say that Kidd's crippling fear of anything being unsymmetrical is peanuts to her fear of her mother.
Kira: Why's that?
Shinigami-Sama: Besides being related to a infamous urban legend who's name I will not name due to I actually have to use mirrors to get around, dolls. Her mother uses dolls. She curses dolls. She was actually even behind the evil doll that inspired the Child's play movie series.
Kira: (Shudders) No wonder...
Ryuu: The dolls are alive! Don't look into their evil glassy mirror like eyes! They will steal your souls!!!
Shinigami-Sama: See my point?
Kira: Yeah....
Ryuu's mom from a distance: OH SWEEEEEEETYYYYY~
Ryuu: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! (Runs like a bat out of hell)
Shinigami and Kira: .....
Ryuu earned the title of: Doll Phobic
Ryuu earned the title of: Momma phobic
Ryuu earned the title of: Mommy's little victim.
Ryuu earned the title of: Daddy's little girl.
Ryuu earned the title of: In denial
Kira earned the title of: Inquisitive.

A/N With two more additions to the evergrowing family and a fight with Death the Kidd  under their belt, the students move on with their day. And on a side note, I wanted to dedicate this chapter to my parents who are celebrating their tenth anniversary today. Well this won't get posted til later. Tomorrow or something, but still it got finished today the 14th so I thought they would like it if I did. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Here's to another 10!
Kira: And thanks for supporting the author as he did this. You have no idea how much he appreciated it.
Abby: Especially since one of his greatest fears is that you may not like that he is such a big geek. Although he knows you don't mind he is, he still is afraid of that.
Lawlet: Thanks for supporting him to the point he created the insane asylum that is half the cast of this story.
Nicholas: Although he won't tell me what half the crap I've learned from these people are. Like Yaoi. Just what the hell is it?
Lawliet: Nicholassssss!
Nicholas: Ok, ok. I get it.
Melissa: Idiots.
Aden: Ja, happy anniversary  from all of us at Xross academy.
Bel: Don't forget to review everyone!
Lawliet: HEY THAT'S MY JOB!!!
Bel: Hee hee!
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